We’d be reminiscing on these experiences years past childhood.

My fondest memory as a kid was stepping into a castle. I was the most excited seven-year-old on a trip to Disneyland, California with the family.

Disneyland Castle - Family Vacation 2022

Jasmine (from Aladdin) was my favourite Disney princess so I dragged my family around Disneyland looking for her. When I was about to give up, my family continued searching and we eventually got her autograph and picture!

As cliché as this might be, it was one of the best days of my life as a kid and a memory that has stayed with me through adulthood.

Disneyland Family Photo - Family Vacation 2022

While none of us at TTI have kids, we all have core memories travelling as a kid. So if you’re planning a family vacation for the young ones, here are some ideas that are sure to create some long-lasting memories.

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1) Staying at a Ski Resort

Switzerland Zermatt - Travelling with Family

Even as adults, snow still excites us — especially since we live in a tropical climate like Singapore’s. Imagine what fun it’d be for the kids.

Featured Image - Family Vacation 2022

Photo credit: Niseko United via Facebook

No winter bucket list is complete without a trip to this classic snow resort — Japan’s Niseko United in Hokkaido. This place boasts the world’s highest snowfall during winter so there’s rarely a bad snow day. The snow is famously known to be fluffy and is great to cushion all the gnarly falls, especially if you’re just starting on the sport (be it skiing or snowboarding).

Fun fact: Niseko United was also named Japan’s Best Family Ski Resort in the 2019 Ski Asia Awards for its many family-friendly activities such as snow tubing and snow biking!

New Zealand - Queenstown

If you’re craving a winter getaway in the middle of the year, New Zealand’s Cardrona is a great alternative. Snow season here starts from mid-June (perfect for mid-year school holidays) till late October. Cardrona has various terrains catered to people of different ages and skill levels, against a gorgeous mountain backdrop.

New Zealand Cadrona Mountain - Family Vacation 2022

Photo credit: Cardrona Alpine Resort via Facebook

Lastly, how could we forget: Switzerland’s Zermatt ski resort — this resort is open all year round for skiing and snowboarding so you don’t even have to wait for the winter season. It’s also one of Europe’s highest ski resorts at 3,883m.

2) Going on a Road Trip

Driving through Milford Sound - Family Vacation 2022

Screaming our lungs out, singing karaoke in the car with my siblings with no judgement — except maybe from my parents — was one of my favourite things about road trips.


But besides belting out tunes, the best part of a road trip is no doubt stopping along the way to admire epic views such as those in Australia and New Zealand. Alternatively, if you’re strapped for cash, we have some road trip ideas from Bangkok too!

Campervan With Friends - Travelling with Kids

To elevate the experience though, try renting a campervan. Nothing says “family bonding” like spending a night away from the city while sleeping together in an enclosed space 🙈.

3) Visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth, Disneyland

Enchanted Storybook Castle (Gardens of Imagination) - Family Vacation 2022

Did you know that there are six Disneylands around the world: the United States (California, Florida), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai), and Hong Kong?

It’s one of the most magical places on earth and where every kid’s dreams come true. Core memories are made here — stuffing yourself with delicious treats, going on exciting rides, and at the end of the day, watching the castle light up against a backdrop of fireworks!

Hong Kong Disneyland - Family Vacation 2022

Photo credit: Hong Kong Disneyland via Facebook


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4) Trying Thrilling Activities

People on Paradise Jetboat - Family Vacation 2022

While Disneyland is great, take your family vacation up a notch with even more thrilling activities. Try jet boating with 360° spins, flying in a hot air balloon, or even swimming with dolphins 🐬.

Swimmers swimming with dolphins in Kaikoura - Travelling with Kids

Trust us — these beat swimming at the beach any day and are 100% family-friendly with a dose of fun.

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5) Feasting at Themed Restaurants

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant with Fishes - Family Vacation 2022

Photo credit: Conrad Maldives

Forget simply having a meal at a fast food restaurant, how about dining under the sea or accompanied by animals?

People Dining at Labassin Waterfall Restaurant - Family Vacation 2022

Photo credit: @jespanola_travel via Instagram

Watch fish swim by during your meal at Maldives’ Ithaa Undersea Restaurant — the world’s first undersea restaurant. Or if you don’t mind getting a little wet, dine next to an artificial waterfall in the Philippines’ Labassin Waterfall Restaurant.

Man Holding Snake- Travelling with Family

In countries like Japan and Thailand, you can also get up close and personal with exotic animals such as hedgehogs, owls and even reptiles! Although, take note of certain red flags when visiting animal cafes in general.

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6) Relaxing at a Resort Island

Snorkeling in Maldives - Travelling with Kids

Credit: Kuoni

The best part of staying at a resort island is being away from civilisation and throwing your worries away — at least for a couple of days.

It’s also a one-stop location with activities for everyone, whether you want a chill day at the beach, to indulge in a spa day or bring the kids out for snorkelling at sea.

People Snorkelling in Fiji - Travelling with Family

Photo credit: Tourism Fiji via Facebook

Both the Maldives and Fiji are popular options for an island getaway, boasting clear blue waters and sunny weather in certain seasons. The best times to go are between November and April (Maldives), and between May and September (Fiji).

Sheraton Golf and Spa Resort - Family Vacation 2022

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, New Caledonia is a great lesser-known alternative. Stay in a beautiful private bungalow spacious enough for the whole family.

7) Experiencing Unique Accommodations

Iceland Bubble Tent Under the Northern Lights - Things to do with kids

Photo credit: Bubbles in Iceland via Facebook

Go beyond the typical hotel stay and opt for unique accommodations — like a bubble tent under the northern lights or in a literal castle.

Girona Farmhouse Airbnb Las Heras - Things to do with kids

When we were travelling in Girona, Spain, we stayed at a 13th-century farmhouse (more like a castle really) less than an hour away from the city. We were lucky enough to be the only guests staying there and got to explore the many different rooms!

There were even donkeys greeting us when we went out or returned home — something the kids will love 🥰.

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8) Shopping at Local Markets

Chatuchak Weekend Market Clothes Shops - Family Vacation 2022

Who doesn’t love shopping?

Thailand’s Chatuchak Market, Germany’s Dresden Striezelmarkt, and Spain’s La Boqueria Market are just some of the famous local markets we know. Offering everything from food to clothes, you can spend a whole day browsing through the various shops.

La Boqueria Market Main Street - Travelling with Family

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9) Sailing on a Cruise

Resorts World Cruises Main Deck - Travelling with Family

If you’re pressed for time, cruises are the perfect family vacation. Think: onboard water slides, live performances, and delicious international food 🛳️.

Couple Doing Balancing Act - Travelling with Kids

You don’t have to plan your own itinerary. Instead, just explore the slew of activities happening around the ship. This makes it easier in terms of logistics and pre-trip planning, especially if you’re going in a big group with extended family!

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POSB-DBS Travel Deals - Things to do with kids

As I look back on my first Disneyland trip, it might seem a tad tame now, chasing after fictional characters for autographs. But the time and effort my family spent chasing those characters with me is what I really appreciate and treasure up till this day 🥰

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Featured image credit: Niseko United via Facebook

What other epic family vacation ideas do you have? Share them in the comments below!

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