In Seoul, Hanoks aren’t just an old museum space — you can book a stay and experience a glimpse of what Korea used to be. 

If you’re seeking to explore Korean culture, try going beyond the typical Hanbok experience, where you twirl about in traditional Korean costumes. It’s a rightly well-loved activity, but let me introduce a lesser-known yet more immersive way to appreciate Korea’s rich heritage! 🎎⭐

Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse. Photo credit:

These ain’t your grandma’s lodgings — they’re the hippest, coolest, and quirkiest Hanoks in town, promising an experience that’s part time travel, part modern-day awesomeness.

Bonum 1957 Hanok and Boutique. Photo credit:

Waking up in a Hanok may feel like a step back in time — from ancestral architecture to serene courtyards, you’ll find yourself enveloped by centuries-old elegance the moment your eyes open. And bunking together with friends will whittle costs to as low as ~S$30/night! 

Here are our picks for the top nine Hanok stays in Seoul. I’ve split them up into three groups: 
Quaint and Quiet: for those who want that humble countryside feeling
Contemporary Solace: for those who prefer modern interior design
Castle on a Hill: for those who want to live like royalty

*Note: Depending on the arrangement of the Hanok house, some places only accommodate groups.

Quaint and Quiet

1) Gongsimga Hanok Guesthouse 

Photo credit: Klook

Charming and humble, Gongsimga Hanok Guesthouse is great for anyone who’d like to fantasise about living a little life in Korea. The pottery pieces at its doorway hint at the Hanok’s homely character. 

Photo credit: Klook

Nostalgic details throughout the place like decorative trinkets and colourful pillows come together to give a lived-in cosiness. Its warmth extends beyond interior design — the owner prepares home-cooked breakfast to make guests feel welcome! 

Photo credit: Klook

Single, double, and triple rooms are available. All rooms face either the courtyard or garden, so expect to wake up to some greenery! 🌱

Cost: From ~S$86/night via Klook (2 pax)
How to get there: 10min walk from Anguk train station (Naver Map)

2) Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse

Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse courtyard - Hanok stays in Seoul

Photo credit: Klook

Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse looks straight out of a fairytale. With rows of flower pots outlining the courtyard and dainty kerosene lamps overhead, have the dreamiest time sitting here with loved ones and chatting the day away. 🪴🌷

Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse entrance - Hanok stays in Seoul

Photo credit: Klook

There are also multiple galleries and museums a mere walk away, such as the Kukje Gallery, Kumho Museum of Art and Museum of Korean Straw Handicrafts

Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse kitchen- Hanok stays in Seoul

Photo credit: Klook

The Hanok features a variety of rooms, with the biggest one accommodating up to six people.

Cost: From ~S$163/night via Klook (2 pax)
How to get there: 6min walk from National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Naver Map)

3) Hanok Guesthouse Suni

Photo credit:

Built in the 1940s, Hanok Guesthouse Suni is snug with a touch of class. Its dark wood tones and oasis-green glass make the place feel inviting and comfortable. 

Photo credit:

Traditional breakfasts are also served here to give you a taste of authentic Korean cuisine! 

Photo credit:

Past guests have also expressed their happiness for the owner’s kindness and generosity, like going out in -14°C weather to personally guide them to the nearest train station!

Cost: From ~S$81/night via (1 pax, min 2 nights)
How to get there: 10min walk from Bomun train station (Naver Map)

Contemporary Solace

4) Hanok Residence Hotel Side

Photo credit: Klook

While keeping the charming architecture of Hanoks, Hanok Residence Hotel Side also features present-day comfort indoors.

Photo credit: Klook

I can only describe this place as a sight for sore eyes. Wide windows allow natural sunlight to flood throughout the lodging. Its graceful, soothing interior is perfected by a palette of warm neutrals. 

Hanok Residence Hotel Side kitchen - Historic accommodations in Seoul

Photo credit: Klook

From the sloping leafy tree to the simple statement furniture, everything about this accommodation is an inspiration for my dream home. Especially the room with the mountain view! ⛰️

Cost: From ~S$119/night via Klook (2 pax)
How to get there: 9min walk from Gyeongbokgung train station (Naver Map)

5) Seoul Story Hanok

Photo credit:

Seoul Story Hanok embraces a peaceful concept while infusing it with a sunnier disposition! Its bright and minimalistic hues are bound to freshen you up after long days of adventuring around. 

Photo credit:

For the epitome of relaxation, I present to you… an in-house sauna! 🧖🏼‍♀️ Easily the most attractive feature of this place.

And in warmer seasons, the summer amenities open up — a BBQ pit and two pools. Who else can say they’ve had a pool party in a Hanok? ☀️

Seoul Story Hanok rooms - Authentic Hanok stay in Seoul

Photo credit:

This accommodation is great for travellers who cherish their downtime. There’s a patio, a terrace and a garden, giving you plenty of excuses for some outdoor lounging. You can also do some quick laundry here if you’re on a longer trip. 

Cost: From ~S$403/night via (entire house for 11 pax)
How to get there: 3min walk from Anguk train station (Naver Map)

6) Luxury Hanok with private bathtub – Yoojundang

Photo credit:

For some, luxury is a bare minimum for trips — you’re on holiday after all! If that’s you, this Hanok in Yoojundang is calling. 

Photo credit:

Here, you can admire the cultural beauty of Hanoks without sacrificing any indulgence. It’s refreshingly spacious and gorgeously furnished, even featuring a study and a tea room 🍵

Photo credit:

Most enticingly, there’s a bath that overlooks the courtyard so you can relax against the cool stone — scent of nature and spa in the air — as you take in the views of the Hanok’s elaborate architecture 🛁🌿

Cost: From ~S$521/night via (3 pax)
How to get there: 8min walk from Insa Art Space (Naver Map)

Castle on a Hill

7) Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse 

Photo credit:

When you look out the window of the vintage Bukchonmaru Hanok Guesthouse, the sight of Korea’s vast cityscape will have you feeling like you’re in a time capsule. 

Photo credit:

The place is embellished with items that exude traditional beauty, from the wardrobe’s intricate design to the ink paintings on the walls. The amount of care put into these details is as if royalty once resided here! 

Photo credit:

There’s also a balcony where you can have a heartwarming Korean breakfast while soaking in the morning sun.

Although the train is not as easily accessible as other accommodations on this list, you don’t have to worry too much about the pain of dragging your luggage around — airport shuttle services are available! 

Cost: From ~S$131/night via (2 pax)
How to get there: 10min walk from Bukchon Traditional Museum (Naver Map)

8) Bonum 1957 Hanok and Boutique

Photo credit:

Bonum 1957 Hanok and Boutique is regal from floor to ceiling. Where do I begin? A palatial chandelier, lavish bedding, a grand living room… the list is never-ending; this place was built for the monarchy 👑

Photo credit:

You’ll find a coffeehouse and bar on-site. But if you prefer making your own cuppa coffee or tea, there’s a beverage maker in every room. 

Photo credit:

Most rooms cater for two, so this is a beautiful pick for couples looking for a romantic hanok stay in Seoul!

Cost: From ~S$68 per night/1 pax via
How to get there: 8min walk from Anguk train station (Naver Map)

9) Dongmyo Hanok Sihwadang 

Photo credit:

Dongmyo Hanok Sihwadang strikes a balance between cosy and magnificent.

Its warm woodsy tones and spring-green plants stir a lighthearted joy, while sophisticated designs found all over the architecture and interior design demand a closer appreciation. 

Photo credit:

Something about the ornate furniture and imperial details on every surface (including the doors) reminds me of a palace from the past! 

Photo credit:

To further immerse yourself in Korean culture, check out the Dongmyo Flea Market (one of their oldest flea markets), just a 6-minute walk away. 

Cost: From ~S$200/night via (2 pax)
How to get there: 9min walk from Sinseol-dong train station (Naver Map)

Korea’s Hanok Accommodations

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We all love Korea for its Hallyu wonders — after all, Kdramas and Kpop spark so much laughter and love. But don’t forget Korea’s mesmerising heritage when planning your itineraries!

Knowing now that sleeping over in a Hanok is an option, it’s hard to imagine settling for anything else. I mean, why pick any ordinary accommodation when your stay could be a whole cultural attraction in itself? 

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Sohyeondang Hanok Guesthouse. Photo credit:

So, even if you don’t have time to try other authentic Korean experiences, Hanok accommodations are the perfect compromise!

Which of these hanok stays in Seoul caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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