With an average of 7 long weekends in Singapore every year, it can sometimes feel like your friends are constantly traveling around the world — visiting beautiful destinations and getting that perfect picture worthy shot 😉

But are we really travellers when if we haven’t explored the beauty of our own home? A little creativity and sense of adventure goes a long way. Here are 10 picture worthy places in Singapore that can look like you’re traveling the world.

Challenge: can you guess where these places are? Answers are revealed at the end of each point.


All photos credit to: Joel Chua

1. Koh Samet, Thailand

Just casually flipping my hair back and forth on one of the wooden piers on Koh Samet – the breeze and mood on point. Sandy beaches and muscular hunks await for the weekend getaway~

Where we were: Lim Chu Kang Jetty. No sandy beaches or hunks, just an old wooden pier with a couple of private boats parked and occasional hipster instagrammers doing their thang.

gps spoof travel around the world lim chu kang jetty koh samet_
Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

How to get there: Take bus 925 and drop at Lim Chu Kang Road. The jetty is just ahead(:

Bonus: Catch sunrise and sunset here at Lim Chu Kang jetty! Skies will be dyed with gorgeous shades of crimson, definitely a moody vibe level up.

2. YuanMing Yuan in Beijing, China

Gentle winds and swaying willows along the rocky banks of China’s famed garden – YuanMing Yuan.

Where we were: Phor Khar See Monastry.
At the side of the monastry, you will find an entrance to their gardens – the key to your act of being in Beijing.

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

How to get there: Bus 52/13/410 and alight at Bef Bright Hill Tp. The temple is about 5 minutes walk away!

3. Dal Lake in Kashmir, India

A boating experience like no other – in a lake full of lotus blooms.

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

Where we were: Lotus pond inside Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park.
It was a pleasant surprise when we found that abandoned boat in the middle of a pond overflowing with lotus blooms. The boat was chained to a tree at the banks of the pond… so we hopped on!

How to get there: Take bus 853 and alight Opp Christ The King Ch. The pond is beside the playground and impossible to miss!

4. Bamboo Village in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Of zinc roofs and sandy paths… #TheTravelIntern #kampong #malaysia

A photo posted by Dingyi (@dingsleepy) on

Where we were: Kampong Lorong Buangkok
One of the only remaining kampongs in Singapore, be prepared for some village fun when you visit this small area. Expect houses topped with wood or zinc roofs and dirt grounds. We’ve even spotted a goose upon arrival! Really kampong indeed.


How to get there: Bus 72 from Hougang Mrt Station and alight Aft Yio Chu Kang Rd. Walk down the flight of stairs at the side of the petrol kiosk and “Malaysia” is right ahead!! :>

5. Croatia

Inviting waters and scenic greens that will take your breath away~

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

Where we were: Lower Pierce Reservoir Park

How to get there: Take bus 167/169 and alight at Opp S’wang Hill FC. The start of the walking trail is a 15 minutes walk away

6. Hoegne Valley in Ardennes, Belgium

Belgium ain’t all about chocolates and waffles. Took a nice stroll through the greens in Hoegne Valley and loving the place so much!

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

Where we were: Lower Pierce Reservoir
The walking trails are not long and arduous – pretty manageable but don’t forget your trekking outfit to complete the look. Oh yes! There are convenience stores near the reservoir park to get your cold drink fixes as well.

How to get there: Take bus 167/169 and alight at Opp S’wang Hill FC. The start of the walking trail is a 15 minutes walk away

7. Upper Merry Lake, North Arizona

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

Where we were: MacRitchie Reservoir
This mini jetty can be found near the kayak rentals in MacRitchie reservoir.

How to get there: Take bus 157 and alight Opp Macritchie Reservoir. Just cross the overhead bridge and… North Arizona :>

8. Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

Intricately carved railings lining the stairs…

Where we were: Phor Kark See Monastery
The vibes this monastery exuded screamed Chinese as we explored the place a little, looking for a photogenic spot.

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

How to get there: Take bus 410 and alight at Bef Bright Hill Tp. The monastery is impossible to miss!

Bonus: There was a mini flea market happening along the aisle of the monastery!

9. Airbnb apartment

Hotels, hostels, couch surfing… My favourite is definitely apartments from Airbnb! Reasonably priced comfort with fairy lights!!

Photo taken by Joel Chua (@_jjjoel_)

Where we were: IKEA Alexandra
Other than feasting on their meatballs, IKEA has a handful of showrooms with dreamy layouts and furniture… the perfect vacation apartment! Of course, brace yourself for all the homing judgemental stares as you make yourself comfortable in bed.

How to get there: Take bus 197 and alight at Blk 1.

10. Graffiti walls, New York City

You’ve never been  to New York without taking a photo with these walls! Loving the vibes of this graffiti wall and hoping I will never leave this gorgeous place.

Photo taken by Calvin (@calvin.pkl)

Where we were: Graffiti walls along the walls near the Singapore Arts Museum.
Bathe in our local arts scene where talents flaunt their skills. However, as these walls are along the roads, do be careful when capturing your New Yorker shot!

How to get there: Alight at Bras Basah MRT and the walls are a short walk away!(:

Do you know any other places in Singapore that looks like a foreign country? Share with us in the comments below!


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