For a limited time period, Pandora’s atmosphere is no longer poisonous to humans, and you can visit it this weekend at Gardens By The Bay from 28 October 2022!

Cloud Mountain Hometree Side - Things to do in Singapore

Spanning across five magical zones, the Cloud Forest we know of is now transformed into the world of Avatar. Journey through the bioluminescent world, learn about the Pandoran culture, and interact with mystical creatures — including a new character from the upcoming sequel! If you’re a huge fan, perhaps skip the sneak peak below and check it out for yourself before it ends in March 2023.

Entrance fee: S$35
Opening hours: 9AM – 9PM, last admission at 8:30PM
Exhibition period: 28 Oct 2022 – 31 March 2023

If curiousity’s got the better of you, check out what we found in the five magical zones:

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Zone 1 – 2: Pandora’s Flora and Fauna

Unique flora, fauna, and culture of Pandora at Gardens By The Bay - Avatar The Experience

Photo credit: Avatar The Experience

Entering Cloud Forest immediately transports you 4.5 lightyears to the incredible moon planet of Pandora.

Viperwolf Avatar - Things to do in Singapore

To really bring Pandora to life, Cloud Forest welcomed an additional 55,500 plants of more than 160 species and varieties. Among them, spot native Pandoran flora like Vein Pods, Fiddleheads, and wildlife like the Prolemuris (basically, alien monkeys) and Viperwolves!

Zone 3: The Connection

At The Connection Zone, get assimilated into the Na’vi world. Are you really at Pandora if you don’t have your own Avatar?

Avatar Yourself - Things to Do in Singapore

Step into pods to Avatarize Yourself — just a quick “full body scan” and your Na’vi self will be revealed. We looked more like scared amphibian humanoids but it’s probably just our faces 😂 Capture the QR code at the end to download your Avatar!

Girl Interacting with Hometree Avatar Cloud Mountain - Things to do in Gardens by The Bay

Then, head towards the bridge for the Sacred Space. It’s a recreation of the Hometree, where Na’vi clans live. Feel connected to “home” as you touch the bioluminescent lichens, and witness the neon vines and Panopyra on Cloud Mountain light up blue and purple in response!

Avatar Naiv Statues Arch - Things to do in Singapore

The rest of this zone brings you deeper into the forest and Na’vi culture. Here you’ll find impressive life-sized sculptures of Jake, Neytiri, and their offspring.

Hammerhead Titanothere Avatar Sculpture - Avatar The Experience

But the majestic Hammerhead Titanothere is what’ll stop you in your tracks — just like it did for Jake when he encountered it on his mission.

Lastly, pop into the Fire Pod and enjoy a shadow projection of your Na’vi self while learning about the culture!

Zone 4: Into Adventure

Girl Interacting With Banshee Avatar Crystal Mountain - Things to do at Gardens By The Bay Singapore

A rite of passage for any Na’vi folk is connecting with your own Banshee and soaring through the Hallelujah Mountains. And in Crystal Mountain, you can do just that.

Baby Banshee Avatar - Things to do in Singapore

The hyper-realistic life-sized animatronic Banshee left us in awe as it blinked, flapped, craned, and screeched. At one point, I was thoroughly convinced it was real! The cherry on top was seeing the baby Banshee — every time it cries, mama Banshee will reply 😱

Flying Banshee Hallelujah Mountain Simulation - Things to do in Singapore

Complete your encounter and Fly a Banshee yourself through the Hallelujah Mountains via motion tracking ✨

Ilu Cove Clous Forest Gallery Avatar - Avatar The Experience

Then, make your way down and get to know the latest discovery from the Pandoran oceans, the Ilu.

Zone 5: Encounter with Eywa

Light Installation - Things to do in Gardens By The Bay

Your trip to Pandora comes full circle in this final zone. Play around with the screens and watch the lights move with you alongside projections of Pandoran creatures.

Entrance of Tree of Souls - Things to do in Singapore

The multi-media fun doesn’t end there, walk through the alley of luminous branches and step into the wonderous Tree of Souls. This room is absolutely magical with its floor-to-ceiling screen — the entire floor is an interactive light projection too!

Tree of Souls Light Projection - Things to do in Singapore

Unleash your inner child as you run through Woodsprites and jump on Fan Lizards, before settling down to enjoy scenes from the world’s highest-grossing film.

Avatar: The Experience (available till Mar 2023)

Cloud Mountain Hometree At Night - Things to do in Singapore

Whether or not you’re a fan of Avatar, the immersive exhibitions and detailed hyper-realistic models are definitely worth checking out.

*Pro-tip: Visit closer to sunset to get the best of both day and night — the bioluminescence pops even more after dark ✨

Merchandise Gardens By The Bay Gift Shop - Things to do at Gardens By The Bay

And before going home, pop by The Gardens By The Bay gift shop for some Avatar merchandise. Bring a piece of Pandora home — from Na’vi tails to plushies, and even Lego sets.

Which Avatar: The Experience zone are you most excited about? Share with us below!



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