You’ve probably flown on a plane or sailed on a ship/cruise to another country, but have you relied solely on overland transport to travel and move from country to country?

For the last 15 months, this 28 year old Singaporean has been travelling the world on her scooter, and isn’t stopping anytime soon! Triggered by the death of her close friend, Juvena (The Wandering Wasp) realised the uncertainty of life and decided not to let anything hold her back from travelling. Of course, she had made several sacrifices along the way to allow her to live her dream in her 20s – from holding multiple jobs to all the physical and mental preparations.

The Wandering Wasp
Credit: The Wandering Wasp

I chanced upon her webpage recently and was extremely inspired. Well, everyone can travel the world, but on a Vespa for 15 months (and counting)? That’s pretty amazing. Just in case you’re wondering if she has an affluent family background, with no financial worries and monetary sense – she’s an ordinary Singaporean girl, leading an extraordinary life.

“Hesitation will get you nowhere.You can never be 100% ready for trips as such, you will learn as you go.”

Can you share a little on your background and job?

I am an avid motorcyclist with wanderlust. I left my job as a Research assistant last year and am now travelling full time on a Vespa scooter. 

How long do you usually travel for?

Usually one week, when I had a job. For this current trip, I left Singapore on 16th May 2015, it has been 15 months on the road.

Is there a reason why you chose to ride over conventional transports like coaches or planes?

I am firstly a biker followed by a traveller. So travelling with two wheels is an unquestionable choice. I find more freedom in travelling with my personal means of transport. I am not dependent on public transport schedules and can make detours and stopover whenever and wherever I want. Staying on the land, travelling each kilometre on my accord, I can experience how cultures and languages evolve across socio-political-geographical barriers.

The Wandering Wasp in pakistan
Credit: The Wandering Wasp

What is the one thing that is constantly on your mind while you are riding?

“Where to go next?”

The Wandering Wasp
Credit: The Wandering Wasp

Would you prefer travelling solo or with friends?

For now, I prefer going solo unless I meet someone who is very like-minded in terms of travelling style. It is nice to have companions at times. However, I also relish in the independence and freedom associated with solo travel because I do not have to make compromises for anybody. 

I started travelling with friends (not scooter) but later realised that it is difficult to find a travel partner compatible in travelling style and level of risk taking. Some ride scooters, some ride motorcycles, some do not even ride motorcycles. I do not limit myself to a single style of travelling but I do have a strong penchant for motorcycles.

Did you meet your travelling friends during your trips?

Some are motorcyclist friends or schoolmates prior. In this long trip, I do meet other travellers. If our plans are similar, we travel together for a few days. For example, I met a German motorcyclist travelling in the same direction last June, we have met 8 or 9 times over the past one year in different countries. In jest, we began competing each other to see who travelled the slowest.

Friends of The Wandering Wasp
Credit: The Wandering Wasp

Was it slightly intimidating on your very first solo trip?

A little but soon enough, I realised it is all in the head. 

Was it tough travelling budget for a long period of time?

Not really, I am easy-going and adaptable. Travelling budget does not mean you have to give up comforts all the time. I have been shown tremendous hospitality and generosity in the past 15 months. Local people have hosted me in their homes and offered me food. Other times, I camped for a few days. Nonetheless, we are creatures of comfort. I do appreciate a shelter over the head and a warm shower more than ever.

If there’s someone who is hesitant to step out of their comfort zones to do such a solo bike trip, what would you tell him/her?

Hesitation will get you nowhere. You can never be 100% ready for trips as such, you will learn as you go.

On your blog – The Wandering Wasp, you mentioned about living in the moment and living it to the fullest, do you think you have achieved that?

I am not sure if I have already done it because I am always learning and discovering new things. Living in the moment and to the fullest, as I have realised, is more like maintaining that state of mind rather than having achieved it.

The Wandering Wasp paragliding in Nepal
Credit: The Wandering Wasp
Juvena updates on her trip regularly on her Facebook page and her blog. Do check them out if you want to follow on her adventures!

Would you travel overland on a scooter? Share with us in the comments below!



  1. I am a big fan of the wandering wasp as I am also a PX scooterist traveller. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to travel as far as she did, but during a month I traveled from istanbul to the south of France through Greece and Balkans. It was amazing, and I can guess how rich it must be to do the kind of trip she did. Well done the wandering wasp, you are inspiring me for another trip. Best and you are welcome in France 🙂


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