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Hiker in Clementi Forest - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Hikes are often the highlight of our trips at The Travel Intern — whether it’s conquering Japan’s tallest mountain or an overnight hike along one of China’s deepest gorges.

But if I’m being honest,  I can probably count the number of parks I’ve been to in Singapore with just 10 fingers. Which got me thinking — just because we aren’t overseas, doesn’t mean we should stop exploring.

Thomson Nature Park Hainan Village Ruins with Hiker - Hiking Trails in Singapore

This year, the team set out to uncover more of Singapore’s nature spots — and there was plenty to be excited about. If you’re looking to check off more hikes, here’s our ultimate guide to hiking trails in Singapore! 

Best Hiking Trails in Singapore

Hikes are grouped into three categories. Chill hikes may not be strenuous but offer a good dose of mother nature and often, instagrammable elements.

Challenging hikes include steep inclines and a fair amount of steps, perfect to help you work up a sweat. Lastly, our favourites are the adventurous hikes — the path isn’t always clearly paved, but that’s where the fun is at.

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Chill hikes: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve | Singapore Botanic Gardens | Jurong Lake Gardens | Kranji Marshes | Bukit Batok Nature Park | Pasir Ris Park | Chestnut Nature Park | Windsor Nature Park | Labrador Nature Reserve | Fort Canning Park | HortPark | Mount Faber

Challenging hikes: MacRitchie Reservoir Park | Bukit Timah Nature Reserve | Dairy Farm Nature Park | Coast to Coast Trail | The Southern Ridges

More adventurous hikes: Keppel Hill Reservoir | Pulau Ubin | Clementi Forest | Coney Island | Thomson Nature Park | Rail Corridor

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Chill Hiking Trails in Singapore

1) Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve — Home to Crocodiles and Kingfishers

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Kingfisher Pod - Hiking Trails in Singapore

The IG famous Kingfisher Pod was a dream to capture at sunrise! Check out our experience on TikTok.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve offers a rich mix of wildlife and beautiful photo spots. It’s not as popular as the other parks, simply because of its ulu location in Kranji.

Coastal Trail Near Kingfisher Pod Mangrove at Low Tide - Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Guide

Fun fact: ‘Sungei Buloh’ means Bamboo River in Malay! The reserve got its name from the bamboos that once thrived here.

Estuarine Crocodile at Migratory Bird Trail - Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve Guide

Look out for the iconic Kingfisher Pod, seaside boardwalks where you can enjoy views of Malaysia, and wildlife hidden amongst the mangroves — mudskippers, snakes, kingfishers and the odd crocodile!

Distance: ~4.3km 
Recommended time: 3hrs
Starting point: Visitor Centre — If you’re going on a weekend or public holiday, take the free shuttle bus from Kranji MRT (NSL) station. Alternatively, from Kranji MRT station, take bus 925 for 11 stops (~15min) 

Read more: Hiking Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve — Instagrammable Pods, Coastal Boardwalks, and Crocodiles

2) Singapore Botanic Gardens — UNESCO World Heritage Site

Botanic Gardens - Fun Things to do in Singapore

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the first and only tropical botanic garden to make it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most of this park is generally flat and so it’s perfect for picnics and chill walks.

Botanic Gardens New Orchid Garden - Hiking Trails in Singapore

2021 brings a couple of new reasons to visit — three new display houses at the National Orchid Garden were unveiled in April this year. The Sembcorp Cool House, which features Asia’s largest collection of high elevation montane orchids, has been likened to a mini Gardens by the Bay.

COMO Adventure Grove Playground Family Day Out Things To Do — Singapore Botanic Gardens Gallop Extension

The already massive gardens also got an eight-hectare expansion. The new Gallop Extension features the COMO Adventure Grove, a beautiful play area inspired by nature.

Distance: 6.4km
Recommended time: 3hrs
Starting point: Botanic Gardens MRT — Take the CCL or DTL. The Bukit Timah Gate entrance is located right outside the MRT

Read also: Singapore Botanic Gardens’ New Gallop Extension — IG-Worthy Art Galleries in British Colonial Houses, a New Hiking Trail and Playground

3) Jurong Lake Gardens — Mega Park in the Heartlands

Jurong Lake Gardens Forest Ramble - Things to do in Singapore

Jurong Lake Gardens is a playground for any nature lover. It’s a massive 90-hectare park (for reference, the Singapore Zoo is just 26 hectares), so there’s loads to explore. Stroll along the lakeside Rasau Walk, snap pictures at the scenic Grasslands and unleash your inner child at Forest Ramble.

Jurong Lake Gardens Lalang Fields - Things to do in Singapore

Singapore’s largest man-made floating wetlands at Jurong Lake also opened to the public in July 2021, where you can grab a picturesque view of the lake on an Instagrammable boardwalk. Keep a lookout for upcoming attractions as well, such as a water lily pond at Japanese Garden.

Distance: 3.3km for the Banyan Trail (Grassland, Rasau Walk and Neram Streams)
Recommended time: 1.5hrs
Starting point: Lakeside MRT — From Lakeside MRT (EWL), walk 2min

4) Kranji Marshes — Freshwater Wetlands Ideal for Birdwatching

Kranji Marshes Raptor Tower - Hiking in Singapore

Kranji Marshes is a paradise for birdwatching. It’s home to over 170 bird species and several lookout shelters to spot them from. The most obvious landmark here is the 10.65m tall Raptor Tower, which offers a panoramic view of the freshwater marshland.

Do note that only a small portion of the park is open to the public. If you want to visit the Core Conservation Area, sign up for a guided NParks tour!

Distance: ~2km
Recommended time: 1.5hr
Starting point: Kranji Gate — Take a shuttle bus from Kranji MRT (view schedule). However, the best way to get there is by car as it’s quite out of the way

5) Bukit Batok Nature Park — Former Granite Quarry

Bukit Batok Nature Park Quarry - Hiking in Singapore

Photo credit: NParks

Formerly a site for mining granite, Bukit Batok Nature Park features a stunning quarry pond. The park isn’t huge, but the route is scenic.

This park also includes a Japanese World War II memorial. It has since been destroyed, and now the Mediacorp Transmission Centre marks where it once stood. All that’s left are the 120 steps and two short pillars at the base.

Distance: 3.2km
Recommended time: 1.5hrs
Starting point: Bukit Batok Nature Park Carpark — From Bukit Batok MRT (NSL), take bus 157, 174 or 178 for three stops to stop no. 43199 (Ch of St.Mary). From there walk 4min

6) Pasir Ris Park — Beaches and Mangroves

Pasir Ris Park - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Photo credit: @johnnytan.jt via Instagram

Pasir Ris Park is one of the few parks with a beach. Fun fact: Pasir Ris actually means ‘beach bolt-rope’ in Malay, named after the park’s narrow beach! Besides palm trees and sandy shores, Pasir Ris Park also has a Mangrove Boardwalk that takes you up close to mudskippers and other creatures.

For birdwatching enthusiasts, head to the three-storey Bird Tower — a perfect vantage point to spot birds like the White Collared Kingfisher!

Distance: 10km
Recommended time: 3hrs
Starting point: Pasir Ris Park Carpark B — From Pasir Ris MRT (EWL), walk 9min

7) Chestnut Nature Park — Singapore’s Largest Nature Park

Man Hiking Trail Chestnut Nature Park - Hiking in Singapore

Chestnut Nature Park is part of the network of parks surrounding the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. After an expansion in 2016, it’s now Singapore’s largest nature park.

Observation Tower - Chestnut Nature Park

The Northern Trail (3.5km) features gentle terrain and the Chestnut Observation Tower. The Southern Trail (2.1km) is a little tougher, with steeper inclines and rockier paths. Another unique feature of this park is its 11 mountain biking trails of varying difficulty levels.

Distance: 5.6km
Recommended time: 2hrs
Starting point: Zhenghua Nature Park — Take the Bukit Panjang LRT to Pending LRT station. From there, walk 10min

Read more: Hiking Chestnut Nature Park — Bicycle Pump Tracks and Rare Bird Sightings

8) Windsor Nature Park — 150m Long Elevated Walkway

Freshwater Stream - Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park is MacRitchie’s lesser-known younger cousin. Opened in 2017, it has four unique trails spread over 75 hectares and several freshwater streams running through it!

Drongo Trail Boardwalk Windsor Nature Park - Hiking in Singapore

Trails here range from the wheelchair-friendly Hanguana Trail to the Squirrel and Drongo Trail which includes a 150m long elevated walkway — the highlight of the park!

Distance: 4.4km
Recommended time: 2hrs
Starting point: Venus Drive Carpark — Take buses 132, 163, 165, 167 or 855 from Opp Shunfu Est (Stop no. 53021) at Marymount MRT (CCL) to Opp Flame Tree Pk (Stop no. 53071) for four stops then walk 5min

Read more: Hiking Windsor Nature Park — A Lesser-Known Alternative to MacRitchie

9) Labrador Nature Reserve — Remnants of a World War II Fort

6-Inch Gun Barrel at Labrador Nature Reserve

Labrador Nature Reserve is a park that’s rich in history and biodiversity. A former World War II fort built to defend Keppel Harbour in 1878, war relics like a machine gun post offers a glimpse into the past.

 Boardwalk at Labrador Nature Reserve

This park is home to over 70 bird species, the only rocky sea-cliff on the mainland and a series of coastal walks. For those keen on a longer hike, there’s also the 10km-long Southern Ridges trail which connects Labrador Nature Reserve with several other parks, including Mount Faber.

Distance: 2.1km
Recommended time: 1hr
Starting point: Labrador Villa Rd (Entrance) — From Labrador MRT (CCL), walk 5min

Read more: Labrador Nature Reserve — Scenic Coastal Walk with WWII Tunnels and Relics

10) Fort Canning Park — Gardens Reminiscent of Bali

Fort Canning Part Spiral Staircase - Places to visit in Singapore

Fort Canning Park’s nine unique gardens has features that are great for both nature lovers and wedding photographers. This park holds historical significance as the place where the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942.

Fort Canning Park - Things to do in Singapore

Highlights here include the Sang Nila Utama Garden — named after the first ancient king of Singapore and inspired by 14th-century Javanese gardens. There’s also the First Botanic Garden, which dates back to 1822.

Distance: ~2km (Ancient History Trail)
Recommended time: 1hr
Starting point: Jubilee Park — From Fort Canning MRT (DTL), take exit B and walk 1min

11) HortPark — 10 Beautiful Themed Gardens

HortPark Silver Garden - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Photo credit: @sallyong32 via Instagram

HortPark is like a zen gardening complex, which aims to educate the public on gardening. Here you’ll find 10 themed gardens, each with its own unique personality. There’s the enchanting Silver Garden, dotted with silver, grey and white hued plants. And then there’s the Therapeutic Garden, which includes design elements specially targeted at the elderly.

If you’re interested in learning more about our city’s buzzing pollinators, take on the Bee Trail (~30min). Walk through three different bee habitats, where over 20 species of bees live!

Distance: ~1km
Recommended time: 1hr
Starting point: Alexandra Road — From Labrador Park MRT (CCL), walk 15min or take bus 51, 61, 97, 100, 120 or 166 (Bus stop no. 15041) for two stops

12) Mount Faber Park — Best Place to Access Henderson Waves

Mount Faber Park Lookout Faber Walk - Singapore Deals

Photo credit: NParks

Mount Faber Park is one of Singapore’s oldest parks, with stunning views of the city and the southern islands. It’s here you can take a cable car to Sentosa!

Enjoy the shade from dense rainforests and spot several species of birds that live here. This park is part of the Southern Ridges and you can easily access Henderson Waves — Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge.

Distance: 0.8km
Recommended time: 15min
Starting point: Mount Faber Carpark — From Harbourfront MRT(CCL/NEL), walk 15min

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Challenging Hiking Trails in Singapore

13) MacRitchie Reservoir Park — 250m-long Suspension Bridge

Macritchie Treetop Walk- Outdoor activities Singapore

MacRitchie is the godfather of Singapore hikes. Everyone knows it, most have visited at least once. The highlight here is obviously, the TreeTop Walk — a 250m-long free-standing suspension bridge with a clear view of the forest canopy.

But TreeTop Walk aside, there’re six routes of varying distances. The longest being a 11km round-trip hike around the park. Other highlights here include the eight-storey Jelutong Tower and a boardwalk snaking along the reservoir.

Distance: 11km
Recommended time: 4hrs
Starting point: MacRitchie Reservoir Carpark — From Marymount MRT (CCL), take bus 165, 52 or 855 for two stops to Opp MacRitchie Reservoir (stop no. 51079) then walk 1min

Note: The TreeTop Walk is closed for maintenance and is expected to reopen by the third quarter of 2021

14) Bukit Timah Nature Reserve — Home to Singapore’s Tallest Hill

Bren at Bukit Timah Summit - Dairy Farm Nature Park

Established in 1883, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of the first forest reserves in Singapore. It boasts Singapore’s highest hill, Bukit Timah Hill, standing at 163m tall.

This tropical rainforest offers rich flora and fauna, from Plantain Squirrels to rare Malayan Pangolins. A trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is often combined with Dairy Farm Nature Park, as the two parks sit side by side.

Distance: ~3.6km
Recommended time: 1.5hrs
Starting point: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre — From Beauty World MRT (DTL), walk 10min

15) Dairy Farm Nature Park — Serene Quarry Filled with Earth

Steps along the Dairy Farm Loop hike - Dairy Farm Nature Park

Formerly a cow shed, Dairy Farm Nature Park offers a more challenging trek up Bukit Timah Hill, via the Dairy Farm Loop. This hike takes you through dense forest, with lots of stairs to conquer along the way.

Dairy Farm Quarry in the morning - Dairy Farm Nature Park trail

The crown jewel of this park though is just a 15-minute walk from Dairy Farm Road Carpark A — Dairy Farm Quarry. Instead of being turned into a lake like most quarries in Singapore, it was filled with earth. We’re glad they decided on that because this spot is like a scene from a movie.

Distance: 6.5km
Recommended time: 2hrs
Starting point: Dairy Farm Road Carpark A — The entrance is located right outside Hillview MRT (DTL) exit A

Read more: Hiking at Dairy Farm Nature Park — Singapore’s Most Immersive Forest Trek

16) Coast to Coast Trail — Singapore’s Longest Hike

Coast to Coast Trail Bukit Batok Nature Park - Hiking Trails in Singapore

The Coast to Coast trail is no walk in the park. It’s more of a 36km trudge across the island, through numerous park connectors. By the time you reach the 25km mark, you’ll notice someone hijacked your hiking party without an invitation — that someone is called Pain.

Sengkang Riverside Park Coast-to-Coast Trail - Things to Do in Singapore

But trust me, it’s a hike worth trying at least once. There are 10 checkpoints, starting from Jurong Lake Gardens and ending at either Lower Seletar Reservoir Park or Coney Island. You’ll walk through new neighbourhoods and parks, and solidify friendships with each checkpoint you conquer.

*Pro-tip: Make sure you pick a hiking partner you won’t want to murder by the end of the hike. Here’s a sneak peek of our hike!

Distance: 36km
Recommended time: One full day
Starting point: Lakeside MRT — From Lakeside MRT (EWL), walk ~10min to the first checkpoint

17) The Southern Ridges — Scenic Route Connecting Five Parks

Walking Down Henderson Waves at Southern Ridges - Singapore Travel Guide

The Southern Ridges is a 10km route across five parks — Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve.

Forest Trail Southern Ridges - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Photo credit: NParks

The toughest part of the route is the start, as the Marang Trail involves ascending the height of a 24-storey building. Yes, lots of stairs.

After that, enjoy a relaxing stroll down the relatively flat Faber Walk and Henderson Waves. Other highlights include the elevated Forest Walk and The Singing Forest, where colourful birds are often spotted.

Distance: 10km
Recommended time: 4hrs (NParks detailed guide for the full route)
Starting point: Marang Trail Entrance — From Harbourfront MRT (CCL/NEL), take exit D and walk 6min

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More Adventurous Hiking Trails in Singapore

18) Keppel Hill Reservoir — Abandoned Bunker and Japanese Tomb

Keppel Hill Reservoir Steps - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Keppel Hill Reservoir isn’t a long hike, but it’s a memorable one. For starters, the entrance is a literal hole in a fence, at a carpark near Harbourfront. You probably won’t even notice it if you weren’t looking.

Keppel Hill Reservoir Seah Im Bunker Entrance - Hiking Trails in Singapore

Barely a minute into the hike, you’ll arrive at the Seah Im Bunker. It’s not huge, but cool nonetheless. After that, clamber up a steep incline (seen on the left) with the aid of some rope and you’ll be on route for the Keppel Hill Reservoir (two images above) and a Japanese tombstone.

Keppel Hill Reservoir Hike On Route to Mount Faber - Hiking Trails in Singapore

After the Japanese tombstone, continue upwards (2 O’Clock, facing the tombstone) and you’ll arrive at Mount Faber. There are a few fork roads but as long as you’re going upwards, you’ll eventually see the cable cars.

Distance: ~1.5km
Recommended time: 1.5hrs
Starting point: Seah Im Carpark — From Harbourfront MRT (CCL/NEL), take exit A walk 6min

19) Pulau Ubin — Offshore Outdoor Adventure

Hiking up Puaka Hill - Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a rare slice of nature in our concrete jungle, just a 15-minute bumboat ride away. The main hiking spots are Puaka Hill and Chek Jawa Wetlands. Most get to these places via bicycle, but it’s possible to explore the island on foot as well.

View of Quarry from top of Puaka Hill - Pulau Ubin

Puaka Hill is the highest point on Pulau Ubin, 1.9km away from the main village. From the foot of the hill, it only takes 20 minutes to get to the top. On the east side of the island is Chek Jawa Wetlands, a rich mangrove area with a 1km boardwalk facing the ocean. Chek Jawa is 3km from the main village.

Distance: Varies
Recommended time: At least half a day
Starting point: Pulau Ubin Main Village — From Changi Point Ferry Terminal, take a 15-minute bumboat ride (S$4/pax) to Pulau Ubin

Read more: 2D1N Pulau Ubin Itinerary — A First Timer’s Guide to Camping in Singapore

20) Clementi Forest — Paradise in a Concrete Jungle

Hiking Clementi Forest in Singapore

Check out our TikTok of Clementi Forest!

Of all the hiking trails in Singapore, Clementi Forest is arguably the most unique. It’s a piece of land that’s relatively untouched, with no official marked trails or signages — a rare gem in our urban city.

This hike is a great opportunity to see the raw, rugged side of Singapore. You’ll feel awed by the sheer beauty of mother nature — I guarantee. Just be sure not to leave any trash behind, and avoid unnecessary bashing through the vegetation. We want to preserve this oasis after all!

Distance: ~2km
Recommended time: 1.5hrs
Starting point: Opposite Ngee Ann Poly bus stop — The closest MRT station is King Albert Park (DTL). From here, it’s a 15-minute walk or three bus stops (bus 74, 151, 154) to the starting point

Read more: Hiking Clementi Forest – A Secret Route Off the Green Corridor

21) Coney Island — Fairytale Island Near Punggol

Coney Island Photo Spot - Singapore Road Trip

Coney Island is like Singapore’s own fairytale island. It’s relatively secluded, tucked away in the North-eastern side of the mainland. The first thing you’ll notice is the tall, swaying casuarina trees which add to the park’s whimsical charm.

There are a couple of beaches from which you can see Pulau Ubin and Malaysia. Besides 80 species of birds, otters are often spotted here. To make your journey worth it, combine this hike with a trip to Punggol Waterway Park.

Distance: ~5km
Recommended time: 2hrs
Starting point: Coney Island Park West Entrance — From Punggol MRT station (NEL), take bus no. 84 from the bus interchange to Punggol Point Park/Punggol Settlement and walk about 500m

22) Thomson Nature Park — Ruins of a Former Hainan Village

Thomson Nature Park Hainan Village Ruins - Hiking Trails in Singapore

While it’s a relatively short and simple hike, Thomson Nature Park doesn’t follow your typical park blueprint. For starters, it’s the site of a former Hainan village. A walk down the Ruin and Figs Trail will have you channelling Indiana Jones, searching for hidden treasure while navigating ancient ruins.

Macaque Trail at Thomson Nature Park

While you’ll spot several Macaques, what you really hope to see is the critically endangered Raffles’ Banded Langur. There are just roughly 60 of these adorable monkeys left in Singapore, and Thomson Nature Park is one place to find them.

Distance: 3.8km
Recommended time: ~2hrs
Starting point: Thomson Nature Park main entrance — From Yio Chu Kang MRT Station, take bus 860 from ‘Yio Chu Kang interchange’ to ‘Aft Tagore Dr’ bus stop. The bus ride is ~15mins

Read more: Thomson Nature Park — Hiking to Ruins of a Former Hainan Village

23) Rail Corridor — An Alternative Coast to Coast Trail

Hiker at Rail Corridor - Hiking Trails in Singapore

The Coast to Coast trail (C2C trail) isn’t the only hike that’ll take you across the island. While the C2C trail takes you from West to East, the Rail Corridor stretches from South to North.

Boy on Rainbow Bridge Rail Corridor - Hiking Trails in Singapore

This route used to be a railway line for transporting goods between Singapore and Malaysia but was discontinued in 2011. The trail starts at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and ends at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Most visitors choose to only hike the central portion at Bukit Timah, as it includes the iconic Bukit Timah Railway Station and Instagrammable train tracks.

Read more: Singapore’s Rail Corridor — Lesser-Known Instagrammable Photo Spots to Look Out For

Distance: 24km
Recommended time: Half a day
Starting point: Tanjong Pagar Railway Station — From Tanjong Pagar MRT (EWL), walk 14min

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Uncovering Hiking Trails in Singapore One at a Time

Hiking Clementi Forest in Singapore - Hiking Trails in Singapore

It may not be Trolltunga in Norway or Lake Marian in New Zealand, but every hiking trail in Singapore still felt like a mini adventure. There’s just something exciting about going on a hike to explore a place for the first time! 

Each park offers something different, like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve’s viewing pods and Dairy Farm Nature Park’s stunning quarries.

Coastal Trail Sunrise at Eagle Point Boardwalk - Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Guide

While we wait eagerly for the chance to take on more incredible hikes around the world, why not tick off more hikes at home? Who knows, you might discover Singapore’s hiking scene can be pretty cool too.

Which are your favourite hiking trails in Singapore? Share with us in the comments!

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