Scrimping on limited data, struggling with slow internet speeds or even fumbling with changing SIM cards are now inconveniences of the past. Here’s how to get unlimited overseas data across Taiwan and Japan using only one device for just S$3.75/day. Check out the promo codes at the end!

My last trip to Japan had a 12-hour layover in Taiwan and finding a way to stay connected was my top priority. With less than a day in Taiwan, getting a SIM card at about S$20 didn’t make sense, neither was paying S$25 just to activate data roaming that utilises existing data allowance from back home.

After exhausting all other options, I was glad to find that the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device works in both countries! This allowed me to stay connected throughout my trip — including the 12-hour layover. The best part, it only costs S$3.75/day for unlimited data in both Taiwan and Japan. Yes, UNLIMITED.

Akif looking at phone in Japan - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review

After using the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device for my 8-day trip to Taiwan and Japan, here’s what I thought about it!


Regions and prices of wifi rental - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review

It’s cheap. At only S$5/day (S$3.75 with our promo code below!) for destinations within Northeast Asia, I could, in fact, travel to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan without the need for separate SIM cards or even a separate pocket WiFi device!

Use promo code <TTIRW25> at checkout to enjoy 25% off the Northeast Asia Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device!

Using Ready to Travel Pocket Wifi device on a train in Japan - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review

Even if you’re not travelling within the Northeast Asia region, there are also ongoing promotions worldwide.

For North Asia (China, Hong Kong, and Macau), apply promo code <TTIRW35> for S$5.20/day (usual price S$8/day). This allows you to surf the Internet and still get access to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, even in CHINA!

For further destinations such as North America, Australia, and Europe, apply promo code <TTIRW25> to get it at S$9/day (usual price S$12/day). Quite affordable especially if you’re sharing the costs with 3-5 travel mates!

No security deposit required

I’ve come across some WiFi router providers asking for up to S$100 deposit of the pocket WiFi device. My math isn’t great, but if I can fund a trip to Penang with only S$80, I shouldn’t need to set aside S$100 just for Internet.


Free Delivery and Pick-up

Ready to Travel Pocket Wifi device in pouch - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review
My Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi delivered to me in a handy pouch with a charging cable and an instruction manual.

If you’ve rented a pocket wifi device for an overseas trip, you’ll be familiar with the collection process. Usually, you’ll either have to pick them up at obscure locations with strict opening hours or arrive at the airport early to collect them before your flight. Such inconveniences will now be a thing of the past because the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi comes with free delivery.

The Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi was delivered to my office at my preferred timing via courier service — with no extra cost, which is a huge plus point. Within the couriered package are a return envelope and an air waybill. Just schedule your pickup after your trip, have the pocket WiFi device in the return envelope together with the air waybill, and then wait for the courier man to pick up the device at your convenience. Once again, return pickup is FOC.

One Device for Multiple Countries

Using Ready to Travel Picket Wifi device in Kyushu autumn colours - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review

Managing one WiFi routing device vs. juggling between multiple SIM cards, I’ll gladly choose the former. You’ve probably experienced fumbling through your bag to find that SIM ejector pin while trying your best to not lose a fingernail-sized SIM card. That’s a hassle nobody should need to go through.

With the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device, all I had to ensure was that my phone’s WiFi is turned on every time I arrive at a new country. That also means that you can leave your phone on airplane mode — Yay! To longer lasting battery and no more accidental roaming charges!

Also, the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device allows you to connect between cluster countries. This device is hence extremely handy to travellers who visit multiple cities within regions. For instance, if you’re covering multiple countries on a Europe backpacking trip, you’ll want to get one that covers Europe at S$9/day (after 25% discount with <TTIRW25> promo code).


One-Stop App for All Your Travelling Needs

Ready To Travel App on phone - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review
Purchasing the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device through Ready To Travel’s mobile app.

Pre-trip preparation is made easy with just one mobile app — Ready To Travel, which you can easily and effortlessly rent the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device from.

Another neat trick is to forward your airline’s confirmation email to [email protected], and you’ll have all the flight information listed within the app automatically, saving you time and effort inputting details manually. The app will then notify you nearing your departure date and reminding you when it’s time to be at the airport to check in. Besides, the app also provides all the information you’ll need based on your travel destination, such as VISA requirement, currency exchange rates, and even a direct link to MFA eRegistration.


Strong Unlimited Data

Using Ready To Travel Pocket Wifi device on scenic train in Kyushu - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review
Strong internet connection onboard a scenic rail train from northern to southern Kyushu, Japan, with the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device.

Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device promises unlimited data — perfect for social media addicts like me who updates and uploads a lot. I could keep up with my work emails, update my Instagram Stories 24/7, and even play games online without fearing that data would run out. Of course, connectivity is highly dependent on location. If you’re in the woods or somewhere rural, do expect sporadic and unsteady connection.

Connecting Laptops & Tablets

Using pocket Ready To Travel Pocket Wifi with multiple electronic devices - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review
The Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi connects up to five electronic devices.

If you’re on a work trip, you would have definitely faced times when you’re desperately in need of WiFi to upload files on your laptop. When there are no cafés with free WiFi around, you’ll most likely resort to tethering mobile data. But tethering of mobile data runs the mobile’s battery fast, causing it to flat out. Hence, getting a WiFi device is the best way to stay connected with ease when you’re using laptops and/or tablets.

The Ready To Travel WiFi pocket device connects up to 5 electronic devices at any time so you and your travel buddies can all stay connected on their phones and laptops.

*Pro-tip: Bring along a portable charger to charge the WiFi device as the battery drains faster with more devices connected to it.

How Does It Work?

Pocket Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Device with pouch and cable - Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi Review
The Ready To Travel WiFi pocket device is smaller, lighter, and as thin as most smartphones.

As the Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi uses a virtual SIM technology, it’s network neutral and taps on telcos and network providers with the strongest signals. This is advantageous over data roaming plans or physical SIM cards as those are usually tied to a particular network, and if that network fails, that’s it.

On my trip to Kyushu, there was one particular day that I experienced a loss of Internet, and I soon found out that it was because a telco in Japan had an outage. The downtime didn’t last long though, and the device quickly searched for another telco’s signal. Within an hour or two, I found myself back online.

Also, utilising virtual SIM technology also means that you get to access sites such as Google, Facebook and Instagram even when you’re in China.

Best Pocket WiFi Device for Multi-Country Trips

Holding a ReadyWifi in hand - ReadyWifi

Be it a short getaway around Asia, or a festive holiday in Europe, here’s good news for you data-hungry souls! Get your Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi device through Ready To Travel’s app from now till the end of 2018 for discounts exclusive to TTI readers!

– For North Asia, enjoy 35% off Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi with promo code <TTIRW35>
For Northeast AsiaNorth America, Oceania and Europe, enjoy 25% off Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi with promo code <TTIRW25>
– For all other regions, enjoy 10% off with promo code <TTIRW10>

*Terms & conditions:
– Minimum 4 days subscription
– Book by 31 Dec 2018, travel by 31 March 2019
– Promo applicable to Ready To Travel Pocket WiFi devices only
– Promo code is case-sensitive 

For more information, please visit

This post was brought to you by Ready To Travel.



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