Long seen as the gateway to Africa, Morocco is more than just a country that sits of the northern edge of the African continent. With its unique blend of European influences with Arabic and aboriginal Berber cultures, Morocco is a good place to see varied cultural heritages through its architecture and the locals’ way of life.


    Country Code: +212
    Time Zone: GMT +1 hours (7 hours behind Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Feb – May
    Four Seasons: Yes
    Currency: Moroccan Dirham, MAD (DH)

    Tap water: Unsafe to drink
    AC Socket Type: Types C & E – 220V 50Hz
Morocco Power Plug - Type C and E


Languages: Standard Arabic, Berber, Moroccan Arabic, and French

While the younger generation of Moroccans do understand English, most Moroccans do not speak a word of it. In fact, you’ll have a better chance finding someone who understands you speaking French. Here are some Moroccan Arabic (Darija) phrases that will ease your communication with the locals.

  • Hello/Greetings – Assalamu Alaikum / Salam
  • Response to the above greeting – Wa-alaikum salam
  • Thank you – Choukran
  • Please – Afak
  • Sorry – Smahli
  • Yes/Ok – Wakha
  • No – La
  • Goodbye – Bislama