After 6-months of intensive training, sleepless nights, and being thrown across the world, here’s what the interns have to say about The Travel Intern Programme

“This internship is going to be a lot tougher than it looks on social media, but trust that it’ll be an unparalleled learning experience whether you’re a writer, videographer or marketer. Everyone embodies a learning spirit here and every day, I’m learning something new from my peers to be a better writer, traveller and person.” — Travis, TTI Jr. Editor

“Stepping foot in places I’ve never been, experiencing exciting things I’ve never imagined, and gaining life lessons that sitting in a regular office would never have allowed me to — to me, this is the best deal in life I’ve signed myself up for thus far, and will definitely be what defines me forever.” — Edelyn, TTI Community Manager


“Being in TTI has been a crazy fulfilling experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. It has continuously pushed me past boundaries I never thought I’d conquer. If you’re up for (lots of) adventures and have a passion to create, this is the perfect place to be” — Sherry, TTI Videographer

“This internship has taught me to push my limits, think out of the box and to constantly come up with fresh ideas for better content. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far and looking forward to more adventures!” — Jerome, TTI Videographer

“During this 6-month internship, I’ve done a lot more amazing activities than I have the rest of my life so far.. All the while with supportive and wack-ass fun colleagues and bosses. One thing I took away was that “you miss 100% of chances you don’t take”. So what are you waiting for?“ — Michelle, TTI Writer

“It’s been one endless adventure going on overnight hikes, conquering my fears, all while sharpening my skills and finding my voice as a writer. If you’re thinking about applying, don’t hesitate — there’s no better place to improve your craft than all around the world! 🙂“ — Nicole, TTI Writer

“I’ve grown so much as a content creator and as a traveller in the last 6 months. There is never a dull moment at TTI – you’re constantly sent off on crazy adventures with the craziest people. You won’t find a job like this anywhere else!” — Clarence, TTI7 Videographer & Host

Never have I looked forward to going to work so much — The Travel Intern will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s taking charge of your own content, having the creative space to break new frontiers, broadening horizons on every new trip, or just plainly having conversations/cookouts with the best community of people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity i’ll never forget and count myself lucky to get! :’) Karin, TTI8 Writer

I’ve gained so much from this internship. From seeing the untouched parts of the world to learning new editing skills, I’ve enjoyed every single minute. The past six months have been one hell of a ride for me and the only disappointing thing is that it has to come to an end. I will definitely miss travelling the world, meeting new people, and most of all, sharing silly moments with the TTI family. If you’re looking for a challenge to step out of your comfort zone and grow into a better person and content creator, this is the place to be. Aldridge, TTI8 Videographer

My time at TTI so far has been nothing short of amazing. I look forward to work each day knowing I’m surrounded by great people fuelled by a common sense of adventure and desire to capture and share extraordinary moments! Kimberly, TTI8 Writer

They weren’t lying when they said to expect the unexpected. I’ve been sent to numerous destinations, many that I’d never see myself going, done multiple things I’ve had the courage of doing, and created strong bonds with the people around me. TTI has definitely helped me grow as a person and the experience is definitely one that I will cherish forever!Harris, TTI8 Videographer

“Leave all your expectations at the door and buckle up. You’re in for the ride of your (intern) life.” — Ria, TTI7 Writer & Host

“There’s no doubt when I say that this is the best internship experience ever. If travelling around the world, documenting it all through articles and videos, having creative freedom, meeting amazing humans and eating food around the world sounds like your cup of tea, there’s no better time than now to join us in TTI (and did I mention that you get paid to do all that?)” — Chloe, TTI7 Videographer & Host

“I found my dream job in The Travel Intern — one that has cultivated an innate curiosity about the world, and continually pushes me beyond my current capabilities. Work becomes less of a chore and more of an exciting prospect when, every day, you’re surrounded by talented people who not only work hard, but know how to have a good time too.” — Renald, TTI7 Writer & Host

“My perception of travel has been altered drastically. No longer is it merely an opportunity of escape from the humdrum of daily life, but it serves as a conduit to learn about and experience new cultures. Ultimately, as a Travel Intern, you are challenged daily to step out of your comfort zone, both creativity and experientially.” — Lucas, TTI7 Videographer & Host

Featured - TTI Ambassadors Boot Camp Phuket

“There’s so much talent fuelled with fiery passion for life all concentrated in one place. Adventures or misadventures, I’m loving every bit of it, and am so lucky to have learnt so much as a traveller and creator. To those who are applying: dream big and just apply!” — Vivian, TTI6 Writer

“Dancing in the rain in Phuket, catching sunsets in Santorini, chugging 1L beers in Berlin and waking up above a sea of clouds in Khao Kho. These are some of my fond memories from my past few trips with TTI. You get to travel for work and have a blast while you’re at it. What are you waiting for?“ — Michael, TTI6 Videographer

Vietnam Bootcamp Reflection

“Being a Travel Intern has allowed me to check things off my bucket list; chased the sunrise on a hot air balloon, ran around in the desert, all while doing what I enjoy — capturing incredible moments.“ — Isaac, TTI6 Videographer & Photographer

“While it’s fun, it can get challenging at times; but if you’re truly passionate about it, nothing is unattainable! I wouldn’t trade this amazing opportunity and experience with The Travel Intern for anything.” — Akif, TTI5 Videographer & Photographer


Being surrounded by like minded colleagues has empowered me to push my creative boundaries. I’ve also become better at keeping calm under pressure, especially when things don’t go according to plan. Joining TTI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I haven’t looked back since! — Xinyee, TTI5 Videographer

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