The perfect spot for city dwellers to shop, eat and play, Hong Kong is a concrete jungle with famous Cantonese eats and vibrant neon-lit sign boards reminiscent of iconic Hong Kong flicks. One can also find thrills hiking up hills and get rewarded with picturesque views of this Pearl of Orient.


    Country Code: +852
    Time Zone: GMT +8 hours (same as Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Oct – Dec
    Four Seasons: No
    Currency: Hong Kong Dollar, HKD (HK$)

    Transport Card: Octopus Card
    Tap water: Boil before drinking
    AC Socket Type: Types D & G – 220V 50Hz
Hong Kong Power Plug - Types D & G - 220V 50Hz


While technically part of China, they still use the Cantonese and Traditional writing system instead of the Mandarin and Simplified writing system of that in Mainland China. Also, English is widely used.

  • Hello/Greetings – 你好 (néih hóu)
  • Thank you – 多謝 (dò zeh) – for a gift or 唔該 (m̀ gòi) – for a service
  • Good – 好 (hou)
  • Cheers! (Toasting) – 飲勝 (yám sing)
  • Sorry – 對唔住 (deui m̀ jue)
  • Goodbye – 再見 (joi gin) or Byebye