Let’s be real — Bangkok’s street food is the main reason why everyone loves this city.

Jeh O Chula Tom Yum Mama Noodles - Bangkok Food Guide

Ask anyone to name their top three cuisines and chances are, Thai food will be included in the list. The Thais understand flavours really well — you can always expect a good combination of sweet, spicy and sour hints!

It’s flavourful and comforting, a cuisine I’d gladly eat over and over again.

Jay Fai Michelin Star Stall - Bangkok Food Guide

We had the chance to stay in Bangkok for a month (where we even visited Hua Hin on a road trip!) and got to try several famous street food stalls. To my fellow foodies, here are nine street foods worth making a trip to Thailand for!

1) Jeh O Chula — Thai dishes with a twist

Jeh O Chula Set Meal Tom Yum Noodles Crispy Pork - Bangkok Itinerary

Jeh O Chula serves up hearty Thai dishes with a twist. It’s popular amongst students, as it’s located near Chulalongkorn University and the queues can go up to a few hours.

Here are the signature dishes you have to try!

The first is Tom Yum Mama Noodles, Thailand’s version of Korea’s army stew. It’s filled with instant noodles, eggs, crispy pork, and tons of seafood — the perfect comfort food. 🤤

Jeh O Chula Michelin Guide Crispy Pork - Bangkok Itinerary

Next is the Crispy Pork Belly. I’m not the biggest fan of fatty meat, but I’d readily devour this bad boy on my own.

Lastly, the Yum salmon — glorious salmon sashimi doused in Thai chilli and salad.

*Pro-tip: Book a set meal on Klook to reserve a time slot and get priority access. There is no other way to make reservations and waiting times can be up to an hour!

Cost: From ~S$25.90 for a set meal
Opening hours: 5:30PM – 11:30PM
How to get there: 14min walk from W1 National Stadium BTS station (Silom Line)

2) Lhong Tou Cafe — Tiktok famous dim sum cafe

China Lhong Tou Cafe - What to eat in Thailand

Photo credit: @nikui via Instagram

We first came across Lhong Tou Cafe on social media. What caught our attention first wasn’t the food, but the restaurant’s unique layout!

I was kinda sad there weren’t any top-floor seats available while we were there, but my disappointment was short-lived after seeing the menu.

Lhong Tou Cafe Dim Sum Box - Bangkok Food Guide

They sell these cute dim sum sets (฿299, ~S$11.30) for sharing, plus loads of fun desserts like Thai milk tea cake (฿80, ~S$3) and durian lava buns (฿59, ~S$2.20).

Lhong Tou Cafe Drinks - Bangkok Food Guide

Photo credit: @lhongtoucafe_official via Instagram

The drinks were really Instagram-worthy too! I had a buttery pea lemonade (฿70, ~S$2.60) — a little sweet, but perfect for cooling down in Bangkok’s heat.

Cost: ฿299 (~S$11.30) for a dim sum set
Opening hours: 9AM – 8PM
How to get there: 3min walk from BL29 Wat Mangkon MRT Station (Blue Line).

3) Jay Fai — Michelin star roadside hawker 

Jay Fai Chef Cooking - Street Food in Thailand

Jay Fai is a Bangkok street food legend. The owner Supinya “Jay Fai” Junsuta is a feisty 73-year-old, decked in iconic ski goggles and a beanie.


She’s gathered numerous accolades over the years, from achieving a Michelin star four years in a row to getting featured in Netflix’s Street Food series. Jay Fai cooks each dish on her own, so expect a long wait.

Jay Fai Michelin Street Food Crab Omelette - Bangkok Food Guide

The main attraction here is the crab omelette (฿1000, ~S$37.80). At almost S$40, it’s not the cheapest street food around. But this thicc dish is stuffed to the brim with crab meat — kinda resembles a burrito more than an omelette!

Jay Fai Curry - Street Food in Bangkok

We couldn’t just order one dish, so we had the goong phad yellow curry (฿1500, ~S$56.80) and phad-kee-mao talay (drunken noodles) for ฿500 (~S$18.90).

We’d recommend booking a table way, way in advance via Instagram. I tried booking in April and found out they were fully booked till July — though walk-ins were accepted.

We made the mistake of arriving 1.5hrs after opening time and had to wait for 3hrs (from arrival to getting our food).

Cost: ~฿800/pax (~S$30/pax)
Opening hours: 9AM – 8PM (Wed – Sun), closed Mon – Tue
How to get there: 8min walk from BL30 Sam Yot MRT station (Blue Line)

4) Mae Klong Noodles — Spicy pork spine soup 

Jodd Fairs Mae Klong Noodles - Bangkok Food Guide

Photo credit: Mae Klong Noodles

Leng Saap is a spicy pork spine soup — with pork spines stacked to form a tower of mouth-numbing goodness. At Jodd Fair’s Mae Klong Noodles, it comes in four sizes, ranging from ฿150 (~S$6) to ฿599 (~S$24.10)! 

Jodd Fairs Leng Saap Pork Spine Dish - What to eat in Thailand

We ordered a medium portion which came flooded in chilli and lime. The meat was really tender and not unbearably spicy — my spice tolerance is pretty low so you can trust me on this one.

Cost: From ฿150 (~S$6)
Opening hours: 12PM – 12AM
How to get there: The nearest BTS station (Asok) is 2.6km away, so we recommend taking a Grab to Jodd Fairs

5) Wattana Panich — 45-year-old beef broth 

Wattana Panich Beef Broth - What to eat in Thailand

You’ve probably heard of Wattana Panich — Bangkok’s famous beef broth that’s been simmering for over 45 years. This street-side restaurant has been run by three generations.

At the end of each day, the soup is reduced and allowed to simmer in a pot. The stock is used as a base for the soup the following day — and they’ve been doing this since the day they opened. That’s years and years of flavour in a single bowl of soup!

Wattana Panich Beef Broth Noodles - What to eat in Thailand

The famous Thai beef noodles come with tender braised beef and beef balls. It’s available in two sizes — small (฿100, ~S$3.80) and large (฿150, ~S$5.70) — we ordered small ones.

Besides beef noodles, Wattana Panich also serves braised goat noodles and pad see ew (Thai stir-fried noodles).

Cost: From ฿100 (~S$3.80)
Opening hours: 9:30AM – 7:30PM
How to get there: 25min walk from E6 Thong Lor BTS station (Sukhumvit Line). Alternatively, take a Grab

6) Jek Pui — Authentic streetside curry rice

Chinatown Jek Pui Streetside Curry Rice - Bangkok Food Guide

Jek Pui is another eatery featured on Netflix’s Street Food series. This streetside curry stall is popular among locals; we arrived 20 minutes after opening time and there were already long queues!

Jek Pui Curry Rice - Things to eat in Bangkok

There are no tables here — diners sit on red stools along the red street, curry in hand. You just have to pull out a chair, and raise your hand to order!

Jek Pui Streetside Curry Rice in Chinatown - Bangkok Food Guide

We got their best-selling yellow curry rice with pork sausage. Affordable and hearty, it’s easy to see why locals love this.

Cost: ฿60 (~S$2.30)
Opening hours: 3PM – 8PM
How to get there: 4min walk from Wat Mangkon MRT station (Blue Line)

7) Ung Jia Huad — Hearty basil pork rice

Ung Jia Huad Basil Pork Rice Streetfood Stall - What to eat in Thailand

Ung Jia Huad is an unassuming street food hawker in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood. We came here searching for one of my favourite Thai dishes — pad kra pao (basil stir fry).

Fun fact: The owner has been making this dish for around 50 years!

Ung Jia Huad Basil Pork Rice - What to eat in Thailand

Pad kra pao is a simple dish, yet it’s always a crowd pleaser. I ordered the stir-fried pork with rice, which came with a yummy, greasy fried egg. Chicken is available as well!

Cost: From ฿75 (~S$2.80)
Opening hours: 10AM – 4PM, closed on Sun
How to get there: 7min walk from E4 Asok BTS station (Sukhumvit Line)

8) Nai Ek Roll Noodle — Kway Chap

Chinatown Nai Ek Roll Noodle Kway Chap Street Food - Things to eat in Bangkok

Situated along Chinatown’s Yaowarat Road is Nai Ek Roll Noodle, a Bangkok street food stall that’s been around since 1989. It’s known for kway chap and even earned a spot in the Michelin Guide.

We ordered the popular roll noodles soup (฿70, ~S$2.70) which came with all sorts of pork cuts — crispy pork, sliced pork, stomach, liver, kidney and tongue.

Chinatown Nai Ek Roll Noodle Kway Chap - What to eat in Thailand

They’re also known for their rice dishes, so we tried the braised pork rump with rice (฿60, ~S$2.30). The meat was tender and paired well with salted vegetables.

The deep-fried crispy pork is highly raved about too — do let us know in the comments below if you tried it!

Cost: From ฿70 (~S$2.70)
Opening hours: 8AM – 12AM
How to get there: 3min walk from BL29 Wat Mangkon MRT Station (Blue Line)

Bonus: 9) Learn to Cook Your Favourite Thai Dishes at Sompong Thai Cooking School

Sompong Cooking School Thai Cooking Class - Things to eat in Bangkok

You can’t dabao Bangkok’s street food back to Singapore, but you can take home Thai recipes and some cooking skills! Thai food is one of our favourite cuisines, so we couldn’t resist experiencing a cooking class to fully immerse ourselves in the local food scene.

The class at Sompong Thai Cooking School starts with a tour of Wat Khaek Fresh Market, where the instructor shares tips on sourcing ingredients.

Sompong Thai Cooking Class Food Flatlay - Things to eat in Bangkok

The four-course menu is different each day — we went on a Sunday and made chicken red curry, stir-fried tamarind prawns, spicy chicken salad, and mango sticky rice. You also get tot bring home a recipe book with extensive instructions to make your own dishes back home!

Cost: ~S$52.70 via Klook
Class timings: 9.15AM – 2PM, 2:45PM – 7PM
How to get there: 10min walk from S4 Saint Louis BTS station (Silom Line)

Tips for Planning Your Bangkok Food Trip

Jodd Fairs Night Market - Things to do in Bangkok

I love Thai food. Just looking at photos of our Bangkok street food adventures induces hunger and has me dreaming about my next trip to Thailand. Before you go forth and embark on your own Bangkok food adventure, here are some tips:

1) Check whether you can book in advance

If you’re visiting Bangkok for a few days, you wouldn’t want to spend three hours queueing for one meal. Popular places like Jay Fai offer reservations, while Jeh O Chula has a “fast track access” option on Klook!

Jek Pui Curry Rice Chinatown - Things to eat in Bangkok

2) Go during off-peak hours

Arrive at opening time if you can, or avoid peak lunch and dinner crowds at 12PM – 2PM and 6PM – 8PM.

3) Check out our Bangkok itineraries

Plan your meals and activities by location to save time! Here are some of our Bangkok itineraries to help you get started.

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What’s your favourite Thai dish in this Bangkok food guide? Share with us in the comments below!

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