From new cat cafes to drift-karting classics, here’s every thing we did for S$100/pax!

Let’s be real — planning a trip with your friends is not the easiest. There’s always someone busy, someone who’s broke, or someone who… you get the idea. In the end, you’re left with Johor Bahru as the most cost and time-efficient option, which might make you feel dejected and uninspired.

But let this article open your eyes to new and unexpected thrills in JB. For two days, the five of us set out to have the best time — all while keeping the total budget to around S$100 (cause we’re all broke) :’)

Pre-Trip Essentials

Boring, but very important.

Connectivity: 2-day plan with a daily 2GB limit (~S$5.50). Simply scan the QR code and your eSIM will activate once you’re in Malaysia!
Insurance: Essential plan via Klook — covers overseas medical expenses, travel cancellation, travel delay, and more.
Transport: Here are three common methods to enter JB (for a more detailed guide, check out our Travelling to JB FAQ).
1) Train from Woodlands Train Checkpoint (S$5 to JB and RM5 to SG)
2) Bus 160/170 from Opposite Kranji MRT Station, or Bus 170X from Kranji Station (S$1.25/one-way journey)
3) Grab Bus from various locations like Changi Airport, Expo MRT, Marsiling MRT, and more (from S$3 to S$11 per person)

Day 1: Cafe hopping, sunsets and travelling fun fairs

Six Seater Taxi from JB Sentral

We entered Johor on a Thursday morning at around 9:30AM, so there was almost no queue at the customs. Travelling around via Grab’s six-seaters was our main mode of transport as they are easily available around JB Sentral, and affordable once we divided the cost amongst the five of us (~S$34/pax for two days).

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop

Sunday Morning Coffee Shop Entrance

Japanese-inspired cafe food …and film development services?

Located only 10 minutes away by car from customs, Sunday Morning Coffee Shop is the perfect breakfast spot for a pick-me-up.

We had a refreshing Tropical Fruit Soda (RM10), two Iced House Blends (RM10), and Apple Juice (RM7) for drinks. For the mains, we got the Mentaiko Udon (RM26), Purin (RM12), and Banana Cinnamon (RM12) to share — none of them disappointed.

Mentaiko Udon, drinks and Purin from Sunday Morning cafe

But if we had to pick just one food item, Mentaiko Udon wins hands down. It wasn’t too sweet and the mushrooms balanced the umami mentaiko taste with its earthy groundedness.

Plus, a bonus perk of the place is that they also offer film development and scanning services (from RM20 to RM25), which is a sweet addition for hobbyists.

Cost: ~RM17.40/pax (~S$5)
Opening hours: 10AM – 6PM, closed on Wed
How to get there: 11min drive from JB Checkpoint (Google Maps)

Chucky Cats Cafe

Girl feeding cat at Chucky Cat Cafe Johor Bahru

Cuddle cats. Or make Chucky cats chonky by feeding them treats.

“What are chucky cats?”, you may ask. Well, we still have no idea. But I know that Chucky Cats Cafe made its way to our list of cool cafes to check out in JB. The cats here all appeared happy and healthy, with more than enough space to roam around in the two-storey cafe.

Friends petting cat at Chucky Cat Cafe in JB

With ample space and cats within the vicinity, everyone in the group had the chance to play and interact with the energetic cats. Unlike some cat cafes I’ve visited previously where the cats were human-adverse and over-fed, the cats here seemed to enjoy our company and looked relatively stress-free.

*Pro-tip: Book your tickets for Chucky Cat Cafe online via Klook for discounted prices, and you’ll even get a free cat treat to feed these furbabies!

Entrance fee: ~S$7/pax
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM
How to get there: 10min walk or 4min drive from Sunday Morning Coffee Shop (Google Maps)

Sky Dezato

Friends eating at Sky Dezato Cafe

Desserts that taste as good as they look.

After running after cats, we took to Sky Dezato for Instagrammable food.


If you’ve heard of or even tried BKK’s ‘After You Dessert Cafe’, you’d be happy to hear that Sky Dezato can now satisfy your cloud-bingsu cravings without booking an air ticket to BKK.

We ordered Classic Waffle (RM17.90), Thai Tea Kakigori (RM22.90), Aglio Olio (RM22.80), Grapefruit Soda (RM13), Roses Lychee Soda (RM12), Passion Mango Soda (RM12) and Strawberry Soda (RM12) to share.

Thai Tea Kakigori Iced Dessert Sky Dezato Cafe

While the snow/cloud-like decor on the bingsu led me to think this would be another gimmicky venture, the Thai Tea Kakigori pleasantly surprised us. We all thought that we were having Thai Milk Tea in an iced dessert form.

Their Aglio Oglio which appeared rather unassuming at first, was surprisingly flavourful and we gobbled it down within minutes.

*Pro-tip: Get 15% off with Sky Dezato dining vouchers via Klook!

Cost: ~RM22.50/pax (~S$6.40)
Opening hours: 12AM – 10PM (Sun – Fri), 11AM – 11PM (Sat), closed on Mon
How to get there: 16min walk or 4min drive from Chucky Cats Cafe (Google Maps)

Danga Bay

Sunset picture taken at Danga Bay

Sunsets, joyrides and a seafood Restaurant!

A short ride from Sky Dezato, we went to Danga Bay to catch the sunset. This area is relatively untouched by tourists and is known for seafood fests as well as joy rides in theme parks.

Sadly, the Danga Bay Theme Park we had planned to cover was closed that day. But we used that time to bond with one another instead while watching the sunset at Danga Beach.

*Pro-tip: Bring a mat and game cards for a chill picnic against the sunset. The sun typically sets from 7PM to 7:15PM in JB.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 24hrs
How to get there: 6min drive from Sky Dezato (Google Maps)

Grand Bayview Seafood Restaurant

Grand Bayview Seafood Restaurant means business when it comes to fresh seafood.

For dinner, we went to Grand Bayview Seafood Restaurant and boy did it satisfy us.

We had the Kang Kong (RM26), Wok-Fried Chicken Cube with Sweet and Sour Sauce (RM30), Wok-Fried Sliced Venison (RM45), Deep-Fried Sotong with Salted Egg Yolk (RM51), Medium Fried Egg (RM26), Cracker (RM5), and five bowls of white rice (RM2.50 each).

Everyone agreed it was worth every penny for how generous the portions were. Taste-wise, the seafood was fresh and the meat was tender. Our favourite dish was the Deep-Fried Sotong with Salted Egg Yolk. It was so addictive.

Cost: ~RM45.20/pax (~S$12.90)
Opening hours: 11:30AM – 11PM
How to get there: 2min walk from Danga Bay Park (Google Maps)

If you have more time, definitely try Euro Fun Park

Euro Fun Park Girl standing in middle 2D1N Itinerary in JB

Malaysia’s Largest Travelling Funfair.

We weren’t tired yet so we went to catch Malaysia’s largest travelling funfair, Euro Fun Park! Vibrant LED lights were illuminated across the rides (most prominently on their iconic Euro Wheel of course), creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

We had to pay an entrance fee of RM6 per adult, and tokens for the rides and games were priced at RM5 each.

Guy hanging from armbar at Euro Fun Park 2D1N Itinerary in JB

Timo Struggling. Suhada laughing.

The big brother of the group, Timo, took on the challenge of ‘Hero Test’ (3 tokens) where he had to hang onto the bars. He lasted for a grand minute and a half. Meanwhile, Elliot and Charmaine took on ‘The Challenger’ (4 tokens). You know the ride was good when both of them couldn’t say anything for 5 minutes after getting off.

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Charmaine and Elliot having the worst time of their lives.

The Euro Fun Park we went to in this JB itinerary takes place from Feb 2024 to 24 March 2024 at the Sutera Mall, but it will be travelling to different locations on different dates in Malaysia! So keep an eye out for other dates and locations on their website.

Entrance fee: RM6/adult (~S$1.70)
Cost: RM5/token (~S$1.40), around 2 – 6 tokens per ride
Opening hours: 7PM – 12AM
How to get there: 16min drive from Bayview Grand Restaurant (Google Maps)

For other interesting activities in JB:
Escape Room by BangHistory — try a pregnancy simulator or a horror escape room with live NPCs!
The Rhythm — ultimate group activity idea that marries karaoke with hotpot

Check-in at Hashtag Capsule Hotel

Friends peeking out of Space Capsule Beds in Hashtag Hostel 2D1N Itinerary in JB

Charmaine and Elliot peeking out of their capsules.

We finally checked in to our accommodations at Hashtag Hostel to crash for the night.

Sleeping in space cabins for the first time was quite an exciting experience for everyone, and Hashtag Hostel did everything right. Not only was the air conditioning strong, but it also had amenities such as hair dryers and body soap in the shared toilets. Lockers are also provided for your items and shoes. Although, we wished the cabins had thicker mattresses… but it’s still good enough.

*Pro-tip: The owner told me that regulars would often do walk-in bookings and he usually gave the rooms with computers and headsets for walk-ins. So if you’re into that, definitely try this out!

We also came across a Lala Hotpot Place called the 大头啦啦煲 Dai Tao Lala Pot(新山) at the supper stretch right in front of Hashtag Hostel. It seemed popular and we wanted to try it out but didn’t have enough time in our itinerary. Give it a go and let us know whether it’s worth the visit in the comments below!

Cost: ~S$22/night for 1 pax
How to get there: 39min drive from Euro Fun Park (Google Maps)

Day 2: Local favourites and even more thrilling rides in Mt Austin

Friends posing for picture 2D1N Itinerary in JB

Janelle joined us on the second day! That meant more memories made… and more friends to split costs with!

Happiness Wheel Cake

Happiness Wheel Cakes Mt Austin

XL-sized Taiwanese Wheel Cakes for XL Happiness.

Our day started with choosing from over 20 flavours of XL-sized Taiwanese wheel cakes at Happiness Wheel Cake in Mt. Austin.

Mount Austin Hidden Gems in JB

Ice-cream Wheel Cakes won our hearts.

We were all huge fans of the ice-cream wheel wakes: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Wheel Cake (RM7.90) and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Wheel Cake (RM7.90)! They reminded us of the ice cream sandwiches we used to buy from ice cream cart uncles after school — taking on a more gourmet twist in the form of a Taiwanese Wheel Cake.

The savoury Wheel Cakes, Salty Egg Red Bean Wheel Cake (RM9.90) and the Durian Wheel Cake (RM16), didn’t give us something to scream about. Especially because the Durian Wheel Cakes didn’t taste fresh at all, and the salty egg and red bean pairing didn’t complement each other as well as we thought they would.

But then again, taste is subjective. With 20 flavours on their menu, there’s probably a Wheel Cake flavour that will fit your preference.

Cost: ~RM9.90/savoury wheel cake (~S$2.80), ~RM7.90/ice cream wheel cake (~S$2.30)
Opening hours: 1PM – 11:40PM
How to get there: 10min walk from Hashtag Hostel (Google Maps)

GameOn Themepark

GAMEON Theme Park in Johor

Relive Your Childhood! You’re never too old…

Up next, we tried out the Game On Theme Park at Toppen Shopping Centre! We were super excited as some of their activities such as the Trampoline Velcro Wall went viral on TikTok.

Mario Obstacle Course GAMEON Theme Park in Johor Bahru

Other interesting activities there include: a Rubix Cube Tower (for Rock Climbing), a massive Sponge Pit, as well as other Obstacle Courses.

We made the mistake of assuming Friday counts as “weekday pricing” (it counts as the weekend and costs RM10 more). Aside from that mistake and the smell of sweat from kids there, the park activities were enjoyable and thrilling. I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did on some of the slides — and conquering a Mario Obstacle Course would have to be a first.

Suhada, who had to queue for half an hour on the flying fox would perhaps have differing opinions. But the general takeaway would be that the GameOn Theme Park is worth trying out if you’re looking to relive childhood experiences with your friends.

*Pro-tip: Remember to bring grip socks for entry! Otherwise, you can also purchase them for RM7 at the counter.

Cost: RM28/pax (~S$8) on weekdays, RM38/pax (~S$10.80) on weekends
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM
How to get there: 12min drive from Happiness Wheelcake (Google Maps)

PLSC Drift Kart

PLSC Drift Kart Activity JB Day Trip

Suhada challenged me on the race track when I was only going 1km/hr.

The PLSC Drift Karts were pretty amazing for my first Kart-riding experience — the cyberpunk track added to the immersion as we felt like professional race drivers on some futuristic track. We had fun trying to drift, even though we mostly spun out of control!

It costs RM30 for a 10-minute joy ride with your friends, which is a relatively affordable price point for drift-karting.

Cost: ~RM30/pax (~S$8) for 10mins
Opening hours: 10AM – 10PM
How to get there: 22min drive from GameOn Themepark (Google Maps)

Kacha Kacha Photostudio: Self-Photoshoot at EcoSprings

KACHA KACHA Photostudio in Ecosprings

Charmaine didn’t get the memo on shades.

With our JB trip coming towards the end, we stopped by Kacha Kacha Photo Studio for some pictures to bring back as souvenirs.

Thanks to Timo who would press the ‘capture’ button without warning, we had some pretty priceless pictures to take home — such as a close-up of Elliot’s collarbone and many pictures of Janelle’s tonsils. So with the right company, this might top your list of fun things to do in JB!

*Pro-tip: Book a 35-minute photoshoot session at Kacha Kacha Photo Studio conveniently on Klook to secure your slot.

Cost: ~S$25.50/session (up to 5 pax)
Opening hours: 1PM – 9PM (Sun – Wed), 1PM – 10PM (Fri – Sat), closed on Thurs
How to get there: 10min drive from PLSC Drift (Google Maps)

Yamada Beancurd: Traditional Beancurd & LokLok JB Streetfood

We got the bubble tea topping (usual price at RM1) for free because uncle saw us hard at work.

Of course, a trip wouldn’t be complete without JB street food to wrap everything up. We searched for local favourites and came across Yamada Beancurd.

With the long yet fast-moving queues, we knew we had stumbled upon a local gem. Since all three flavours were priced so affordably, we decided to order one each to try: Brown Sugar Beancurd (RM3), White Sugar Beancurd (RM3) and Pandan Beancurd (RM3.50).

Everyone agreed that Pandan Beancurd deserves its ‘Signature Beancurd’ status. Its taste was unique and fragrant. There are also a couple of LokLok Stands just beside Yamada Beancurd, so you could order both food items to enjoy at the tables by the roadside.

Psst, we wished we had more time to check out the Board Games Cafe by Hey Decoupage located near Yamada Beancurd! Let us know about your experience if you ever get a chance to try out this Board Game Cafe.

Cost: From RM3/bowl
Opening hours: 6PM – 10PM, closed on Mon and Tue
How to get there: 30min drive from Kacha Kacha Photostudio (Google Maps)

Post-Trip Budget Breakdown

Danga Bay Jumpshot

So if you ask me — yes, this JB trip fully measures up with other travel destinations (if you’ve got money and time restraints). From fun theme parks to exciting car races, there were never-ending affordable thrills for our group of five.

With JB being just a hop, skip and jump away from Singapore, we plan to revisit some of these places and maybe even discover newer activities on the go. Here’s how much we spent in total, with the costs split among the five of us:

1N Accommodation: S$22
Transport (within JB): S$34*
Activities: S$45.70
Food & Misc: S$32.80
Total: S$100.50

*Note: We didn’t count transport from Singapore into the budget as some people might prefer to drive into Malaysia.

(detailed breakdown for 1 pax here)

Let us know in the comments below if this article helped to keep you and your friends under budget while having a fun weekend in JB.

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What else do you usually do with friends on a trip to JB? Tell us in the comments! We might just add your recommendations to our next JB itinerary.

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