To all treasure hunters and clue-solving detectives, this challenge is for you.

Rediscover the hidden gems of Singapore in a brand new Choose-Your-Own-Adventure video series and you could win up to S$3,500 of prizes.

Your Task: Follow a group of close friends (Rachel, Harish, and Sam) down memory lane as they revisit 20 lesser-known locations from their childhood. Your job is to determine the exact location of a time capsule hidden by their friend Lesha.

You will play the role of “Sam” and control what happens next in this adventure. Will you ally with Rachel? Or will you follow Harish? Every decision matters as it’ll unravel hidden clues that bring you a step closer to finding the hidden time capsule and winning the grand prize.

Adventure best experienced on the desktop or YouTube App.

Learn About The 20 Locations

Contest Mechanics

UPDATE (2359hrs 19 Dec 2021): Contest has closed

Think you know the exact location of the time capsule? Complete the form below to enter the contest! For an additional chance in the draw, share with us a hidden gem (and tell us why it’s special) in the comments of the first video on YouTube.

Hint: Watch all the videos to uncover the clues. Some are more obvious than the rest.

UPDATE (2106hrs 24 Dec 2021): Answer & Winners Announcement

ANSWER: The time capsule is hidden (under) the (Dragon feature of the Ancient Gate) at
(Gillman Barracks)

Huge congratulations to Keith Neubronner for getting the most accurate answer and winning the Grand Prize of a 2D1N Staycation at Andaz Singapore and a $1,000 Klook Gift Card!

Congratulations as well to the 20 Consolation Prize Winners of a $100 Klook Gift Card.

Jennifer Sng Lay Ying Brenda Goh Zhi Qi
Kung Wei Lun Alan Chew Si Qi Agnes
Low Wee Kie Jasmine Chow Xin En Rachel Faith
Sharlen Liew Chua Dian Chao Kenneth
Soo Ming Hong Darrius Cheong Kok Weng
Fang Hui Hui Soo Ming Jin
Soo Ming Wei Fang Jean Jean
Hariharan Mohanabala Krishnan Fang Pin Sern
To Hui Qi Tricia Yong Rae Myn, Sara
Yeo Peng Heng Soo Wan Ling


Our team will be contacting you shortly via email.


Grand Prize:
2D1N Stay at Andaz Singapore* worth S$655 + S$1000 Klook Gift Vouchers
Andaz Singapore Rooms

20 x Runner-Up Prizes:
$100 Klook Gift Vouchers each

This contest is open to both local and international audiences. Multiple entries are allowed.

The correct or closest answer will win the Grand Prize, while the next 20 closest answers will win the Runner-Up Prize. In the event that there are multiple correct answers, a random draw will be conducted to determine the winner(s).

Contest ends: 2359hrs, 19th Dec 2021
*Please refer to the full Terms & Conditions for details.


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