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Tucked in a cosy little corner away from the rest of the world on the map, Australia is where you go to get inspired time and again. From natural wonders not found elsewhere in the world to the hippest cafes in town, Australia has something for everyone.

Australia – 360 Virtual Tour

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    Country Code: +61
    Time ZoneThere are 5 time zones in Australia.

  • Sydney – GMT +10 hours, GMT +11 hours (Daylight Saving)
  • Gold Coast – GMT +10 hours
  • Adelaide – GMT +9.5 hours, GMT +10.5 hours (Daylight Saving)
  • Perth –  GMT +8 hours
  • Darwin – GMT +9.5 hours

    Peak Travel Period: Dec – Feb
    Four Seasons: Yes
    Currency: Australian Dollar, AUD (A$)

    Transport Card:

  • [Victoria]: Myki
  • [Perth]: SmartRider
  • [Brisbane, Canberra, & South East Queensland]: Go Card
  • [Adelaide]: Metrocard
  • [Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter, Newcastle, Illawarra, Wollongong and Southern Highlands]: Opal
  • [Tasmania]: Greencard

    Tap water: Safe to drink in cities and big towns
    AC Socket Type: Type I – 230V 50Hz
Australia Power Plug - Type I - 230V 50Hz


Yes Australians speak English even though you don’t understand them sometimes. Here are some Aussie slangs to help you blend in! There’s a lot more where this came from.

  • Greetings – Ga Day
  • Thanks – Cheers
  • Well done – Good onya
  • I don’t agree – Pig’s arse!
  • Afternoon – Arvo
  • Cup of tea – Cuppa
  • McDonald’s – Macca’s
  • Petrol/Service Station – Servo
  • Flip Flops – Thongs
  • Burger King – Hungry Jacks