In the latest updates, Japan has announced the removal of most of its travel rules for visitors starting 11 Oct 2022! Here’s all you need to know when travelling from Singapore to Japan 👇

[UPDATED 24 Nov 2022]

A lot has changed since May 2022, when Japan welcomed its first visitors since Covid over a trial tourism programme. Finally, as of 11 October 2022, restrictions on individual travel are removed.

Climbing Mount Fuji - View of Fuji and Fuji Q

As of now, it is still mandatory to wear your mask both indoors and outdoors, so be sure to bring sufficient of them! Here’s a quick summary of what you need before travelling to Japan from Singapore.

Female in kimono at Sensoji Tokyo Fuji - cultures explained Okinawa different from Japan

1) Register for “Visit Japan Web”

Fill in your vaccination status and other details on the Visit Japan Web page to skip the airport queues and facilitate a smooth entry into Japan.

Previously, travellers were required to join a tour group to enter Japan for leisure. But from 11 Oct 2022, travellers are free to explore Japan independently — without coordinating via a travel agency. This means we’re back to spontaneous backpacking trips 🥳

2) Vistors from Singapore can enter Japan visa-free

Due to Covid-19 regulations, all travellers entering Japan had to apply for a visa. However, with the latest announcements in October, Japan will be reinstating visa-free travel!

Travellers from Singapore can once again stay as long as 90 days without going through the hassle of a visa application.

3) More airports in Japan open to international flights

Besides Tokyo’s Narita Airport, you can now enter Japan via Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport and Okinawa’s Naha Aiport too ✈️

4) Pre-departure PCR test to Japan has been scrapped

For those with three doses of approved vaccines, you no longer have to present a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours of departure to Japan.

5) No more on-arrival Covid-19 tests and quarantine

Some good news — all on-arrival PCR tests and quarantine orders have been scrapped for travellers from Singapore, regardless of vaccination status.

You can start exploring the city upon arrival as you don’t have to undergo isolation while waiting for a negative result. 

Planning your Japan Itinerary?

Nagoya castle sakura - Japan cherry blossoms

With the announcement of Japan lifting almost all of its travel restrictions, we’re excited to explore its national parks and also climb Mount Fuji once again 🗻!

Need help with planning your Japan itinerary? Check these out:
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The rules and regulations change regularly, so look out for more info about booking a trip to Japan on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Japan Tourist Board websites.

Which part of Japan are you excited to visit first? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Non guided tours? I do not understand this part. If we sign up for non guided tours, who is responsible for our meals, tour attractions, transport and so on? Are you able to explain further on this matter? Thanks!

    • Hi Danny, non-guided tours are self-guided tours without a tour guide or tour escort. Basically, you’re free to roam around on your own. Regarding who’s responsible for meals and other aspects of your tour, it really depends on the tour agencies you’re booking with and what their tour packages include.
      Hope this answers 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply Edelyn. Does it mean, before anyone can enter Japan now, we have to sign up for local tours with the travel agency at my country first before applying for visa, right?

        It’s like forcing us to pay and go on tours which I have been to (I visit Japan 3-4 times a year every year for the last 20 years). It means, I still can’t just buy an air ticket and roam by myself freely. Am I right on this part?

        Unguided tours is a hassle when some don’t speak Japanese, not everyone know the transport system well and how to go about to the attraction place. Ordering food is also a hassle for some.

        • Every traveller to Japan will have to apply for visa to Japan now — including Singapore passport holders, which used to be visa-free before covid. Visa applications are also only available via travel agencies, that’s why travellers will have to book their trips with travel agencies for now.
          No fret for travellers who aren’t familiar with Japan, as there are still guided tours available with travel agencies for travellers who prefer guided tours with chaperones and set itineraries 🙂

  2. Hi, saw your comment that more airports in Japan are now open to international flights – and you’ve listed only three locations. KIX airport in Osaka has flights available for booking to and fro from Singapore, that does not mean tourists are not able to book these flights right?


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