It’s official — travelling to Hong Kong without the 14-day quarantine will be possible from 22 Nov 2020!

21 Nov 2020 Update: The Hong Kong & Singapore Air Travel Bubble has been deferred for two weeks due to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong. We’ll be updating this piece as the situation progresses.

Before you rush off to make your bookings, here’s what you need to know before your year-end holiday.

What does the Singapore – Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble mean?

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If you’re travelling to or from Hong Kong, there will be no restrictions on your travel purpose starting 22 Nov 2020. Travellers taking Air Travel Bubble (ATB) flights won’t need to serve Stay Home Notice or quarantine in either country.

However, you must test negative on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 72 hours before your departure!

Is everyone eligible for ATB flights? Yes! As long as you’ve remained in Singapore or Hong Kong for 14 consecutive days*.

*excludes holders of work permits or S Passes in the construction, marine shipyard or process sectors.

In the event travellers become COVID-19 positive, you’ll need to bear the full cost of any medical treatment. So keep your mask on and practice safe distancing even when abroad!

PCR test in Singapore

If your confirmed flight to Hong Kong is before 1 Dec, you’ll need to apply for approval from MOH to take a pre-departure test at least seven days before you fly.

From 1 Dec onwards, you can just head directly to any of the 406 licensed healthcare clinics and testing centres. All PCR tests need to be taken within 72 hours before departure, and the process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Prices can start at S$185 per test depending on the clinic.

PCR test in Hong Kong

Once you land at Hong Kong International Airport, you’ll be administered another COVID-19 test (S$90). And you must stay at the airport until you receive your results.

If you’re heading to Singapore, you can take a PCR test at any of their local recognised clinics and testing centres within 72 hours before your flight. The test will cost between ~S$122 to S$348. However, when Hong Kong’s community testing centres open, the test will only cost you ~S$42!

Air Travel Bubble Flights between Singapore and Hong Kong

Flying Singapore Airlines with Masks - Singapore Hong Kong Travel Bubble

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Not all flights are under the travel bubble scheme. As of now, only Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific operate Air Travel Bubble flights between Singapore and Hong Kong —taking any other airline would require you to serve a 14-day quarantine.

The first ATB flight with Singapore Airlines departs from Singapore on 22 November 2020 (from S$557). While the first ATB flight with Cathay Pacific departs on 24 November 2020 (from S$456.80).

Here’s the ATB flight schedule up till 4 December 2020.

From Singapore to Hong Kong

22 NovSQ 0890SIN10:00HKG14:00
23 NovSQ 0890SIN08:00HKG11:45
24 NovCX 734SIN15:00HKG19:00
25 NovSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20
26 NovCX 734SIN15:00HKG19:00
27 NovSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20
28 NovCX 734SIN15:00HKG19:00
29 NovSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20
30 NovSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20
1 DecCX 734SIN15:00HKG19:00
2 DecSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20
3 DecCX 734SIN15:00HKG19:00
4 DecSQ 0890SIN07:35HKG11:20

From Hong Kong to Singapore

22 NovCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
23 NovSQ 0891HKG12:55SIN16:55
24 NovCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
25 NovSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30
26 NovCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
27 NovSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30
28 NovCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
29 NovSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30
30 NovSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30
1 DecCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
2 DecSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30
3 DecCX 759HKG09:10SIN13:00
4 DecSQ 0891HKG12:30SIN16:30

Each flight into the city will take 200 passengers each way. Daily flights to each city will commence from 5 December 2020 onwards, with up to two flights a day.

Start planning your trip to Hong Kong

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