Asia’s first-ever Museum of Ice Cream is finally here!

Walking Through Ice Cream Museum Singapore - New Things to do in Singapore

There are many new things to do this August, but this attraction takes the cake — or should I say ice cream? 😏

Hailing from New York City, the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) has made a third home right here in Singapore! With 14 multi-sensory exhibitions, this unique museum is basically one giant playground promising hours of fun.

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth a visit, here’s an inside scoop on what to expect before heading down — spoilers: it’s worth it!

One of The World’s Most Instagrammable (and Pinkest) Museums 

MOIC is everything you’d imagine when you think of ice cream — bright colours (mostly pink) and sprinkles. The entire space is a photo haven with no corner left uncoloured. But these are some backdrops you definitely won’t want to miss.

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' Beach Hut Watch House - Things to do at Museum of Ice Cream

Inspired by the beaches of California, this fun exhibit features tall pink palm trees with a matching watch house. And what’s a day at the beach without an icy dessert? Get your first serving of unlimited ice cream here!

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream California Dreamin' - Museum of Ice Cream

Indulge in rich Belgium Chocolate or a refreshing scoop of Pina Colada. Don’t be shy for seconds!

Scream’s Diner

Pink Payphone and Retro Bar Counter Scream Diner - Museum of Ice Cream

To remember its American roots, Scream’s Diner is one of the museum’s main highlights. It’s a great backdrop for those who love a retro vibe with its checkered floor and vintage bar stools 😍

Apple Pie and Vanilla Soft Serve Scream Diner - Museum of Ice Cream

Grab a seat and a serving of yummy soft serve. Get your fix of both the Apple Pie and Vanilla ice cream in adorable pink cones. You can also top them off with either apple crumble or sprinkles!

Scream Diner Juke Box - Museum of Ice Cream

Apart from the free-flow soft serve, pick out your favourite oldie tune at the jukebox. Or, have a phone call with Seth Rogen on the payphone! Yes, Seth Rogen. I won’t disclose how that convo went down — you can hear it for yourself 😉 


Bouncy castles are never just child’s play. Jump to your heart’s content – or until your legs give way 😂 It’s a great way to burn off the ice cream!

Pink Tunnel 

If a passageway can stop you in your tracks, it’s definitely this tunnel. Many folks stop to grab a quick #ootd here, and I don’t blame them. I’d gladly give way too — get it bestie!

Potong Palace

MOIC features Singapore’s local ice cream in a fun way with Potong Palace. The quirky traditional popsicles stick out all over, from the floor to the ceiling. They serve mini Pulut Hitam Potong ice cream too, which ties in all the local flavour within this space!

Playspace – traditional dragon playground and fruity swing sets

Dragon Playground - Museum of Ice Cream

It’s a unicorn playground!

MOIC’s fun take on our iconic dragon playground in Toa Payoh takes the limelight at Playspace. It’s a basic playground with a colourful spine stairway that leads to a small slide.

Swinging Fruits and Dragon Playground at Playspace - New Things to do in Singapore

That’s not all, there’s also hopscotch, a mini basketball set up and fruity swing sets — you’ll feel like a kid all over again. Definitely one of our favourite photo spots in the museum!

Don’t pass on the ice cream here! Served traditionally between two wafers, the Lychee Bandung and the Taro Milk flavours are a defo must-try 👌🏼

Ice Cream Maze

Ice Cream Maze - Museum of Ice Cream

Take a break from the bright lights — this dimly lit installation was another wow factor for us. The simple maze is elevated with mirrors all around, making it feel like you’re in a land of infinite ice cream. 

Pink and Yellow Banana Jungle

Going Bananas for Bananas - Museum of Ice Cream

Go bananas for this adorable tunnel made with squishy multi-coloured silicone bananas. It’s a fruity walkway that’s not only a feast for the eyes but hands too! Squish them as you walk along — don’t worry it’s not weird 😂


MOIC’s (and the world’s) largest Sprinkle Pool ever

Splashing in the world's largest sprinkle pool - Museum of Ice Cream

Did you really go to the Museum of Ice Cream if you didn’t snag a million pictures at the Sprinkle Pool? This giant pit of soft sprinkles is the largest MOIC has ever made!

Laying in the world's largest sprinkle pool - Museum of Ice Cream

If you loved playing in ball pits as a kid, this pool will bring all those memories back. Whether you’re five or 50 years old, you’ll love lounging or “splashing” here!

Interactive Displays and Fun Activities For All Ages

Magnetic Alphabet Wall - Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

There’s never a boring minute at MOIC. From coming up with your ice cream name to basketball to folding paper trucks, you’ll always have your hands busy — not to mention taking a million photos.

Share your thought of the day at the magnetic alphabet room and the postcard wall! What’s more, bring a piece of MOIC home and fold yourself an ice cream truck, or buy something unique at their gift shop 🙌🏼

Give yourself a sweet treat and reserve your tickets to the pinkest museum ever!

Cost: From S$38
Opening hours: 10AM – 11PM, closed from Mon to Wed

Got any questions about the Museum of Ice Cream? Share with us below!

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