If deer feeding and wakeboarding sound like fun things to do, this guide will make you see Batam in a different light!

First published: 11 May 2023

I’ve always had the impression that Singaporeans visit Batam to eat and shop (based on my relatives and friends). But beyond that, I’m completely clueless about what to do there.

Since I’ve never been there, I thought: Why not check out the island with a bunch of friends?

Group of friends at Batam Centre Ferry Terminal - Things to do in Batam

To my surprise, there are so many fun things to do in Batam that don’t involve eating or shopping — such as hiking, wakeboarding, and exploring an abandoned theme park!

So whether it’s your first or nth time, here are eight things you can do to make your next getaway to Batam a little different 👇

1) Explore the ‘Abandoned’ Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam

Overview of Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam - Things to Do in Batam

At Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam, they seem to take the meaning of an amusement park literally. I mean, I was very amused (pun totally intended) to find an ‘abandoned’ amusement park when we arrived!

Girl at Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam - Things to Do in Batam

Of course, this isn’t a real abandoned theme park — we just happened to drop by on a day when rides weren’t operating. But things not going to plan is part and parcel of our travels at The Travel Intern — so, we made the most of having the entire amusement park to ourselves!

Girl chilling at Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam - Things to Do in Batam

Sit on unmanned rides, take Instagrammable photos and chill by the coastline — you name it all. All you gotta do is pay an entrance fee of Rp25,000/pax (yes, even if rides aren’t working :’D).

Boy playing at Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam - Things to do in Batam

But if you’re there for the rides, we heard from a local that it only operates on some weekends and on special holidays in Batam. So do check the official Instagram page for updates!

Entrance fee: Rp25,000/adult (~S$2)
Opening hours: 8AM – 10PM (Mon – Fri), 8AM – 11PM (Sat), 6AM – 10PM (Sun)
How to get there: 12min Gojek ride from Batam Centre Point International Ferry Terminal (Google Maps)

2) Grab a Drink at Altitude Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Friends having a drink at Altitude Bar - Things to do in Batam

Located on the highest floor of Batam Marriot Hotel Harbour Bay, Altitude is an open-air, cosy rooftop bar — the ideal place to spend the evening with friends over some drinks.

For those who like some music, there’s a DJ near the sheltered Bartender’s corner. But if you prefer a quieter spot like us, we found a secluded open-air seating area on the other end of the bar.

Bartender's table at Altitude Bar - Things to do in Batam

We recommend getting the Bartender’s Signature (Rp138,000/drink) — ours was an Apple Cider Cocktail and a Rum Cocktail. Both were really refreshing but what impressed us the most was the aesthetic presentation ✨.

Bartender's Signature drinks at Altitude Bar - Things to do in Batam

Opening hours: 5PM – 11PM (Sun – Thu), 5PM – 12AM (Fri – Sat)
How to get there: 10min walk from Habour Bay Ferry Terminal (Google Maps)

3) Play Your Hearts Out at Belalang Adventure

Belalang Adventure - Things to do in Batam

Belalang Adventure offers some of the most exciting things to do in Batam, including flying fox, ATV ride, paintball wargames, archery and more!

Girl playing archery at Belalang Adventure - Things to do in Batam

We wanted to try the flying fox (Rp60,000/pax) but it was closed for routine maintenance when we were there. So, we challenged each other to a game of archery (Rp60,000/pax for 15 arrows) and paintball shooting (Rp100,000/pax for 30 bullets) instead.

*Pro-tip: Bring earplugs if you’re going for paintball shooting. The sounds produced by the gun could be pretty loud for some.

FYI, kid-friendly arrows are also available, making archery a great option for families with young kids. For friend groups of up to six, go for the three vs. three paintball war game — but be warned, it’s the perfect recipe to make or break friendships!


*Pro-tip: Contact Belalang Adventure via WhatsApp at +62 812-7022-8879 before heading down — to avoid missing out on activities as we did.

Cost: From Rp60,000 (~S$5)
Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM
How to get there: 4min walk from Miniature House Indonesia (Google Maps)

4) Unwind at Absolute Spa

Girl getting a face massage at Absolute Spa - Things to do in Batam

Break away from the stresses of daily life and pamper yourself with a trip to Absolute Spa. It’s only a 4-minute drive from Grand Batam Mall and has various massage options ranging from aromatherapy to traditional, foot, and more.

Girl getting a foot bath at Absolute Spa - Things to do in Batam

Disclaimer: It was my first time getting a spa (shocking I know), so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But go big or go home right?

So I went straight for the comprehensive Full Glow Spa Package — a luxurious 2-hour experience which includes sauna access, a milk bath, a foot bath, a body scrub, and a body mask!

Friends enjoying a milk bath at Absolute Spa - Things to do in Batam

As a specialty treatment, we could also choose between ear candling, shoulder and back massage, or totok wajah (face massage) — my muscles were feeling tight so I picked the shoulder and massage to unwind.

Besides the soothing spa experience and exceptional massage, the hospitality of the lady boss and staff also truly made me feel like royalty 👑

Cost: ~S$35/pax for Full Glow Spa Package
Opening hours: 10AM – 9:30PM (Mon – Fri), 10AM – 10PM (Sat – Sun)
How to get there: 4min drive from Grand Batam Mall (Google Maps)

5) Swim and Suntan at Sense Coffee and Pool

Girl at Sense Coffee and Pool - Cafes in Batam

At Sense Coffee and Pool, you can have a cup of coffee, suntan and swim all under a roof! While we didn’t have time to go for a dip in the pool, you can use it for an additional Rp50,000.

Girl chilling at Sense Coffee and Pool - Weekend Getaway from Singapore

That said though, we did make use of the free beach chairs along the pool for a short sun tan and even got some work done in the cafe (there are charging points all around)! Plus, the coffee here is really affordable. I got a cup of iced Americano for only Rp22,000 — it tasted strong but wasn’t bitter.

Girl working at Sense Coffee and Pool - Cafes in Batam

Needless to say, we liked this place so much that we ultimately spent 2 hours here suntanning, getting our daily dose of caffeine and taking lots of photos!

Cost: From Rp22,000/cup of coffee (~S$2)
Opening hours: 9AM – 8PM (Mon – Sat), 8AM – 9PM (Sun)
How to get there: 5min Gojek ride from Water Park Taman Dutamas (Google Maps)

6) Get Your Dose of Water Sports at Batam Wakepark

Man surfing at Batam Wakepark - Things to do in Batam

Photo credit: Batam Wakepark via Facebook

Forget dipping in pools, if you’re looking for a thrilling water activity, head to Batam Wakepark at Golden City. Both beginner and expert obstacle courses are available, so get ready for a splashing good time regardless of your experience level!

This beginner-friendly park even has a two-tower cable system, where riders are pulled along by two parallel ropes, making it easier for beginners to learn the sport.

Cost: Rp200,000 (~S$17) for a 1hr experience
Opening hours: 9AM – 6PM, closed on Wed
How to get there: 13min Gojek ride from Batam Centre Point International Ferry Terminal (Google Maps)

7) Hike and Feed Deers at Panbil Nature Reserve

Deer feeding at Panbil Nature Reserve - Things to do in Batam

Perhaps the most unexpected thing to do in Batam was this — hiking at Panbil Nature Reserve — trek through a rustic forest, feed sambal deers, and even try crystal hunting in the wild!

Panbil offers four hiking packages, but we chose the easy Semar Hiking Trail (Rp280,000/pax) which was suitable for everyone and even included interactions with sambal deers. Plus, the package also comes with a free meal voucher!

Girl swinging on vine at Panbil Nature Reserve - Things to do in Batam

Our favourite parts on the trail were the surprises. One moment it was swinging like Tarzan on a vine. The next, competing in a game of throwing branches through a hoop.

But the biggest surprise was seeing our guide pull crystals out of the ground. He had a bag full of them but refused to offer us any tips for finding one… so we ended up purchasing one from him for Rp50,000 :’)

If you’re up for a challenge, go for the Pandan (Rp335,000/pax) or Palawan (Rp390,000/pax) Hiking Trail — these trails have some uphill climbs along the way and you’ll still get to interact with sambal deers at the end! For those with no interest in feeding the sambal deers, choose the Rotan Trail (Rp230,000/pax).

*Note: Contact Panbil through WhatsApp at +62 813-7112-2624 to book a hiking tour. For more information, check out their Instagram page.

*Pro-tip: Wear covered pants and a long-sleeve top, and purchase a local mosquito repellent before hiking at Panbil Nature Reserve. Repellents from Singapore don’t work against the mosquitoes here — we learnt it the hard way, unfortunately.

Cost: Rp280,000/pax (~S$24) for a 3hr experience
Opening hours: 10AM – 6PM
How to get there: 7min Gojek ride from Panbil Mall (Google Maps)

Tips for planning your weekend getaway to Batam

From adventurous hikes to having drinks at an open-air rooftop bar and getting pampered at a spa — we sure had lots of fun on our Batam getaway! While some things didn’t go according to plan (ahem empty amusement park), we adapted and made the most of the situation.

Nevertheless, it’s still good to be prepared. So here are some tips for planning your weekend getaway to Batam:

1) Remember to book your pre-trip essentials — including the Sindo Ferry Round Trip Ferry Tickets between Singapore and Batam, and 4G e-SIM. We booked ours through Klook!

*Pro-tip: Use the code <THETRAVELINTERN> on Klook to get 5% off all activities with a min. spend of S$50 (discount cap at S$15). Apply the promo code when you checkout. One-time use only!

2) Download the Gojek app on your phone — it’s the most convenient and affordable mode of transport in Batam. For instance, a 15-minute journey to a nearby location costs just Rp30,000 (~S$2.60) on average.

3) Exchange sufficient cash for your trip — some activity providers such as Panbil Nature Reserve and Belalang Adventures only accept cash. Money changers are available at Harbourfront Centre where you’ll catch your ferry to Batam.

Girl enjoying the view at Marriott Hotel - Weekend Getaway from Singapore

4) Check the weather forecast — especially if you plan to go for outdoor activities or catch the sunset.

5) Contact the activity provider in advance — to check if the activities are available during your visit. If not, make the most of the situation like what we did at Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam amusement park 😉

Friends at Batam Ferry Terminal - Things to do in Batam

The next time someone says Batam is boring or tells you that there’s nothing to do in Batam other than eating and shopping, share this article with them and change their mind!

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What other exciting things to do in Batam would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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