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Hakone Torii Gate - JR Pass Japan Budget Guide (Tokyo to Osaka)

An ever-popular destination no matter the season, the Land of the Rising Sun is nothing short of good food, amazing cleanliness, and a myriad of distinctive sub-cultures. A multi-faceted country once you start exploring deeper, there’s always something new to discover in Japan, where traditional and modern elements combine to form something special.

3 Days and 2 Nights in Kyoto Stepping out of the train onto the platform at Kyoto Station, everything seemed pretty much the same as the rest of Japan; Yet, Kyoto is a city unlike Osaka. Its rich natural environment...
Allow me to jump on the bandwagon of the highly raved animal cafes in Japan. I mean, they're just too cute not to write about. How can you not head to animal cafes in Osaka while you're there? Also read: Osaka Budget Guide...
3 Days in Osaka without bursting your budget Japan is one of those places that everyone who's visited raves about — the friendly and polite locals, the clean streets, a gastronomic heaven but... not so much the price. While we believe in...
People usually plan to travel to Osaka or Kyoto for their vacations as they are more popular among tourists. However, less than an hour’s pleasant ride away by train is Nara, Japan’s first permanent capital. There are many things...

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