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While our travel plans may be on hold, we’ll keep doing what we do best — fulfilling your wanderlust by bringing the world to you. For 21 days, we’ll be exploring a new destination through immersive POV videos, online discussions with our travel community, and other surprises along the way. More details here.

Home to many beautiful beaches, numerous active volcanoes, grand ancient temples and ferocious Komodo dragons, Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation boasting more than 300 – that’s not a typo – spoken languages and picturesque sights. Learn the Balinese dance, explore the historic temple of Borobudur, and take a walk in the crowds of Jakarta.

Indonesia – 360 Virtual Tour

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    Country Code: +62
    Time Zone: GMT +7 hours (1 hour behind Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Jul – Aug
    Four Seasons: No
    Currency: Indonesian Rupiah, IDR (Rp)

    Tap water: Not safe to drink. Buy bottled water
    AC Socket Type: Types C & F – 230V 50Hz

South Korea Power Plug - Types C & F - 220V 60Hz


  • Hello/Greetings – Salam! Or Apa Kabar? (sah-lah-m / ah-pah kah-bah)
  • Thank you – Terima Kasih (ter-ree-mah kah-see)
  • Please – Tolong (toh-long)
  • Do you speak english – Anda bisa bicara bahasa inggris? (ahn-da bee-sah bee-kah-rah bah-ha-sah ing-rees)
  • Good – Bagus (bah-goos)