Oh sunny island, how we love you! A melting pot of cultures, Singapore is home to residents of all races, and a plethora of great food choices. From clean streets and lush greenery to low crime rates, Singapore never fails to attract a multitude of visitors annually. Take a selfie with the Merlion, dig into a plate of indulgent chicken rice, stroll through the amazing Gardens by the Bay, and bask in the lights of Singapore’s iconic skyline at night.


    Country Code: +65
    Time Zone: GMT +8 hours
    Peak Travel Period: All year
    Four Seasons: No
    Currency: Singapore Dollar, SGD (S$)

    Transport Card: EZ-link
    Tap water
: Safe to drink
    AC Socket Type: Type G – 230V 50Hz
Malaysia Power PLug - Type G - 240V 50Hz


There are four official languages, English is the main language used as in school and work, and is the lingua franca for Singaporeans of different ethnic backgrounds. Singlish, however, is what we all Singaporeans identify with and truly love to bits.

  • Hello/Greetings – Hello!
  • Thank you – Eh thanks ah
  • Please – Please leh
  • Do you speak english – Can speak English?
  • Delicious – Shiok sia
  • Sorry – Eh sori ah
  • OMG – Alamak
  • I don’t understand – Catch no ball