Why Mongolia?

Boasting stunning landscapes, perfect for photography and leisure horseback rides, Mongolia’s vast steppes stretch as far as the eye can see. Experience tranquility amidst untouched beauty, as we explore the remote Gobi Desert and rugged mountains.

Okrhon waterfall in orkhon valley, mongolia

11D Mongolia Eight Lake Horse Riding Adventure
3 – 13 October 2024

For those who want to experience Mongolia’s culture and scenic beauty with a touch of adventure, this expedition is for you! From riding horses for multiple days through stunning landscapes, to relaxing in natural hot springs, there’s something for everyone!

11D Mongolia Gobi Desert Explorer
31 October – 10 November 2024

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Gobi Desert, where the vast red-brown sand stretches as far as the eye can see. Explore majestic natural formations, uncover the historic site of the first dinosaur egg discovery, and marvel at the untouched splendour of Southern Mongolia.

Camels on the sand dune in mongolia

11D Mongolia Eight Lake Horse Riding Adventure

3 – 13 October 2024

Located at the edge of the historic Orkhon Valley, the Eight Lake Adventure is the perfect blend of exciting experiences, cultural immersion, and breathtaking scenery. Ride horses through vast steppes, explore cultural sites, and even visit Mongolia’s largest waterfall!

Trip Highlights

  • Kharhorin – Explore the former capital of the Great Mongolian Empire
  • Orkhon Valley – Home to Mongolia’s largest waterfall, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this valley’s natural beauty is captivating
  • Eight Lake – We’ll horse trek through this beautiful national park filled with picturesque landscapes and pristine alpine lakes
  • Tsenkher Hot Springs – Relax and unwind in these natural hot springs
  • Khugnu Khaan Natural Reserve – Offers diverse landscapes and activities
  • Khustai National Park – Home to the last group of wild horses in the world 
  • Horse Trek – Spend 3 days on horse back over the vast steppes and rolling hills
  • Stay in Gers – Experience the nomad life and learn about tradition Mongolian culture

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 — Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

Meet your new travel pals at the airport. Chill in the city and rest well before the adventure starts!

Day 2 — Drive to Kharhorin

We will begin our adventure with an early morning drive to the former capital of the Great Mongolian Empire. Explore the rich history and spiritual significance of Erdene Zuu, the largest and oldest Buddhist monastery, which has survived communist purges and now serves as a museum. We’ll then delve into Mongolia’s past at the Kharhorin’s city museum, where artefacts dating back to the Stone Age offer insights into the nation’s vibrant culture and heritage.

Day 3 — Drive to Orkhon Valley

We’ll embark on a scenic drive to the Orkhon Valley, home to the largest waterfall in Mongolia. Standing at 27 metres tall, the Orkhon Waterfall often presents rainbows dancing on its surface, making it a very picturesque spot for photos. If you’re up for more adventure, opt for a brief horseback ride into the valley to immerse yourself in its natural beauty!

Day 4-6 — Horse Trek

Mount up, as the actual horse riding expedition is about to begin. Spend the next three days on horseback, exploring the area’s lakes and Bodon Pass. The Eight Lake National Park, located in the Khangai range, is a high mountainous region surrounded by extinct volcanoes, alpine peaks, and beautiful meadows. Don’t worry, it won’t be full days of riding, but short rides with hiking breaks in between! Stop by the biggest lake of the eight, Shireet Lake, and take in the beauty of the lake. Experience authentic Nomadic culture by enjoying yak milk tea and playing with ankle bones. Relish the sunset from our camp and watch as the stars begin to dot the sky. Take a moment to slow down and immerse yourself in the tranquility of Nomadic life.

Day 7 — Tsenkher Hot Springs

We begin our journey back to Ulaanbaatar, but our adventure isn’t over yet! After driving in the morning, we’ll arrive at Tsenkher Hot Springs, one of the area’s largest natural hot springs. Dive into an outdoor hot tub and enjoy the surrounding scenery with a glass of cold beer in hand. We’ll go for a short hike in the area before continuing our drive to our Ger for the night.

Day 8 — Khugnu Khaan Natural Reserve

Today, we’ll explore the diverse landscapes of the Khugnu Khaan Natural Reserve — where mountains, forests, steppe, deserts, small lakes, and mineral water springs converge. End the day with an exciting camel ride through the dunes (subject to availability!)

Day 9 — Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, Khustai National Park

On the way back to Ulaanbaatar, we will stop at Khustai National Park. Home to the Prewalski wild horses — the last and only remaining wild horses in the world. Bid farewell to the Mongolian steppes and vast plains as we head back into the city.

Day 10 — R&R in Ulaanbaatar

A blend of history, culture, and modernity, there’ll always be something to do in Ulaanbaatar! Spend the day visiting museums, exploring historical sites, and learning about Mongolian culture. Don’t forget to try some interesting food as well!

Day 11 — Fly back home

Say bye to your new pals, this ain’t a goodbye, just a see you later 🙂

11D Mongolia Gobi Desert Explorer

31 October – 10 November 2024

Step into the Gobi Desert, where endless expanses of golden sands meet rugged mountains and hidden oases, creating a scene of unparalleled beauty within one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. Explore the cultural and traditional significance of historical sites and natural landmarks on this 11-day expedition!

Trip Highlights

  • Kharhorin – Explore the former capital of the Great Mongolian Empire
  • White Stupa – Visit and take photos at this towering limestone cliffs that hold cultural significance 
  • Yolyn Am – Walk through this massive glacier gorge of ice
  • Khongor Sand Dunes – Hike to the summit of these dunes for an insane paranoiac view
  • Ongi Monastry – Gain insight to Mongolia’s religious and cultural history 
  • Baga Gazriin Chuluu – Unique rock formation that offers opportunities for hiking 
  • Camel Ride – Ride camels through the majestic sand dunes
  • Stay in Gers – Experience the nomad life and learn about tradition Mongolian culture

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 — Arrive in Osh

Meet your new travel pals at the airport. Chill in the city and rest well before the adventure starts!

Day 2 — Drive to Baga Gazarun Chuluu

Our adventure begins with a scenic drive to Baga Gazarun Chuluu, translated to “tones of small land”. Nestled within a stone canyon, this remarkable rock formation is a sight to behold. The massif granite hides many historical and archaeological evidences within. We’ll embark on short hikes here before going to a Ger for the night! 

Day 3 – 8 — Explore the Gobi Desert

Spend the next 6 days driving through one of the most captivating landscapes on Earth – the Gobi Desert. From expansive sand dunes to rocky outcrops, this remote wilderness offers incredible photography opportunities at every turn.

We’ll stop at places such as the White Stupa, a massive rocky formation and eroded landscape that was once the floor of the ocean; Yolyn Am, a breathtaking glacier gorge featuring towering rock walls that reach up to 300 meters in height; and the Khongor sand dunes, where you can hike to the summits for stunnning panoramic views of the surrounding desert. And of course, when in the desert, a camel ride is a must!

From left to right: Great White Stupa, Yolyn Am, Flaming Cliffs of Bayan Zag, Khongor Sand Dunes

Day 9 — Drive to Kharhorin

Embark on a morning drive to the former capital of the Great Mongolian Empire, where you’ll find the Erdene Zuu — the country’s largest and oldest Buddhist monastery. Explore artefacts from Mongolia’s history at the reopened museum. Don’t forget to visit other landmarks like the Phallic Rock and Turtle Rocks along the way.

Day 10 — Drive to Ulaabaatar

We’ll start making the long drive back to Ulaanbaatar today. Take in the sights and say goodbye to the vast dunes and endless red-gold sand.

Day 11 — Fly home

Say goodbye to your new pals and we’ll see you back in Singapore!

What’s included:

– Transport during expedition
– Airport transfers if recommended flights are taken

– All nights of accommodation
– All meals listed in the detailed itinerary 

Entrance fees to attractions listed in the itinerary
Misc. taxes, fees and permits
Edited trip photos and a special video to commemorate the trip
– Travel photography guidance and exclusive pre-trip workshop

What’s not:

– International flights
– Travel Insurance covering horse riding or camel riding (depending on the itinerary)
– Meals not indicated in the itinerary
– Tips, medication, vaccinations and personal expenses
– R&R Activities
– Personal equipment
– Emergency medical and rescue flights (if necessary)

11D Mongolia Eight Lake Horse Riding Adventure

Price: S$3150 S$2999 (Early Bird)
Trip Date: 3 – 13 October 2024
Briefing: 20 Aug 
Camera Workshop/Training:
1 Sep, 2pm
Available Slots: 16

EARLY BIRD ENDS 20 April 2024
SIGN UPS CLOSE 1 August 2024

11D Mongolia Gobi Desert Explorer

Price: S$3150 S$2999 (Early Bird)
Trip Date: 31 October – 10 November 2024
Briefing: 26 September, 730pm
Camera Workshop/Training:
13 October, 2pm
Available Slots: 16

EARLY BIRD ENDS 20 April 2024
SIGN UPS CLOSE 31 August 2024

Qn: Who is this trip suitable for?

If you’re adventurous, love beautiful and vast scenery, and excited to immerse in a new culture, this is the trip for you!

Also if,

  • You want to visit Mongolia without having to plan
  • You have an open heart to meet people from different walks of life and go with the flow
  • You want to see unreal landscapes with your own eyes and connect with nature
  • You want to experience traditional nomad life on horseback (wow horse riding!)

Qn: What’s the difference between the two trips?

Go for the 11D Eight Lakes Horse Riding Adventure if you:
1. Are excited to spend 3 days horse riding (4-5hrs per day)
2. Want to traverse the vast steppes and visit the remote Eight Lakes
3. Love to stay active with some short day hikes

Go for the 11D Gobi Desert Explorer if you:
1. Want to explore the iconic Gobi Desert and mountains of Mongolia
2. Experience riding a camel during one of the days
3. Prefer a more relaxed (less physically demanding) itinerary

Both trips have overlapping cultural sites 🙂

Qn: I missed the sign-up deadline, can i still join?

If you missed the deadlines, please contact us at +65 88196479. We will see what we can do for you!

Qn: Do I need to know how to ride a horse?

No, beginners are welcomed! Trust us, you’ll learn fast and get better as the days go by! We’ll move slowly if needed, and will make sure that no one is left behind!

Qn: Do I require a certain level of fitness?

These trips are specially curated to be less strenuous in general. For the Eight Lakes Adventure, you’ll be on a horseback for 3 days (4-5 hours per day), and will do short hikes on some days. While you don’t have to be as fit as someone going on a multi-day trek, we recommend getting your body used to exercise. A training plan will be provided after sign-up 🙂

For the Gobi Desert Explorer, we’ll be driving to most locations before getting out to explore and take pictures! This trip will be less physically demanding, and you don’t have to train up before going.

Qn: What are the accommodations like?

We will stay in traditional Ger camps or guesthouses run by the locals. It’s not luxurious glamping, but we’ll get to experience the traditional nomadic culture and way of life! In the cities, we will be in hotels 🙂

Qn: Are there hot showers/toilets?

Hot showers are available at only a few of the camps. Toilets are generally shared and in a small outdoor hut.

Qn: How is this different from going on my own?

Trips to exotic destinations are more fun with a big group! But not everyone has friends that are willing to jump onto an adventure at a moments notice! We planned this community trip so you can meet other fellow adventurers from different walks of life that are equally passionate about travel! There’s also safety in numbers, and our team on the ground will lookout for each and every one of you 🙂

What’s more, our TTI Experiences team will be on the ground capturing different moments from the trip. We’ll be producing a trip video and sharing some edited photos for you to remember all the epic moments.

Qn: Where do we meet?

We will send you our recommended flights after sign-up. If you take the same flights as us, we will meet at Changi 🙂 If not, we will meet you at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

Qn: Is this trip open to all nationalities?

All nationalities are welcome to join.

Let us know where you’re from during the application! If you need a visa, we’ll help you out with the info required for the application.

Qn: Do I need to bring any cash along?

Yes, you do! There are a few days of R&R in the cities. Cash is also required if you happen to purchase anything along the trek.

Please Note:

Various unforeseeable circumstances such as inclement weather, transportation delays, and sickness may disrupt the planned itinerary of the trip. Our team will make appropriate adjustments prioritising safety. We retain the right to discontinue your participation in the event you are unable to maintain pace with the group or if you become unwell. Such circumstances will not entitle a refund or compensation.

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

If you have any questions

Drop us your questions by email at [email protected], or by WhatsApp at +65 88196479 🙂

What to expect on a trip with us!

Once you sign up
– Receive an info package with the detailed itinerary, packing list, and training plan.

A month before the trip
– Attend a comprehensive briefing and meet your new travel buddies. You’ll find out here how you can best prepare for your trip!

During the trip
– 2 Travel Leads from TTI will be on the trip, making sure everything runs smoothly on the ground!
– They’re also there to take photos and videos so all you have to do is enjoy the moment.
– Travel with local guides that have years of training and experience to guide us safely.
– Leave with new friendships, edited photos, and a special trip video edited by our TTI Travel Leads!

Ready for your next adventure?

Once you’ve filled in the form, a $300 deposit will be collected to secure your spot. You’ll receive a welcome package with more details about what to expect and how to prepare for the trip. Full payment for the trip will be collected 8 weeks before the start of the expedition.

All trips are organised by our travel agency arm More Better Pte Ltd (TA03559), in partnership with licensed local vendors.

Featured Image Credit: Camel (Anabayar Photography), Horse Trek (Adventure.travel)