Hint: Some of the destinations in this cherry blossom guide aren’t even in Asia 😉

While I would love to travel to Japan during the cherry blossom period, the thought of thousands of people flocking to the same country for the same reason has always stopped me from buying that flight ticket.

Thankfully, cherry blossoms aren’t solely exclusive to Japan and I realised that there are other countries to see them too! Some are pretty near Singapore (like Taiwan and South Korea), while others are… a little far away. But hey, that’s a great excuse to explore somewhere new.

Friends in Hanbok - South Korea Cherry Blossom

So we’ve come up with a list of destinations for those who want to avoid the crowds during cherry blossom season 🌸 And the best part is, cherry trees bloom during different months depending on the country, so you can practically experience “spring” multiple times in the same year 😉

*Note: This list is ranked by the cherry blossom forecast period, starting with the earlier blooms first!

1) Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat Tea Hill Cherry Blossoms - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: Dalat Discovery via Facebook

With nicknames like the City of Eternal Spring and of Flowers, can’t say we’re surprised there are cherry blossoms in Da Lat!

Located in Southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands, this mountainous town has cool temperatures year-round, averaging 14°C to 23°C (perfect for cherry blossoms). The blooming period usually starts in January and lasts till March, depending on the weather. Popular viewing spots include Cau Dat Tea Hill and Tuyen Lam Lake.

Girl Walking Through Flowers at Da Lat Flower Park

However, if you missed the full bloom period, you can still visit Da Lat Flower Park! It houses various greenhouses, a bonsai garden, and a large lake — there’s a wide variety of flowers in different seasons too.

And while you’re in Da Lat, also try out the Datanla New Alpine Coaster (the longest roller coaster trail in Asia, spanning 2.4km!) or join a kayaking tour at Tuyen Lam Lake 🛶

Cherry blossom forecast: Now till Mar  
Viewing spots: Cau Dat Tea Hill, Tuyen Lam Lake, Da Lat Flower Park
Flight prices: From ~S$263/pax for roundtrip

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2) Beijing, China 

Cherry Blossoms in Beijing - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: @AK via xiaohongshu

Every year during springtime, visitors from all over China (and even internationally) travel to Beijing to witness the blossoms’ fleeting beauty. From March to April, catch around 3,000 cherry blossom trees in full bloom at one of the largest urban parks here, Yuyuantan Park.

But if you prefer a more traditional backdrop for your photos, the Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) looks straight out of a historical C-drama with its majestic palace grounds and Seventeen-Arch Bridge. There’s plenty of space to move around and you can even claim your favourite photo spot without competing with the crowds!

Girl at Beihai Park Admiring Cherry Blossoms - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: AU123

Beihai Park is a good option too — it was once an imperial garden so you’ll literally be walking in royalty’s footsteps while admiring the cherry and peach blossom trees. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the Forbidden City, which makes it a nice escape from the bustling city.

Cherry blossom forecast: Early Mar – Early Apr
Viewing spots: Yuyuantan Park, Summer Palace (Yiheyuan), Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Zhongshan Park
Flight prices: From ~S$339/pax for roundtrip  
Beijing day tour cost: From ~S$116/pax

3) Chiayi, Taiwan 

Girl Looking at Cherry Blossoms - Taiwan Itinerary

Yes, Taiwan is more than just bubble tea, delicious street food, and night markets! Head out to one of the most iconic attractions in the Chiayi region to see cherry blossoms — Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. The area covers more than 1,400 hectares and it can take up to 3 – 4 hours (round-trip) to hike from Alishan Railway Station 😲


But trust us, all that walking will be worth it as you’ll pass by beautiful lakes and forests surrounded by Japanese Yoshino cherry trees. And if you’re worried about how to get there, we’d recommend going for a day tour (lunch and transportation are included)!

Steam Railway train passing by cherry blossoms at Alishan station - Taiwan Cherry Blossom

Photo credit: @joetographr via Instagram

For those who plan to just stay in Taipei, opt for the Taipei Cherry Blossom Day Tour — it’ll take you to famous cherry blossom sites like Yangmingshan National Park and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Cherry blossom forecast: Mid-Mar – Apr 
Viewing spots: Alishan National Forest Recreation Area
Flight prices: From ~S$314/pax for roundtrip (Kaohsiung) 
Alishan day tour cost: From ~S$88/adult

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4) Wuhan, China 

East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: @vcgimage via X

Fun fact: Wuhan city has more than 100 spots for cherry blossom viewing, among which 40 have over 100 cherry trees 🤯

You probably won’t have time to visit all of the spots in one trip so here’s our top three suggestions: Wuhan University (most famous), Huangpi Qingliang Village Scenic Area (most quantity), and East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden (most species)!

For reference, the Huangpi Qingliang Village Scenic Area has around 110,000 Chinese cherry trees, with various species blooming from early March to early April every year. While East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden holds the record for having more than 80 types of cherry trees such as the Eight-Layer Drooping Cherry Blossom, the Guanshan Cherry Blossom and the Yunnan Morning Cherry Blossom! The garden’s design is also inspired by Japanese culture, with an iconic red bridge and five-storey pagoda 🏯

Cherry blossom forecast: Late Mar – Early Apr
Viewing spots: Wuhan University, Huangpi Qingliang Village Scenic Area, East Lake Cherry Blossom Park
Flight prices: From ~S$341/pax for roundtrip 

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5) London, United Kingdom

Kew Gardens - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Cherry blossoms aren’t native to the United Kingdom, but there are still some parks and gardens in London where you can see the beautiful blooms during Spring!

London’s biggest botanical garden, Kew Gardens, comes to life around late March — there’s a section known as the “Cherry Walk” that’s lined with cherry trees of different varieties.

Greenwich Park - Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Photo credit: @chanshuikay via Flickr

Another popular spot is Greenwich Park where you can have a picnic along Cherry Blossom Avenue and admire the deep pink hues of flowers which go into full bloom in April.

St Paul Cathedral - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: Sven Hansche via Shutterstock

For something more picturesque, the churchyard at St Paul’s Cathedral has a mesmerising view of pink cherries blossoming against the cathedral backdrop ✨

Cherry blossom forecast: Late Mar – Mid-Apr
Viewing spots: Kew Gardens, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park Kyoto Garden, Greenwich Park 
Flight prices: From ~S$1,074/pax for roundtrip (London)  

6) Seoul, South Korea 

King Cherry Blossoms in Korea - Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

King Cherry Blossoms. Photo credit: Klook

South Korea is increasingly becoming popular as an alternative to Japan for viewing cherry blossoms. It also has its very own homegrown King Cherry Blossoms, which compared to standard cherry blossoms, has larger leaf clusters and is brighter in colour. Go on a cherry blossom hunting tour in Seoul — the local guide will know the best spots to see these unique blossoms!

Or explore at your own pace and visit places like Kyung Hee University, with impressive neoclassical architecture as a backdrop, and Namsan Park, which is lined with endless rows of pink trees.

*Pro-tip: From Namsan Park, head to the nearby Namsam Tower for a bird’s eye view of the area decked in pink trees!

People at Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival - South Korea Cherry Blossom

Photo credit: Klook

After exploring Seoul, go on a day trip to Nami Island — experience the Eden Cherry Blossom Festival here and drop by other scenic spots like the Garden of Morning Calm and Petite France.

Speaking of festivals, another one you shouldn’t miss is the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival! It’s near Busan but you can always opt for a tour which’ll cover roundtrip transfers from Seoul.

Cherry blossom forecast: Early Apr
Viewing spots: Yeouido Park, Kyung Hee University, Seoul Forest, Seokchon Lake Park, Nami Island, Eden Cherry Blossom Road
Flight prices: From ~S$317/pax for roundtrip   
Seoul cherry blossom hunting tour cost: From ~S$71/adult

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7) Incheon, South Korea 

Fairytale Alley Mural Fairyland Village Incheon - Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Nope, Incheon isn’t just where the airport is — this west coast region also has a couple of interesting attractions like Wolmi Theme Park and Songwol-dong Fairytale Village!

Besides cherry blossom viewing in Jayu Park and Incheon Grand Park during Spring, you can also admire beautiful azaleas in Wonmisan. For those who wanna see both, there’s a tour which’ll let you experience the Dodangsan Cherry Blossom Festival (visit a 1.8km stretch of cherry blossom tunnel along Dodang Park) and the Wonmisan Mountain Azalea Festival (with traditional handcrafting and flower pancake cooking activities).

Cherry Blossom and Azalea Trees in Incheon - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: Klook

There’s even specific itineraries just for Springtime, which include visiting cherry blossom viewing spots and the option of strawberry picking or shopping!

Cherry blossom forecast: Early Apr
Viewing spots: Jayu Park, Incheon Grand Park, Dodang Park
Flight prices: From ~S$317/pax for roundtrip   
Day tour cost: From ~S$52/adult

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8) Vancouver, Canada 

Vancouver Neighbourhood Cherry Blossoms - Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Photo credit: josiemccarthy via Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

Did you know that Vancouver’s first 500 sakura trees were from the Kobe and Yokohama cities in the 1930s? Yeap, same. Apparently, the trees were gifted in honour of the Japanese-Canadians who fought in World War One. Now, the city has more than 40,000 cherry blossom trees!

The trees are scattered all over in areas like Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park (near the WWI Japanese-Canadian war memorial), and across various local neighbourhoods. And if you’re in town from March to April, join the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival! It runs for about a month with interesting events like haiku (Japanese poem) exhibitions and pottery workshops happening across various locations in the city.

Cherry blossom forecast: Now – May 
Viewing spots: Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden
Flight prices: From ~S$1,021/pax for roundtrip

9) Christchurch, New Zealand

People Walking in Hagley Park North - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: ChristchurchNZ

I used to think that New Zealand was only known for its beautiful mountains and hills (courtesy of LOTR), oh and loads of sheep. Now, it looks like I’m adding cherry blossoms to that list.

During the entire month of September, Christchurch transforms into a sea of pink with cherry blossoms lining the streets! A couple of spots to pop by include the Christchurch Botanical Gardens and North Hagley Park. The former is home to many flowering gardens and features other types of flowers during Spring like magnolias and camellias. While the latter is famous for its Yoshino cherry trees!

Wanaka Roys Peak Summit Track Hikers -  Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Once you’re done admiring the flowers, hop on an epic road trip around the South Island 🚗 and try bucket-list-worthy experiences like hiking at Roy’s Peak, kayaking with seals in Kaikoura or ziplining through the forest in Queenstown!

Cherry blossom forecast: Sep
Viewing spots: Christchurch Botanical Gardens, North Hagley Park
Flight prices: From ~S$856/pax for roundtrip

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10) Victoria, Australia 

Picnic at CherryHill Orchards - Cherry Blossoms Guide

Photo credit: CherryHill Orchards via Facebook

Victoria is best known for adventurous outdoor experiences like skydiving, coastal drives and stunning hikes. But sakura? That’s a first (at least for me)!

From September to October, spot cherry blossoms across various locations in Victoria: Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden (a 40-hectare garden with a wide variety of spring flowers), Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (one of Australia’s oldest botanical gardens, founded in 1846) and Banksia Park Cherry Grove (the cherry blossoms here were gifted by the Japanese government during the prime minister’s visit in 1980)!

Also, look out for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival at CherryHill Orchards in Yarra Valley — there’ll be cherry-picking activities, food trucks, craft stalls, live music, and you can even bring your own picnic mat to chill among the pink flowers.

Cherry blossom forecast: Sep – Oct
Viewing spots: Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Banksia Park Cherry Grove, Yarra Valley
Flight prices: From ~S$400/pax for roundtrip (Melbourne)

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11) Leura, Australia 

Colourful Flowers in Leura - Cherry Blossoms Guide

Photo credit: Leura Gardens Festival via Facebook

While the Blue Mountains is a must-visit on every NSW road trip itinerary for its scenic hiking trails and natural rock formations, travellers often miss its equally charming towns — like Leura!

Cherry Blossom Tree -  Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Photo credit: Leura Gardens Festival

In Spring (September to November), the town turns into a flower paradise with displays of not just cherry blossoms, but also other floral varieties like azaleas, dogwoods, and camellias. There’s even a Leura Gardens Festival where locals open their private gardens to the public so you can visit and snap IG-worthy photos 📸

Cherry blossom forecast: Mid-Sep – Early Oct
Viewing spots: Blue Mountains, Leura Gardens Festival (various gardens)
Flight prices: From ~S$435/pax for roundtrip (Sydney)  

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Bonus: Singapore

Sakura Festival Singapore - Cherry Blossom Guide

Photo credit: Gardens by the Bay

If you don’t have time or money to travel (like me 🥲), you can also catch the pink blooms right here in Singapore! A yearly tradition, Gardens By the Bay hosts a Sakura floral display during Japan’s cherry blossom period (March to April). So you can experience the beauty and tranquillity of hanami (flower viewing) without the expensive airfares!

This year’s exhibit features Kyoto’s iconic Kinkakuji Temple, a miniature traditional thatched house from Miyama Village, as well as elements of Japanese gardens like the engawa (veranda), chozuya (cleansing pavilion), and emas (wish plaques).

And for the first time in nine years, visitors can experience a transition of blooms from daytime to nighttime — reminding them of yozakura (night sakura) in Japanese cities. Watch as more than 150 cherry blossom trees of over 40 varieties light up after nightfall, enhanced with mesmerising light projections in the Flower Dome.

Japanese cultural performances at GBTB - Things to do in Singapore March 2024

Photo credit: Gardens by the Bay

Also look forward to showcases like Touring Springtime Japan — where you can learn about the culture of Japan’s six key regions, as well as experience Mochitsuki (using a wooden mallet to pound flour into mochi)! Plus, there’ll be various Japanese cultural programmes happening like folk dances and an aikido demonstration.

Cherry blossom “forecast”: 22 Mar – 21 Apr
Viewing spot:
Gardens By the Bay, Flower Dome  
Entrance fee: From ~S$12/pax
Opening hours: 9AM – 9PM

*Pro-tip: For those looking to visit other iconic attractions in Gardens By the Bay like Cloud Forest and Supertree Observatory, there are also combo deals via Klook, inclusive of entry to the Flower Dome!

Tips for planning your cherry blossom viewing overseas

Girl at CherryHill Orchards - Sakura Viewing Outside Japan

Photo credit: CherryHill Orchards via Facebook

Planning a cherry blossom viewing overseas can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time in an unfamiliar place. So here are some tips to help you get prepared!

1) Check Skyscanner for budget flights: It’ll show you the best prices for different months across various platforms, so you can plan accordingly!

2) Check official weather websites for the cherry blossom forecast: Cherry blossoms can last anywhere from a couple of days to two weeks, depending on the climate and location. So it’s best to check the forecast beforehand so you won’t miss the blooming period!

3) Book a cherry blossom tour: For a fuss-free trip, consider taking a tour — it’ll cover round-trip transport and sometimes meals too. Plus, the local guides would also know the top spots for cherry blossom viewing.

Did we miss any other places outside of Japan in this cherry blossom guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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