Fear before the jump - Macau Tower Bungy


You find yourself standing at the edge of the platform, beneath is 233m of space between yourself and the ground. Your heart pounds and your palms are colder than the winter wind hitting your face; you wonder for a moment how you even got yourself up here.

For our December 2016 interns, this was a little surprise challenge; especially for the one with an extreme fear of heights 😉

We’d gone for a relaxing skywalk around the building and they thought that was it. Little did they know, we had something bigger in store for them. Check out 5:41 of our trip video to see their reaction.

Terrified as they were, they eventually took on the challenge with a bit of tactical nudging from us;)

Rachel Bungy jumping off the macau tower
Falling over Macau Tower during bungy jump

Did they hate us after the jump?
For those who’ve done something crazy like this, I think it’s safe to say, the experience is pretty addicting. The more afraid/unsure/doubtful of your abilities, the more rewarding it will feel when you’ve finally done it. I guess that’s why adrenaline junkies are constantly pushing themselves over greater heights (geddit?).

Macao Tower

View from Macau Tower

At 338m high, it offers the best and most unobstructed view of Macao city. Many locals and tourists come up to enjoy the views, have dinner, get a little shopping done; but if you’re here for some adrenaline, you’re definitely looking at the right place.

Entrance Fee: MOP$135 (~S$24) or $15 on Klook
Opening Hours: 10am–9pm (Weekdays); 9am–9pm (Weekends)

AJ Hackett’s Bungy

Macau Tower Bungy landing area

Up on the 61st floor of the Macao tower, this is currently the tallest bungy platform in the Guinness world records (since 2006). AJ Hackett also has a reputation for being one of the safest adrenaline sport companies in the world with zero accident records.

Fun fact: AJ Hackett once jumped off the Eiffel Tower — illegally.

Jumping off Macau Tower-Bungy

If you were wondering whether you’ll swing out and hit the building mid jump, you’re not alone.

Apparently AJ Hackett came up with a unique cable design that stops that from happening. Even though you’re free falling, there are mechanisms in place to keep you on a single plane. Which actually makes it a great virgin bungy experience as it reduces the chances of getting whiplash (common in most outdoor bungy attempts).

Cost: MOP$3488 (~S$622); Full package MOP$3988 (S$712) including footage and merchandise or S$515; Full package S$622 on Klook (Includes Macao Tower entrance fees)

*Pro-tip: Make use of the AJ Hackett membership discount for a second jump at night. The experience will be entirely different!

*2nd Pro-tip: If you’re really scared, look for Ryan. One of the most friendly and assuring staffs we’ve come across while we were at the Macao Tower.


Platform of Macau Tower Bungy

If you’re not quite ready to free fall down 233m, AJ Hackett’s skyjump is a pretty good alternative! You basically get to experience jumping off the same platform but are lowered in a controlled manner and land on your feet! Kind of reminds me of stuntmen on film sets.

Cost: MOP$2588 (~S$462) or S$405 on Klook


Sitting on the edge of Macau Tower-Bungy

Views from the observation deck are pretty amazing but step outside and the view inside will pale so much in comparison! Though, don’t underestimate this activity…

Hendric being a daredevil - Macau Tower Bungy

Not only do you walk on the outside of the building (without handrails), you’ll be given tasks like leaning off the edge, running and even using the harness as a flying fox as you swing across the windows of the building! Our guide Philip did a really good job in helping us capture great action shots during the 20 minute session.

flying outside the Macau Tower-bungy

Cost: MOP$788 (~S$141) or S$120 on Klook

Tower Climb

Macau Tower Climb
Photo credit: ajhackett.com

Why take the lift up the Macao Tower when you can actually CLIMB IT?

It might sound a little silly now but as a kid, one of my dream job experiences was to clean the windows of a skyscraper!

Bungy jumping is undoubtedly exciting; the toughest part of all is making the decision to step off. Everything else is out of your control so all you can do is experience it. The Tower climb is quite the opposite — you have full control and you’ll need to make a constant conscious decision to scale higher while being exposed to the open. If you have a fear of heights, I would recommend doing the Bungy jump first. Trust me.

Cost: MOP$2288 (S$408) or $355 on Klook

Some experiences are worth splurging on

The TTI crew - Macau Tower Bungy

I’m sure many avid travellers get asked often “How do you travel so much?!”. And an even more common question is, “How do you afford such extravagant activities (Very rich is it?).”

The Macao Tower bungy is probably one of the most expensive in the world and you can probably get another bungy experience for more than half the price.

But to be able to experience bungy jumping from the tallest building in the world, be reassured of its safety and have awesome footage to bring home, it’s no wonder some people actually take day trips to Macao just to experience it.

Like many millennial travellers, we often pride ourselves on travelling smart — saving on unnecessary comforts to spend on experiences that truly matter when you look back. If bungy jumping has been something on your bucket list for a while now.. what’s stopping you from jumping off the tallest bungy platform in the world? 😉

Wonder what else there is to eat, see and experience in Macao? Check out the Ultimate 48 hours in Macao guide!

What other crazy things do you have on your bucket list? Something that you’ve always wanted to do yet never had the guts to? Share them with us in the comment section below 🙂

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