Railway tracks are so last season — Check out these 11 lesser known Instagrammable spots along Singapore’s Rail Corridor instead!

Earlier this year, you might’ve seen your Instagram feed flood with pictures of people posing on railway tracks. For example:

Girl on Bukit Timah Truss Bridge along Rail Corridor

Turns out this was taken at the Bukit Timah truss bridges! These are easily the highlights of a newly reopened 4km stretch on the Rail Corridor Central, after two years of enhancement works.

For those who may not know, the Rail Corridor was formerly a Malaysian KTM railway line used for transporting goods between Singapore and the Malay Peninsula in the early 20th century.

In 2011, the railway land was returned to Singapore. Since then, it has been developed into a nature trail spanning 24km from the north to the south of the country.

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Railway Tracks at Bukit Timah Railway Station along Rail Corridor

Due to the natural landscapes near the trail, it’s also known as the Green Corridor. This means there’s more to see other than the IG-famous railway tracks.

So, here are 11 lesser known Instagrammable spots to look out for along the Rail Corridor.

1) Rainbow Bridge Near Kranji

Empty Rainbow Bridge Exterior Rail Corridor

Confession, the Rainbow Bridge isn’t exactly along the Rail Corridor but it’s near enough. It isn’t as popular as the Bukit Timah truss bridges on Instagram, but worth travelling out to check out.

Boy on Rainbow Bridge Rail Corridor

Other than serving as a shortcut for foreign workers from the nearby Kranji Lodge 1, not much is known about the bridge.

You can start your journey here before hiking along a trail towards the entrance of the Rail Corridor.

Opening hours: 5AM – 12AM
How to get there: From the bus stop opposite Kranji MRT (NSL) station, take bus 170 and alight at Kranji Lodge 1 (2 stops). You can also walk 1.3km down Woodlands Road towards the bridge.

*Pro-tip: Arrive after 8AM for the bridge to be empty to take pictures, as workers will be crossing the bridge to get to work.

2) Secluded Pathway to Kranji Close

Girl on Secluded Pathway to Kranji Close Rail Corridor

After crossing the Rainbow Bridge, turn right and pass through a gate. You’ll see a pathway on the left, which will lead you to Kranji Close.

Open Gate to Path from Rainbow Bridge Rail Corridor

The open-air pathway is surrounded by lush greenery and you’ll be immersed in nature, hearing nothing but the chirping of birds under the beautiful blue sky.

Opening Hours on Gate Sign Rainbow Bridge Rail Corridor

*Pro-tip: According to a notice, the gate connecting the Rainbow Bridge to the pathway will be closed from 5AM – 10AM and 5PM – 10PM. Do take note of the timing or you’ll have to detour back to the main road to access the path.

3) Abandoned Flyover Along Rail Corridor North (From Kranji to Hillview)

Abandoned Flyover Surrounded by Trees Rail Corridor Central

The intersection at Kranji Close marks the entrance of Rail Corridor North, which covers the trail from Kranji to Hillview. After crossing the 1km sign, you’ll see a flyover with graffiti scribbled on its pillars. While there aren’t any fancy artwork, it’s still perfect for a hipster photoshoot.

Boy at Graffiti Pillars Near Abandoned Flyover Rail Corridor

Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there: From Kranji MRT (NSL) station, take bus 925 and alight at Opposite Ordinance Supply Base (4 stops). Then, walk 130m towards the Rail Corridor Kranji Point entrance.

*Pro-tip: We had to cross a muddy section at the entrance, so be prepared to get down and dirty even before entering the trail.


Aug 2021 Update: Some hikers have reported that the Northern Route Entrance at Kranji Close is currently closed for maintenance

4) Tall Lalang Grass and Canopy Trees Down the North Trail

Girl Among Tall Lalang Rail Corridor

Down the same trail along Rail Corridor North, you’ll pass under an MRT track and enter an open area with tall lalang grass and huge trees with canopies.

Blue Skies and Canopy Trees Rail Corridor

With the overgrown vegetation and no building in sight along that small stretch, it’s easy to sometimes forget you’re still in Singapore!

5) Singapore Quarry Bridge

People on Singapore Quarry Bridge Rail Corridor

When hiking along the Rail Corridor Central, you won’t be able to miss the Singapore Quarry Bridge. If you begin the trail from the Rail Mall, it’ll be the first bridge you’ll see.

Head up to the bridge via a flight of stairs to Dairy Farm Nature Park or the Singapore Quarry lookout point.

People Hiking Near Singapore Quarry Bridge Along Rail Corridor

Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there: From Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) or Bukit Panjang (DTL) station exit A, take bus 67/170/178/961 and alight at The Rail Mall (7 stops) to get to the entrance of the Rail Corridor Central.

6) Cliff Walls at Singapore Quarry

Cliff at Singapore Quarry Rail Corridor

Filled with aquatic life, the Singapore Quarry is a popular spot among visitors hiking along the Dairy Farm Nature Park. Look closely and you’ll see dragonflies flitting over the water.

There’s even a viewing platform where you can admire the cliff walls from afar — a rare sight in Singapore’s largely urban landscape.

Opening hours: 8AM – 5:30PM
How to get there: From the Singapore Quarry Bridge, there’ll be a small path leading you to the paved main road. Turn right once you’ve hit the road and keep walking straight until you see the Singapore Quarry lookout point.

7) Clementi Forest Secret Lookout Point

Girl at Secret Lookout Point Clementi Forest Rail Corridor

Clementi Forest is a true hidden gem and worth spending an hour exploring. But you don’t have to venture too far off the Rail Corridor to get some Instagrammable shots!

Huge Tree at Clementi Forest Rail Corridor

Here’s a hidden lookout point not many may know — just look out for a huge grass patch with bushes and shrubs growing near large canopy trees (pictured above).

There’ll be a small path on the grass patch leading you to the edge and you’ll know it’s the right lookout point if you see a deep ravine at the bottom.

This area is located between the Bukit Timah Railway Station and the Bukit Timah Diversion Canal.

Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there: From the Bukit Timah Railway Station, walk 10mins along the Rail Corridor Central towards Holland Road. You’ll reach a vast area of greenery on your right, where it will overlook Clementi Forest.

8) Clementi Forest Red Metal Beams

Boy on Red Metal Beams Near Clementi Forest

Next to the lookout point is a quaint path leading you to a series of red metal beams. For the adventurous, slide down the slope to climb onto the beams for a picturesque photo.

People Down the Slope Red Metal Beam Rail Corridor

Be careful when heading down the slope as it can be quite steep. Our suggestion is to stay low when going down.

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9) Bukit Timah Diversion Canal

Wide and Vast Valley Rail Corridor

Past the Clementi Forest, you’ll find this stunning valley. It’s a great area to sit down and enjoy a breath of fresh air after trawling through the nature trails.

Named the Bukit Timah Diversion Canal, it runs under the Rail Corridor and measures 3.2km from Bukit Timah Road to Clementi Road. Built in 1972, it’s purpose is to divert stormwater from the upstream section of the Bukit Timah Canal to Sungei Ulu Pandan.

Opening hours: 24 hours
How to get there:
From the Clementi Forest secret lookout point, walk on for 4mins along the trail towards Holland Road. You definitely can’t miss the valley!

10) Hindhede Quarry

Hindhede Quarry Lookout Point Hiking in Singapore

From the Hindhede bridge along the Rail Corridor Central, you can detour to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

The Hindhede Nature Park and Hindhede Quarry is located next to the reserve and features a variety of flora and fauna.

Girl Hiking Along Hindhede Nature Park Boardwalk

You can even grab some photos along the boardwalk too, but try not to block other visitors from walking through.

At the end of the path, you’ll be greeted by an incredible view of the quarry. We even met some keen birdwatchers stationed with their huge cameras!

Opening hours: 7AM – 7PM
How to get there: Exit the Rail Corridor from the Hindhede bridge and cut through the road and residential houses. Keep walking straight until you see the entrance of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Take the boardwalk on the left and follow the signs to the Hindhede Quarry lookout point.

*Pro-tip: The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a good pit stop along the Rail Corridor Central if you need to go to the toilet or refill your water bottle! For more quarries nearby, check out our Dairy Farm Nature Park Guide.

11) Portsdown Road Water Tank

Girl on Portsdown Road Water Tank Hiking Activities

Last but not the least, you can visit the Portsdown Road Water Tank just off Rail Corridor South.

It’s a tall, concrete and abandoned water tower located at the top of a hill. Hidden among black and white colonial-era apartments, it makes for an unconventional photo spot!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info on the water tank. But here’s a fun fact: The nearby apartments used to belong to British officers when Singapore was under colonial rule.

How to get there: From Holland Village (CCL) station exit A, take bus 61 and alight at Blk 37B (6 stops). Walk 500m along Commonwealth Drive towards Woking Road.

Steer Off the Beaten Path and See Where it Leads You

People Sitting Near Railway Tracks Along Rail Corridor

For me, hiking the Rail Corridor isn’t just about railway tracks but more of exploring hidden gems along the way. I mean, there’s no fun in following a paved road without the occasional detours right?

Who knows, sometimes steering off the beaten path can reward you with some of the most unexpected discoveries, as it did for us!

Discovered any other lesser known Instagrammable spots not in this list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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