You’ll want to read this to speed up your time spent at the JB checkpoint!

Whether you’re a student planning an exciting day trip across the border to eat, play, shop and cafe hop with friends, or a parent taking your kids to JB for a short getaway, saving invaluable time at the checkpoint is something we’d all love!

To speed up traffic flow at Malaysia’s land checkpoints, Singaporeans were recently allowed to use the e-gates when crossing the Causeway. This move will undoubtedly benefit all of us, but the steps to use the JB custom e-gates remain unclear to most.

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So, here’s everything you need to know about using the e-gates for the first time to ensure your smooth passage into JB!

E-gate Eligibility

JB Checkpoint - JB Custom E-gate

Photo credit: CNA

1) Singapore Citizens, Malaysian Permanent Residents, and Malaysia Automated Clearance System (MACS) pass holders

2) Biometric passport with at least 3 months validity

3) Minimum height of 120cm

Steps to Use JB Customs E-gates

1) Fill and Submit Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) 3 Days Before Entering Malaysia

MDAC Card - JB Custom E-gate-1

You must submit your MDAC online within 3 days of your trip to Malaysia. For example, if your trip is on 3 March, the earliest you can submit the MDAC is 1 March.

*Note: You need to submit the MDAC everytime you wish to enter Malaysia using the e-gates at the JB customs

2) One-time Passport Verification at the Manual Immigration Counter

Singapore Passport - JB Custom E-gate

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If it’s your first time, you’d still have to head to the manual immigration counter before using the e-gate.

Inform the immigration officer when entering Malaysia that you have submitted the MDAC and wish to use the e-gate. The officer will register your passport in the system and you will be able to use the e-gate on subsequent trips to Malaysia.

*Note: You won’t be able to leave Malaysia via e-gate after your first registration as you’ll need to enter and exit the same way. For example, if you enter through manual counter, you’ll need to leave by manual counter.

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  1. May 2023: Thanks for article – Tried this, registered online and got verified. It worked once to exit, but was never able to enter again via the e-gate. System glitch somewhere, and I’m currently typing this while in the queue at JB immigration – Singaporeans back to queuing for hours like old times, some sitting on the floor. Egates showing verification error.

  2. Earlier in May 2023, I requested the immigration officer to activate the e-gates facilities at KLIA on arrival after I done the MDAC online prior. The officer told me that I can start to use the e-gate when leaving KL, so I tried but the e-gate can’t read my passport on my departure. After feedback to the officer at the counter, he asked if I like to try again but I just said next time as I need to be on time for my flight. Then I tried to get it activated at JB immigration (via Woodlands) 2 weeks later, the officer said the “system down” and thus can’t check my MDAC status. Seriously? What kind of infrastructure their government invested in? Malaysia really “boleh”!

  3. Thanks Dylan for this article, gonna try this for my future trip in JB.
    Love your personality! Hope to see you in the next trip ^_^

  4. I was at the msia custom today 5 Aug 23 with 2 other sis. Immigration staff told me yes I could use the egate next time I enter. Sis number 1 was told the truth sys down can’t take fingerprint. Sis number 2 was told she didn’t apply MDAC… all kind of nonsense reply that’s what we get. Yah true sg back to long hours of queue coz of their efficiency… fabulous that 3 officers can say 3 diff things. I guess they do not genuinely allow us to use egate without paying. Then we pay! Just buck up and provide decent service! OMG!

  5. I was in malaysia last month(Jul’23) and this month(Aug’23). When i ask for 1st registration for the finger print at the counter Malaysia custom just wave me off say dont have.
    I think they want us to pay to use the egate.

  6. I managed to register for egate via the manual counter at woodlands ciq on 26 April 23 (wed), and use the gate on my subsequent visit on 16-17 sep 23 (sat-sun).

    However, my parents were unable to register for the egate on 16 sep sat as “reg can only be done on working days mon- thurs”.


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