Get your passports ready, we’re sailing to Thailand — ok, not really, but here’s one for those who really want a taste of Thailand.

Cruises to nowhere (or Seacations) have been getting popular and World Dream is making a splash with their country-themed sailings.

If you missed the Korea-themed edition in Feb/Mar 2021, here’s another chance for the country-themed experience — happening between 31 Mar to 27 May 2021, this edition will be everything to do with the land of smiles, yes Thailand!

Here’s what to expect:

Mini Songkran on Board

Friends holding water guns at Songkran festival- Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

Celebrate the much loved Songkran festival onboard — armed with water guns, get ready to be soaked with fun games and challenges on the deck.

No one will be spared! 💦

Thai-themed activities & classes

Thai traditional dance class hosted by a teacher - Dream Cruise Thailand

Thailand is rich with culture, so make sure to not miss out on the Thai cultural activities and classes that will take place on Dream Cruise’s Thailand Edition.

Thai Traditional Dance Class

How do you like our dance moves? 💃🏻

Thai Sarong Styling and Fashion Show

Thai Sarong Fashion Show - Dream Cruise Thailand

Did you know there are many unique and stylish ways you can wear the sarong besides tying it on your waist?

Giant Flower Making Activity

Thai arts and crafts giant flower - Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

Learn how to make a colourful giant flower — this is just one of many arts and crafts activities onboard!

Muay Thai Class

Learning muay thai from a professional - Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

Master the basics of Thai Boxing and unleash the fighter in you! You can even bring your own pair of Thai boxing shorts to dress the part.

*Pro-tip: Show up at the venue earlier to reserve a slot.

Thai Dining Experiences

Thai street food feating - Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

You can’t say you’ve had the Thai experience without involving food. Spice things up with a lavish selection of Thai Cuisine on board!

Thai Street Market Pop-Up

Friends at the Thai Street Food Market ordering food - Dream Cruise Thailand

Zouk Beach Club is being transformed into a glorious Thai Street Market! 🍨

Some of the delicious Thai street delis you can find here include Papaya Salad, Mango Sticky Rice, Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Egg Corn Flakes and Cheese.

Friends enjoying Thailand street food - Dream Cruise Thailand

Thai Dinner Buffet

Thai food night themed menu cuisine at The Lido- Dream Cruise Thailand

Street food aside, pile up your plates at The Lido — Dream Cruise’s buffet restaurant. The Theme Night Dinner will also feature a plethora of Thai speciality cuisine like Pad Thai, Wok Fried Crab in Thai Curry, Steamed Barramundi Fish with Lime Juice. Get ready to indulge into your favourite Thai food.

Soothing Thai massage

Spa - Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

Photo Credit: Alan Caishan via Unsplash

Set aside an afternoon to unwind and rejuvenate by treating yourself to a 30-min Thai Organic Essence Oil Back Massage at Crystal Life Spa (S$140).

The Ultimate Thailand Party Onboard World Dream

Thai umbrella instagram worthy backdrop - Dream Cruise Thailand Edition

From a scrumptious array of Thai cuisine to cultural Thai activities, this whole trip really transported us back to our favourite land of smiles — even if it’s just for 3D2N on a cruise to nowhere.


Psst! This Thailand themed cruise runs exclusively from now till 27th May.

If you too are yearning for a “getaway” to Thailand, be sure to check out World Dream’s upcoming sail dates to book your trip!

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Would you go on a Thailand themed cruise? What other countries would you like to see? Share with us your thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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