Epic hikes, wild elephant safaris, and top-quality vineyards — go on a fun Thailand road trip, less than three hours away from Bangkok.

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In my opinion, road trips are the best kind of adventure. We’ve been lucky enough to go on some pretty amazing road trips — from living in a camper van around Iceland’s Golden Circle, exploring Western Australia‘s coastal drives and even Spain’s Catalonia region.

We love Thailand, but it’s probably one of the last places you’d think of when picking a road trip destination.

Hua Hin Driving in Kui Buri National Park - Bangkok Itinerary

The view during most of our Bangkok to Hua Hin road trip 🤯

But with so many underrated towns less than three hours away, Bangkok is actually an excellent starting base for a road trip. Each place has something unique to offer — thrilling activities, breathtaking hikes, beautiful temples, and animal encounters.

Renting a car was also really easy, but more on that at the end of the article. Still unconvinced? Here are five ideas for an epic Thailand road trip!

Map of Thailand Road Trip Destinations - Thailand Road Trip

Click to jump to each section: Kanchanaburi | Hua Hin | Khao Yai | Pattaya | Ayutthaya

1) Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Itinerary

Train on the Tham Kra Sae Bridge Kanchanaburi Death Railway - Thailand Road Trip

Distance: 2hr 7min (124km) 
Recommended duration: 3D2N

Our first Thailand road trip idea is Kanchanaburi. It’s a town with stunning natural landscapes and a harrowing past. A bit of history — during World War II, prisoners were forced by the Japanese army to construct a bridge to connect Thailand and Myanmar.

An estimated 100,000 prisoners died building this bridge that passed through Kanchanaburi, hence the name Death Railway.

Death Railway Museum

Kanchanaburi Death Railway Museum - Thailand Road Trip

The Death Railway Museum pays tribute to the prisoners of war who died building the railway. We’d recommend visiting this museum first so you’ll have a better understanding of the town’s history before seeing the landmarks.

Entrance fee: ฿150 (~S$6)
Opening hours: 9AM – 5PM
How to get there: 2min drive from Kanchanaburi Station (Google Maps)

Wat Tham Suea Temple 

Tourist at Wat Tham Suea Temple - Best Things to do in Kanchanaburi

Wat Tham Suea Temple is one of Kanchanaburi’s most famous attractions, with a mix of Thai and Chinese architectural features.

The temple is also called the Tiger Cave Temple as the area was rumoured to be home to a family of tigers. Don’t worry though, you won’t find any tigers there!

Kanchanaburi Wat Tham Suea Temple Ti - ger Cave Temple Colourful Steps - Bangkok Itinerary

Be sure to spot the 18m-tall golden Buddha and colourful steps (157 total!) to the temple.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 5AM – 5PM
How to get there: 27min drive from Kanchanaburi Station (Google Maps)

River Kwai Death Railway Bridge

Kanchanaburi Death Railway Visitor Walking Along Tham Kra Sae Bridge - Thailand Road Trip

But of course, you can’t visit Kanchanaburi without seeing the Death Railway for yourself. There are many viewing spots along the track, but the section at Tham Kra Sae Bridge has the best scenery.

*Pro-tip: Time your visit during train passings (see train schedule for fixed timings). Come an hour earlier before the train arrives to walk along the track!

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there: Lum Sum, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi 71150, Thailand


*Pro-tip: Not sure of doing a Thailand road trip? Take a guided day tour to Kanchanburi from Bangkok instead, and see Death Railway Bridge among other attractions.

Elephants World

Kanchanaburi Elephants World Elephant Daycare - Thailand Road Trip

Sign up for an elephant daycare at Elephants World, a sanctuary for elephants rescued from all over Thailand. There are currently 10 elephants living there and they spend most of the day roaming around freely.

Kanchanaburi Elephants World Elephant Daycare Visitors Preparing Fruits - Thailand Road Trip

You’ll also get to live a day in the life of a mahout (elephant trainer), starting with prepping food for the elephants! Elephants spend most of their time eating, consuming 10% of their body weight daily.

We got to cut fruits, cook rice balls, and — my favourite bit — feed the elephants.

Kanchanaburi Elephants World Elephant Daycare Visitors Bathing Elephants - Thailand Road Trip

After that, head down to the river to bathe the elephants. Spending the day with these gentle giants was a very humbling, wholesome experience — definitely one for the books!

Cost: ~S$85/pax via Klook for a one-day program (incl. lunch and round trip transfer)
Tour timing: 9AM – 4PM
Meeting point: Hotel pick up, or meet directly at 90/9 Moo 4, Baan Nong Hoi, Amphoe Mueang, Tambon Wang Dong, Kanchanaburi, 71190, Thailand

Erawan National Park

Kanchanaburi Erawan National Park Waterfall - Thailand Road Trip

Photo credit: @nomadteacher via Instagram

An hour’s drive from Kanchanaburi’s city centre lies Erawan National Park. There are several hiking trails, but the real reason everyone visits is the seven-tiered Erawan Falls. The cascading waterfalls and vibrant emerald ponds might remind you of Kuang Si Falls in Laos!

After enjoying the waterfalls, explore the park’s many caves like Phra That Cave and Wang Bah Dan Cave.

Entrance fee: ฿300 (~S$12)
Opening hours: 8AM – 4:30PM
How to get there: 1hr drive from Kanchanaburi Station (Google Maps)

Accommodation in Kanchanaburi: Kanchanaburi City Hotel is a 6-minute drive from the Death Railway Museum. A Japanese-Style Twin Room starts from ~S$45/night.

2) Bangkok to Hua Hin Itinerary

Hua Hin Beach Drone Shot - Bangkok Itinerary

Distance: 2hr 45min (200km) 
Recommended duration: 4D3N

Hua Hin is a charming seaside town surrounded by vast national parks and pristine beaches — the perfect road trip in Thailand for nature lovers!

Road trip alternative: Instead of doing a road trip, consider a join-in tour to Hua Hin from Bangkok or a customisable private tour.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Hua Hin Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Bueng Bua Lotus Pond Boardwalk - Bangkok Itinerary

One of the best things to do in Hua Hin is to visit Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Khao Sam Roi Yot translates to “mountain with three hundred peaks”, which refers to the park’s series of limestone hills.

This park is massive and we recommend spending a full day here. Here are our favourite spots in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park:

Khao Daeng Viewpoint

Hua Hin Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Hiker at Khao Daeng Viewpoint - Bangkok Itinerary

The trek up to Khao Daeng Viewpoint is one that’s low effort and high reward. It takes just 30 minutes to reach the 157m-tall peak, where panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand await.

Entrance fee: ฿200 (~S$8) — Keep this ticket as it covers entry to the entire park (incl. landmarks below)!
Opening hours: 6AM – 8PM
How to get there: 1hr drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Phraya Nakhon Cave

Phraya Nakhon Cave Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park - Things to do in Hua Hin

Phraya Nakhon Cave is arguably Hua Hin’s most recognised landmark, taking a 45-minute (mostly uphill) hike to reach. The Khuha Kharuehat Pavilion is the cave’s main attraction, perched on a small hill at its centre — built in 1890 in honour of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).

*Pro-tip: Aim to arrive between 10:30AM and 12PM when the sun is directly above the cave! It casts a beautiful light over the pavilion.

Opening hours: 8AM – 3PM
How to get there: 
20min drive from Khao Daeng Viewpoint; Park at Bang Pu Beach (Google Maps)

Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh

Hua Hin Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Bueng Bua Lotus Pond - Things to do in Hua Hin

Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh was one of the highlights of our Thailand road trip. It looks like a set from a blockbuster film — I guarantee you’ll find yourself saying “wow” at least a few times here.

Hua Hin Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Thung Sam Roi Yot Freshwater Marsh- - Thailand Road Trip

An hour-long boat ride is the best way to take in the beauty of this place. Our boatman even stopped at several fantastic photo areas — like the spot in front of the yellow boat above!

Cost: ฿500/boat (~S$20) — sits up to 5 pax
Opening hours: 
8AM – 5PM
How to get there:
 1hr from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Kiteboarding at Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin by KBA KiteBoarding School - Bangkok Itinerary

Head to Hua Hin Beach for a thrilling session of kiteboarding at Thailand’s first kiteboarding school! Learn the fundamentals of the sport, from setting up the kite on land to controlling the kite.

Cost: From ฿2,000/pax (~S$74)
Opening hours: 
9AM – 5PM
How to get there:
 7min drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Kui Buri National Park

Kui Buri National Park Safari Tour Jeep - Things to do in Hua Hin

You don’t have to head all the way to Africa to experience a safari. Just a 90-minute drive from Hua Hin lies Kui Buri National Park — home to 300 wild elephants!

Kui Buri National Park Safari Tour Wild Elephants - Things to do in Hua Hin

A safari jeep tour is compulsory to explore the park. While elephant sightings aren’t guaranteed, there’s a 99% chance of seeing them on any given day. We managed to spot eight in the hour that we were there!

*Pro-tip: Rent binoculars at the visitor centre for a fee.

Cost: ฿200/pax (~S$8) entry fee; ฿850/group (~S$34), up to 8pax for a safari tour
Opening hours: 8AM – 5PM
How to get there: 1h 30min drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Vana Nava Water Jungle

Hua Hin Vana Nava Water Jungle Waterslides - Things to do in Hua Hin

Vana Nava Water Jungle is the perfect place to cool down in Hua Hin’s hot weather! It’s home to Asia’s first VR water slide (we got to wear VR goggles and pick from three different themes!) as well as Thailand’s largest waterslide.

Entrance fee: From ~S$44/pax via Klook (incl. unlimited VR slide, locker and towel)
Opening hours: 11AM – 5PM
How to get there:
 9min drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Hua Hin Night Market

Hua Hin Night Market Stalls - Bangkok Itinerary

Hua Hin Night Market has everything you need — street food, shops, and massage spots. It pales in comparison to the larger markets in Bangkok, but there are several affordable seafood restaurants that make great dining options!

Opening hours: 6PM – 12AM
How to get there: 3min drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Vana Nava Sky Bar

Hua Hin Vana Nava Sky Bar Rooftop Bar - Best Things to do in Hua Hin

End the night at Vana Nava Sky Bar, Hua Hin’s highest bar! The drinks are nothing to rave about, but the views are worth coming here for. The bar also has an open Sky Deck with a glass floor walkway overlooking the whole of Hua Hin.

Cost: ฿350 (~S$14) for a drink
Opening hours: 5PM – 10PM
How to get there: 10min drive from Hua Hin Railway Station (Google Maps)

Maven Stylish Hotel Superior Room Hua Hin - Thailand Road Trip

Accommodation in Hua Hin: Maven Stylish Hotel is within walking distance of Hua Hin Night Market and Hua Hin Beach. A Deluxe Room (incl. breakfast) starts from ~S$82/night for 2pax.

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3) Bangkok to Khao Yai Itinerary

Jim Thompson Farm - Khao Yai Itinerary

Distance: 2.5hrs (177km) 
Recommended duration: 4D3N 

European villages, mild weather, and local wineries — a road trip to Khao Yai might just have you thinking you left the country.

Khao Yai is in a mountainous region, so the weather is cooler than in Bangkok. During the post-monsoon season (Nov – Feb), average daytime temperatures hover around mid-20°C and drop to around 15°C at night!

Road trip alternative: Khao Yai is best explored by booking a multi-day customisable private tour, like we did. Check out our itinerary for more details!

Primo Piazza

Primo Piazza Ice cream - Best Things to do in Khao Yai

Take a short trip to “Italy” by visiting Primo Piazza, an Italian-themed village. There are a few cafes and an ice cream parlour — great for immersing in that European cafe culture.

Merino Sheep at Primo Piazza - Best Things to do in Khao Yai

The best part about Primo Piazza, however, are the adorable sheep, donkeys, and alpacas!

Entrance fee: ฿200
Opening hours: 
9AM – 6PM
How to get there: 11min drive from Khao Yai National Park (Google Maps)

PB Wine Valley

Shiraz Wine at PB Valley Vineyard - Best Things to do in Khao Yai

PB Wine Valley is Khao Yai’s largest vineyard. It’s 350 metres above sea level, meaning there’s a slightly cooler climate — the perfect conditions for growing different varieties of grapes and other fruits.

PB Wine Valley Grapes - Khao Yai Itinerary

Go on a wine tasting tour to learn about Khao Yai’s wine culture while tasting homegrown Thai wines! There are also non-alcoholic beverages available, like fresh grape juice

Cost: From ~S$14/pax for a 70-minute tour around the winery (includes 3 wine tasters)
Opening hours: 
8AM – 8PM (Sun – Thu), 8AM – 10PM (Fri and Sat)
How to get there: 26min drive from Khao Yai National Park (Google Maps)

Baan Suan Noi Resort (Hobbit Resort)

Baan Suan Noi Hobbit House - Khao Yai Itinerary

Fans of the Lord of the Rings series will love Baan Suan Noi Resort — nicknamed the Hobbit Resort! It’s actually a themed boutique hotel, but you don’t have to be a guest to roam around and take photos.

There’s also a whole room full of costumes ranging from Snow White to Harry Potter and of course, The Hobbit characters.

Baan Suan Noi Santonrini House - Best Things to do in Khao Yai

There are other themed areas here as well — from charming Santorini-style rooms to whimsical castles with dragons.

Cost: ฿100 (~S$4) for entrance only; ฿150 (~S$6) for entrance and costume rental
Opening hours:
 8AM – 11PM
How to get there: 47min drive from Khao Yai National Park (Google Maps)

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park Aeriel View - Khao Yai Itinerary

Khao Yai National Park is Thailand’s first national park, almost three times the size of Singapore. It’s home to tons of wildlife — deer, gibbons, and even elephants!

Khao Yai National Park Haew Suwat Waterfall - Best Things to do in Khao Yai

The 25m high Haew Suwat Waterfall!

Longer hikes require a guide (because of the wildlife) but there are a few short treks that visitors can go on unaccompanied. Like the trail to the park’s tallest waterfall, the 100m high Haew Narok! Or the Pa Deo Die viewpoint located really close to the Pak Chong Entrance.

Entrance fee: ฿400/pax (~S$16), ฿50 (~S$2) for the car
Opening hours: 6AM – 6PM
How to get there: 10min from Primo Piazza (Google Maps)

Alternative: While we recommend spending multiple days in Khao Yai, you can take a full-day trip from Bangkok to explore Khao Yao National Park if you’re pressed for time.

Jim Thompson Farm

Sunflower Field at Jim Thompson - Khao Yai Itinerary

If you’re visiting Khao Yai in December, take a trip to Jim Thompson Farm! There are vast sunflower and rice fields — perfect for mini photoshoots.

Entrance fee: ฿220 (~S$8.80)
Opening hours: Varies (Mid Dec – early Jan)
How to get there: 1h 20min drive from Khao Yai National Park (Google Maps)

Accommodation in Khao Yai: The Peri Hotel Khao Yai is a 6min drive from Primo Piazza. A Twin Room starts from ~S$76/night.

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4) Bangkok to Pattaya Itinerary

Pattaya Koh Sak Island Drone Shot - Things to do in Pattaya

Distance: 2hrs (150km) 
Recommended duration: 3D2N 

An unlikely Thailand road trip destination is Pattaya. Pattaya might mainly be known for nightlife, but this coastal city has a fair bit of adventure and culture hidden up her sleeve!

Alternative: Instead of driving yourselves, you may also take a private day trip to Pattaya from Bangkok. Comes with a driver!

Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya Visitor at Sanctuary of Truth Temple - Thailand Road Trip

The Sanctuary of Truth temple is a fine display of Thai craftsmanship set against the backdrop of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s made completely of wood — no nails!

Pattaya Sanctuary of Truth Temple - Thailand Road Trip

Entrance fee: ฿500 or ~S$15/pax via Klook
Opening hours: 
8AM – 6PM, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
How to get there:
 13min drive from North Pattaya Bus Terminal (Google Maps)

Shooting Experience

Pattaya Light Bullet Shooting Range Experience - Thailand Road Trip

Hone your inner marksman at Light Bullet shooting range! The basic shooting package includes three different guns (rifle, pistol, and revolver) with 10 rounds each.

An instructor is present to demonstrate how to use the guns, as well as ensure the safety of visitors. It was my first time firing a gun and I gotta say, it was a lot of fun!

Cost:From ~S$66/pax via Klook (for 3-gun package)
Opening hours: 10AM – 5PM (last admission: 4:30PM)
How to get there:
 7min drive from Nong Kho Public Park (Google Maps)

ATV Ride

Pattaya ATV Tour - Thailand Road Trip

Head out to the Pattaya countryside for an epic off-road ATV adventure! This tour navigates rugged unpaved tracks, with several turns and slopes — ideal for those who love thrill.

No prior experience is needed; you’ll receive an introduction and a few training rounds before the tour begins.

Cost: ~S$109/pax for a 27km route, ~S$129 for a 34km route (incl. round trip hotel transfer and lunch)
Tour timings: 
10:30AM – 1:30PM, 2:30PM – 5:30PM
Meeting point:
 Hotel pick-up

3 Mermaids Cafe

Pattaya 3 Mermaids Cafe Beachside Bar - Thailand Road Trip

After a day of excitement, head to 3 Mermaids Cafe. The entrance is a little unassuming — but trust us, this gorgeous beachfront bar and restaurant is worth a visit!

Pattaya 3 Mermaids Cafe Nest Tables - Thailand Road Trip

There are several types of seating to choose from, but we couldn’t resist picking one of the booths that resemble a bird’s nest. The food here isn’t too pricey for the location — I had a Pad Thai and strawberry cream cheese smoothie for ฿199 (~S$8) each.

Cost: ~S$15/pax via Klook (incl. drink and road trip speed boat from Bali Hai Pier)
Opening hours: 
4PM – 10PM, Last entry 8PM
Meeting point:
 Drive 5mins from Pattaya City Sign to the Bali Hai Pier meeting point (Google Maps)

Cozy Beach

Pattaya Cozy Beach During Sunset - Things to do in Pattaya

Before leaving 3 Mermaids Cafe, drop by Cozy Beach — located right in front of it! This beach is not too crowded and is a nice spot to catch the sunset.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there: 1min walk from 3 Mermaids Cafe (Google Maps)

Koh Larn Day Trip

Pattaya Koh Larn Island Day Trip - Thailand Road Trip

Pattaya has a couple of offshore islands perfect for a day trip. We went on a Koh Larn island-hopping tour and took a 30-minute speedboat ride out to the island.

Pattaya Koh Larn Island Day Trip Jet Ski - Things to do in Hua Hin

Guests can opt for different packages which include water sports like a banana boat ride, jet ski or even snorkelling!

Pattaya Koh Larn Island Day Trip Lunch Set - Thailand Road Trip

The tour also includes a set lunch; we had fried fish, tom yum soup, grilled pork, chicken wings, and steamed vegetables.

After Koh Larn island, the boat brings you to Funny Land — a floating playground with slides and trampolines. Guests have the option to play here or relax at the nearby Koh Sak Island beach!

Cost: From ~S$33/pax via Klook (incl. hotel pick up and lunch; water activities available as add-ons)
Tour timing: 
8AM – 4PM

Tappia Floating Cafe

Pattaya Tappia Floating Cafe at Night - Thailand Road Trip

Catch the sunset from Tappia Floating Cafe, a restaurant located on the water off the coast of Pattaya. The place is very cosy, with live music and multi-coloured beanbags!

Pattaya Tappia Floating Cafe Squid Fishing - Thailand Road Trip

Guests can also try squid fishing — any catches will be grilled by the staff!

Pattaya Tappia Floating Cafe Food - Thailand Road Trip

The boat ticket includes one free drink, but there’s a full menu serving main courses like fried rice and sides like squid!

Cost: ~S$15/pax via Klook (incl. drink and road trip speed boat from Bali Hai Pier)
Opening hours: 
4PM – 10PM, Last entry 8PM
Meeting point:
 Drive 5mins from Pattaya City Sign to the Bali Hai Pier meeting point (Google Maps)

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Deluxe Room Interior - Thailand Road Trip

Photo credit: Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Accommodation in Pattaya: Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya is conveniently located right along Pattaya Beach and has a massive swimming pool. A Deluxe Room (incl. buffet breakfast) starts from ~S$122/night.

5) Bangkok to Ayutthaya Itinerary

Ayutthaya Day Trip from Bangkok - Thailand Road Trip

Distance: 1hr 12min (76.3km) 
Recommended duration: Day trip

Just an hour north of Bangkok lies the ancient city of Ayutthaya. This UNESCO World Heritage city was once a thriving commercial hub as the capital of the Siamese Kingdom (1350 – 1767), before it was destroyed in 1767 by the Burmese army.

Today, the original city lies in ruins (Ayutthaya was rebuilt in a new location). Here are some of Ayutthaya’s key landmarks!

Alternative: Yes, you can explore Ayutthaya’s top attractions within a day. That said, feel free to take a day trip from Bangkok instead of going here yourselves.

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Ayutthaya Wat Ratchaburana - Thailand Road Trip

First up, Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Built in 1630 by King Prasat Thong to honour his mother, this Buddhist temple was inspired by Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

Entrance fee: ฿50 (~S$2)
Opening hours:
8:30AM – 4:30PM
How to get there: 16min drive from Ayutthaya Railway Station (Google Maps)

Wat Mahathat

Ayutthaya Wat Mahathat - Thailand Road Trip

Wat Mahathat is one of the oldest temples in Ayutthaya — hosting several important royal events here.  In 1767, the temple was reduced to ruins when the Burmese army invaded Ayutthaya, chopping off or vandalising the head of the Buddha.

But one remains untouched, entwined within the roots of a Banyan tree and is now the most photographed image of Ayutthaya.

Entrance fee: ฿50 (~S$2)
Opening hours:
8:30AM – 6PM
How to get there: 9min drive from Ayutthaya Railway Station (Google Maps)

Wat Yai Chaimongkhon

Ayutthaya Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Reclining Buddha - Thailand Road Trip

Before Wat Yai Chaimongkhon was looted by the Burmese in 1767, the bell-shaped Chedi here was one of the most distinctive landmarks of Ayutthaya.  It wasn’t until the 1950s that major restoration works began, including this full-sized replica of the reclining Buddha.

Entrance fee: ฿20 (~S$0.80)
Opening hours:
8AM – 5PM
How to get there: 6min drive from Ayutthaya Railway Station (Google Maps)

Bang Pa-in Palace

Ayutthaya Bang Pa-in Palace - Thailand Road Trip

Bang Pa-In Palace was the summer residence of the Thai royal family in the 17th century. The original structure was destroyed along with most of Ayutthaya in 1767, but restored by King Rama IV in the 1800s.

Ayutthaya Day Trip from Bangkok Bang Pa-in Palace Bridge - Thailand Road Trip

This palace complex features some Greek and Chinese architectural influences. Today, it’s used occasionally by the current royal family for receptions.

Entrance fee: ฿100 (~S$4)
Opening hours: 8AM – 4PM
How to get there: Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, Ban Len, Bang Pa-in District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13160, Thailand

*Note: If you’d like a guide to share more about the significance and history of each landmark, consider opting for a temples day tour.

Historical Ayutthaya Temples Tour
Cost: ~S$94/pax for a group of 3-4 pax(incl. round trip transfer and all entry fees)
Tour timing:
8:30AM – 6PM

Our Thailand Road Trip Experience

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park Drone Shot of Car - Bangkok Itinerary

We’ve visited Bangkok several times, but this was our first time renting a car and driving out of the city.

Hua Hin Golden Buddha Statue - Thailand Road Trip

We had a lot of fun during our Thailand road trip, belting out classics and taking in the gorgeous landscapes. This road trip even allowed us to chance upon several beautiful photo spots (like the one above!) along the way — places we wouldn’t have discovered if we didn’t drive.

Kanchanaburi Countryside Drone Shot - Day trip from Bangkok

Driving in Thailand was also a lot easier than we anticipated. Google Maps was accurate and traffic outside of Bangkok is a lot lighter — though you might run into the occasional jaywalking cow. 😂

Bangkok Chic Car Rental SUV Thailand Road Trip - Things to do in Bangkok

For our Thailand road trip car rental, we booked via Klook. It was really convenient, with several car models available and multiple pickup points around Bangkok. We chose a seven-seater Honda CR-V SUV (from ~S$78/day) for the five of us, mainly for the larger trunk space.

Remember to bring your passport (digital copies aren’t allowed) and international driving permit during car collection.

Guided Day Trips from Bangkok

Pattaya Cozy Beach During Sunset - Things to do in Pattaya

Still apprehensive about driving in another country? Don’t worry, you have the option of taking guided day tours to the destinations above (from Bangkok) instead. We’ve compiled some options for you in one table:

DestinationDay tour
KanchanaburiKanchanaburi Instagram Day Tour and Death Railway
(join-in and private tour available)
Hua HinHua Hin Must Visit One Day Tour from Bangkok
(join-in tour)
Khao YaiKhao Yai National Park Tour from Bangkok – Full Day
(join-in and private tour available)
PattayaPattaya Discovery Private Tour from Bangkok
(private tour)
AyutthayaAyutthaya Must-Visit Tour: Summer Palace, Temples, Cafes and Market
(join-in and private tour available)

Take note that these day trips don’t necessarily include all the attractions listed in this article, though 😅

Which Thailand road trip idea are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments!

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