Week 1: 7 things we learnt as the Travel Interns

Travel Interns at Airbnb's Singapore Office

Since the day we began our journey as The Travel Interns, we’ve learnt a great deal. It’s not easy being the Puppet Master, but it ain’t easy being the interns too. Here are 7 random things we learnt in our first week as Travel Interns:

1. Running around can draw inspirations

Stairs at JustCO

We’ve worked at many different places and even spent a day at co-working space JustCo to summon our brain juices. Sometimes taking a walk is the best solution.

2. We can bribe the boss with coffee

Making coffee at JustCo Pantry Making coffee at JustCo Pantry

Whatever happened to this internship being cool unlike the typical make-coffee-for-your-boss internship? Yes, the Puppet Master hints at us to make coffee too.

3. Creativity is NOT a piece of cake

Thinking Area at JustCo

Let’s not get started on the behind-the-scenes wringing of brains till the very last drop of creative juices.

4. The Puppet Master always has gimmicks up his sleeves

Orto Katapult Trampoline Park

It got our heads spinning, but we’ve truly understood the meaning of “expecting the unexpected” – a two hour bounce at the Katapult Trampoline Park during work hours.

5. We should always be on a lookout

Hendric Airbnb Peek-a-boo

Because the Puppet Master is always watching, so we’ve got to watch our backs. That’s a hidden meeting room at Airbnb by the way.

6. We need to gear up, because we never know what might happen next

Orto Paintball

One cannot complete the Puppet Master’s tasks without gears.

And lastly,

7. Rewards always comes after a week of hard work

rachel & dingyi prawning

Grilled our (prawn) catch and had them for dinner under the moonlight to end our power packed week of the coolest internship to date.

Fun things aside, it was a really fulfilling week as The Travel Interns. We learnt a great deal about search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Through activities like prawning and visiting the trampoline park, we also got the chance to explore video making – from using a GoPro to conceptualising our video in 30 minutes. Talk about hands-on learning!

We also had the privilege of meeting a Straits Times Editor for a chat over coffee. Along with the advice she brought to us, she shared many stories that undoubtedly opened our eyes to the writing industry. Of course, the meeting fuelled our excitement for our upcoming trip!

Travel Interns at Airbnb's Singapore Office

A highlight of our first week would definitely be visiting Airbnb’s Singapore office! From the moment we stepped through the glass doors leading to the reception area, we were deeply mesmerised – themed meeting rooms based on actual listings on Airbnb, multiple pantries, flexible workstations and more… Our eyes thoroughly immersed in the visual feast of aesthetic appeal, creativity and design.


Some quick planning on our upcoming trip has also gotten us jittery and bubbly as we added a list of interesting activities into our itinerary.

After all that’s said (and done), we are proud to say that we truly enjoyed our first week as The Travel Interns. It may be a steep learning curve for the both of us, but we’ve got to say that we’re enjoying every bit of this journey. Do continue watching this space for weekly updates on what we are up to! ;D


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