Yes, this was the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Nowhere ship that had a suspected Covid-19 case on board.

Cruise Pool Deck - Cruise to Nowhere

You might have caught the news of the Cruise to Nowhere that returned early because of a suspected Covid-19 case. Yes, we were on that cruise.

Turns out, it was a false alarm. And despite having our mini-getaway cut from four to three days, there was still loads that went on before disembarking.

If you’re planning a vacation while the travel borders are still closed, here are our thoughts and experience on the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas — Asia’s largest cruise ship!

Pre-boarding process for a Cruise to Nowhere

PCR Test

Taking a PCR test will be the new norm as travel is slowly reintroduced. On Royal Caribbean cruises, the cost of your swab test is included in your cruise package — you just have to test negative before boarding!

Once you’ve booked your cruise, you will receive instructions to schedule your PCR test via email. You’ll also be prompted to sign up for a few apps before heading down to Raffles Convention Centre to have your swab test taken.

We had ours taken two days before the cruise and received our results the next day.

The test was uncomfortable but honestly still bearable. I heard the experience varies a bit but my tester was really quick and gentle, so no tears on my end. If there’s any advice I can offer though, it’s to breathe slowly through the process so your body stays relaxed!


One of thee apps you’ll need is the Royal Caribbean app. This app has everything you need from checking-in to the activity schedule as well as for tracking your cruise expenditure.

Royal Caribbean App - Cruise to Nowhere

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

Choose your time slot: Pick from 30-minute intervals between 2–7PM. Checking in by designated time slots ensures that the check-in process is smooth and that the cruise centre isn’t crowded with people. For us, the entire process from health screening to immigration took no more than half an hour!

Royal Caribbean Tracelet

During check-in, you’ll also receive a Tracelet. We were told to wear it throughout the cruise for contact tracing. It’s not the most fashionable accessory, but well, safety is sexy 😉

Cruise to Nowhere Accommodation

Balcony Room  - Cruise to Nowhere

We stayed in a balcony room with views of the endless sea (from S$359/pax for three nights). Comes with a queen bed, long sofa, en-suite bathroom and a private balcony.

Balcony Room Royal Caribbean - Cruise to Nowhere

I loved starting my morning slow on the balcony watching the waves go by!

However, if you don’t see yourself spending much time in the room, the simple Interior Room is just as cosy, just without the views. Rates for the Interior Room start at S$279/pax for three nights.

Alternatively, pamper yourself with one of their suites (from S$599/pax).

Grand Loft Suite on Royal Carribean

Grand Loft Suite Stateroom

The Grand Loft Suite comes with a mezzanine level, a king-sized bed, two bathrooms, a spacious living and dining area and an equally spacious balcony 🤯 Some of the suites even come with a private jacuzzi!

Different suites come with different perks. For example, if you’re staying at the Grand Loft Suite (above), you get complimentary access to all specialty dining experiences as well as free-flow drinks* (alcoholic beverages included) all day, every day! You get a Royal Genie (a personal butler of sorts but better)!


*any drink US$12 and below

Things to Do on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas

For Thrill Seekers

Ripcord by iFly

Ripcord by iFly - Things to Do On A Cruise

One of the coolest things on the Quantum of the Seas is the skydiving simulator! It’s slightly smaller than the one in Sentosa but still gives you the thrills of free-falling.

Cost: US$40/flight — complimentary for suite guests (Star Class)


Flowrider - Things to Do On A Cruise

The 12-metre simulator will definitely get your adrenaline pumping as you try to keep your balance.

It’s open from 9:30AM to 5PM, but the first and last half an hour is set aside for advanced surfers. So, if you already have prior surfing experiences, head there first thing in the morning to get first dibs!

*Pro-tip: Register when it opens before the crowd pours in, then try out the rock wall right next door while waiting for the advance session to end.

Cost: From US$69 for private sessions, free for group sessions

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing Royal Caribbean - Cruise to Nowhere

Avid climbers might find the wall underwhelming, but I encourage you to still give it a try. The seemingly manageable routes get trickier as you make your way up with strong ocean winds howling at you.

*Pro-tip: Don’t rush up the wall, and check each handhold before pulling on it. Some of the grips loosen after a full day of climbers.

Cost: Free

Dodgem Cars

Dodgem Cars Quantum of the Seas - Cruise to Nowhere

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

Everybody loves bumper cars because you can drive recklessly — and without a license! It’s fun for both kids and adults to chase and bump into one another.

The bumper arena is located in the SeaPlex, a multi-purpose space that hosts other activities in the day. Here, you can have a friendly game of basketball with your mates or combat each other on the Xbox!

*Pro-tip: Spaces are easily booked out. Head to the SeaPlex when it opens (9AM) to book your activities for the day!

Cost: Free

For An Uninterrupted Time

The North Star

North Star Royal Caribbean Cruise - Cruise to Nowhere

For the best views on the cruise, get high up on the North Star! Check out the endless horizon and a top down view of the cruise resembling a giant playground.

It’s a seven-minute ride up to heaven — rising 300 feet above, being on the North Star was a nice break from the busyness below. Each ride takes in six people at a time, with allocated standing points one metre apart.

*Pro-tip: Catch a ride at the beginning of the trip before the ship leaves Singapore’s shores. You’ll get sick views of Marina Bay unlike any other.

Cost: Top-up fee required

The Solarium

Solarium with Friends Quantum of the Seas Royal Caribbean -cruise to nowhere

Located at the front of every Royal Caribbean ship, this indoor pool area is for adults only (aged 16 and above). With floor to ceiling windows, you get to soak in the warm pool with views of the sea. It’s a great place for adults who want an uninterrupted dip away from rowdy kids.

There is also a bar and two jacuzzis, perfect for unwinding after a long day of activities.

*Pro-tip: Be there to catch the sunset — it’s the best place to watch the sun go down with a drink in hand.

Entrance fee: Free


The entertainment doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down. Each night, there are different performances to catch. Check the schedule on the Royal Caribbean app and book your seats early!


Two 70 Dance in a Box - cruise to nowhere

It’s said that Royal Caribbean’s most impressive multimedia performances are shown here. The theatre’s two-storey windows show stunning ocean views in the day, and become massive visual displays by night.

Violin Performance - Things to Do On A Cruise

From music performances to mind-boggling magic shows, we were thoroughly entertained each night with these talented acts.

Two70 Magic Show - cruise to nowhere

This magician cum comedy juggler kept us on our toes and gave us stitches from laughing!

Cost: Free

What to eat on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas

Complimentary Dining Options

Windjammer - Cruise to Nowhere

Windjammer is an all-you-can-eat buffet hall with a wide array of options. It’s open during all meal times (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Vegetarian and gluten-free options can be found here too.

Windjammer Serviced Buffet - Things to Do On A Cruise

As we’re cruising in a pandemic, the friendly staff pile food on your plate instead.

The shared dining halls have specific meal timings, and lunch ends at 1:30PM. If you do miss these timings, check out Sorrento’s pizza or Dog House’s crafted hot dogs instead!

Specialty Dining Experiences

These Cruise to Nowhere dining experiences require a top-up (unless you’re in a suite), but I’d say it’s worth the top-up considering how much more it would cost back on land.

Royal Caribbean has nine specialty restaurants ranging from affordable to hella fancy. Here are our top three!

Jamie's Italian with Freinds - Things to Do On A Cruise

Jamie’s Italian: We had one of our best nights stuffing ourselves here. They have an à la carte buffet you won’t find at any other outlet on land.

For ~S$53, you get to choose anything off their menu. Peter, our helpful waiter, told us to pick one from each category. So we got the famous meat plank to share along with one appetiser, pasta, main and dessert each.

Jamie's Italian

The lasagne and the truffle tagliatelle are a must-have!

Wonderland Painting the Menu

Wonderland: Inspired by the whimsical world from Alice in Wonderland, this specialty restaurant takes you on a journey from the moment you pick up the menu.

Meals are served course–by–course, however, instead of picking out what you want to eat, your meal is kept a mystery and what you get depends on the elements you pick — Sun, Ice, Fire, Sea or Earth. We had a lot of fun trying to make out the flavours in each dish!

Appetiser Wonderland

One of our favourite appetisers was the crispy crab cone. It’s fresh crab wrapped in a wanton cone, topped with avocado. We swear we could’ve had 10 of those, but then we wouldn’t have space for our glorious entrees 😂

Terroir Beef Wonderland - Things to Do On A Cruise

We chose the Terroir Beef and the Halibut. The steak was really tender, but the real winner was the fish — it was melt-in-your-mouth perfection 🤤

Courses at Chef's Table - Cruise to Nowhere

Chef’s Table: One of the most exclusive dining experiences on the cruise, this six-course fine-dining meal is prepared by the ship’s Chef de Cuisine.

The best part though, is that each course comes with a sommelier-selected premium white or red wine to pair with the dish.

Not to worry if wine pairings aren’t your forte — the waiters will be beyond happy to explain!

Is a Cruise to Nowhere Worth It?

Drinks by the Pool - Cruise to Nowhere

Some of you may know we were on the cruise with the suspected Covid-19 patient. Thank goodness it turned out to be a false positive! And although the trip was cut short, we got a sneak peek of what it’s like cruising during a pandemic and I must say, I’d gladly hop onboard a cruise again.

Despite the unfortunate event, the Royal Caribbean team showed that they had everything under control. While waiting for instructions, food was brought to our rooms and the captain kept us updated at expected intervals, so kudos to the team!

Read more: What It Was Like When a COVID-19 Case Was Confirmed on a Cruise to Nowhere

Contact Tracing on Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas

During the entire cruise, we also probably checked in and sanitised more than we would’ve on a regular day.

On the Royal Caribbean cruise, each juncture required us to tap our SeaPass, take our temperature and sanitise our hands. Safe distancing was also always practiced and we’d get gentle reminders from the staff before the crowds would form.

Given the safety measures, fun activities and chance to “travel” out of Singapore, I say a Cruise to Nowhere is probably your best bet at a vacation before the travel borders open up again.

Planning to go on a Cruise to Nowhere? Comment any questions you have below!

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  1. hi thanks for the informative post on your cruise experience. I’m struggling to understand how the Unlimited Dining Package works. Does the cost of $100+ cover for all the meals for all days or is it only for a specific day/meal? Would you have more insights to share?

    • Hi Stephanie! It depends on how far away we are from Singapore! As the ship sails away from mainland, there will be significant amounts of time without 3G/4G. Hope this helps!

  2. Hope you guys will do a Royal VS. Dream video/blog! Been wanting to book a cruise for sometime now but can’t decide which to go for.

      • Hi! thanks for your great article! May i know how will the Royal Caribbean App work without subscribing to any internet access (e.g. Voom or other data services)?

        Separately, will it work if we just apply for data roaming instead of Voom? It seems to be a much cheaper option!

        • Yup the app will still work! You can still access the ship information from the app and book things as long as you are connected to the ship’s wifi.
          We believe it works better with the ship’s wifi. Data roaming might not work as well, especially in the cabin corridors.

  3. Hi few questions here as we couldn’t find the info online:
    1. How much does it cost to get their wifi? Is it worth getting or our usual 3G/4G is good enough?

    2. How much do we have to pay for food upgrade? Per person?

    3. Will it still be worth going with a 2 year old?


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