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18D Ultimate Peru Explorer (Sold out):
– 17 June – 4 July 2024

11D Amazon Explorer (LAST 3 SLOTS):
17 June – 27 June 2024

11D Machu Picchu Salkantay Trek (Sold out):
24 June – 4 July 2024


Donsol Diving Expedition:
– 18-23 May 2024
– 25-30 May 2024


9D Austria Winter Adventure:
– 9-17 March 2024 (last few slots!)


Annapurna Circuit Trek:
– 21 April–4 May 2024 (last 2 slots!)
– 7-20 September 2024

Mardi Himal Base Camp
– 23-31 March 2024 (last slot!)
– 16-24 November 2024 (Sold out)



Why travel with us?

At The Travel Intern, we’re big believers of independent travel — if you can do a trip on your own, you should! After all, that’s why we’ve got our indepth itineraries and destination guides.

But here’s why TTI Experiences is so special:

1) We go to the coolest places and do the coolest things 


We love finding hidden gems when we travel. So when an entire destination is off-the-beaten-track, we know we’re in for an epic time.

But just having an exotic location isn’t enough — we also want the raw, unique experiences that aren’t accessible to most travellers.

In Mongolia, we’ve partnered with a local travel agency to create an exclusive itinerary with access to authentic experiences, including nomadic home-stays with reindeer herders, who continue to live out their centuries-old traditions. These are experiences you just can’t do on your own — without close local contacts, you’d spend weeks wandering the Steppe searching for the nomad camps! 

2) The best, one-of-a-kind souvenirs

Campfire - Travel To Mongolia

As the saying goes, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.”

To make sure you always remember this trip of a lifetime, our team will help to capture different moments on the trip — taking and editing some photos for you to keep after the trip. We’ll also put together a trip video filled with the highlights and fun moments.

If you want to level up your photography skills, we’re also holding an optional photography and editing workshop exclusively for participants so you have the basics down before the trip.

3) It’s more fun (we promise)

We love to travel, and you love to travel. Why not have fun travelling together!

You’ll also be meeting a bunch of adventurous new friends from the community. As cheesy as it sounds, for almost all our trips, we start out as strangers and end up like family. There’s something about going through a crazy experience in a beautiful destination that really brings fellow travellers together.

Have any questions?

Drop us your questions by email at [email protected], or through WhatsApp at +65 88196479 🙂

The trips are organised by our travel agency arm More Better Pte Ltd (TA03559), in partnership with local vendors.


“The trip was well planned, and I love that I can enjoy myself to the fullest without having to worry about logistical issues like itinerary/ accommodation/ food safety etc. Met and bonded with so many amazing individuals! I still look back on the trip extremely fondly. OH and the bonus is the team takes such amazing photos and videos!!! So you get to immerse in the moment and still have these moments captured by the TTI team :’)”
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