From watching the northern lights and exploring ice caves to gawking at surreal rock formations formed by volcanic activity, Iceland is a country of both ice and fire. Climb and hike the massive glaciers at Sólheimajökull, and the view at Jökulsárló’s icebergs are bound to astound you.


    Country Code: +354
    Time Zone: GMT (8 hours behind Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Jun – Aug
    Four Seasons: Yes
    Currency: Icelandic Króna, ISK (kr)

    Tap water: Safe to drink
    AC Socket Type: Type C & F – 230V 50Hz
South Korea Power Plug - Types C & F - 220V 60Hz


Icelanders can speak English very well, but we can probably never speak Icelandic like them. Here are a couple of words we will all be unlikely to pronounce!

  • Hello/Greetings – Halló/Góðan daginn
  • Thank you – Takk
  • Excuse me – Fyrirgefðu
  • Good – Góður/Góð (male/female)
  • Nice to meet you – Gaman að kynnast þér
  • Famous Volcano that erupted in 2010 stopping air traffic in Europe – Eyjafjallajökull