Last updated: 8 Feb 2022

Being the largest theme park in South Korea, Everland’s sheer size is enough to send some into panic attacks. Not only are there both outdoor and indoor rides, there’s even a zoo within its compounds!

Also, situated in Yongin, getting to Everland is an adventure in itself as taking public transportation can take up to two-hours from Seoul city.

Like most people, we sought to find remedies and hacks to make our trip to Everland an easier and more cost-effective one. So, we’ve come up with the guide below. Half the battle is won when you are armed with a comprehensive Everland guide.

But before you go on, here’s a helpful guide to help in your planning for a trip to South Korea!

Pre-trip Planning

1) Pre-purchase your tickets online

Everland Entrance Tickets - Everland Guide

Tickets can be purchased from the ticket counters at Everland itself, but honestly, no one queues up for tickets anymore. Save time by getting your entrance tickets before even getting there.

For an Adult day ticket that usually costs ₩48,000 – ₩68,000 (~S$48 – S$68) depending on the period of visit, get it at a discounted rate online!

2) Getting to Everland from Seoul City

There are several ways to get from Seoul to Everland, check them out below:

(1) By Subway/Metro (Yongin Ever Line)

– Seoul Station → Suwon Station
Transfer to Bundang Line: Suwon Station → Giheung Station
Transfer to Everline Line: Giheung Station → Jeondae Everland Station
From Jondae Station, take the free shuttle bus service to Everland

Approx time: 122 mins
Cost: ₩2,450 (one way)

(2) By Public Bus

– Bus No.5002 from Gangnam Stn. Exit 5

Approx time: 40 – 50 minutes
Cost: ₩2,450 (one way)

(3) By Shuttle Bus

For ₩12,000, there is an Everland shuttle bus that leaves from central locations within Seoul such as Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam, straight to Everland. You can pay for the ticket when you board the bus.

Alternatively, you can pre-purchase the same transport on Klook for ~S$11.

Time: Approx. 50 – 70 mins
Bus fare: ₩12,000/pax OR S$11 on Klook (round-trip)

(4) By Tour

Klook also has a Day Trip Package, which includes a visit to Everland as well as Yongin Folk Village. For ~S$245, round-trip transfers to and from your hotel will be provided, plus entry tickets to both attractions.

3) Peak periods and Korean Holidays to avoid

Other than the obvious weekends, try to avoid Summer vacation (mid-Jul to mid-Aug), Chuseok Holidays a.k.a “Korean Thanksgiving Day” (15th day of the 8th lunar month), Christmas, and New Year.

Arriving at Everland

4) Everland’s Themed Zones
Everland Guide Map - Everland Guide

There are five themed zones in Everland, starting from the main entrance in an anti-clockwise direction: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zoo Topia.

There are paper maps available at the entrance and most stands, grab a map and orientate your way! Alternatively, download the Everland mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store to get a live view of your location in the park. Take note of the rides you absolutely must experience before leaving. Our unanimous favourite was the T-Express — one of the most exhilarating wooden roller coasters in the world.


5) Must-see shows and Programmes

Everland Day Parade Performers - Everland Guide

– Parade: 2:30PM and 8:30PM (location: Carnival Square)
– Fireworks: 9:30PM (location: Four Seasons Garden)

There are no printed programme lists in Everland, so do take note of programme timings if you are interested in watching performances or catching the parade.

*Pro-tip: Programme timings are flashed on the TV screens at the entrance, so snap a picture with your phone or camera for easy reference!

Everland Day Parade - Guide

*Pro-tip: Arrive early for the parades and fireworks show to secure a good viewing spot.

6) Ideal Route for Thrill Seekers

Adrenaline junkies, here’s a highly recommended route for you.

Thrill-seekers Route - Everland Guide
Everland Guide for the Thrill-Seekers

(1) European Adventure (T-Express, Rotating House)
(2) Magic Land (Thunder Falls)
(3) American Adventure (Robot VR, Hurricane, Double Rock Spin, Rolling X-Train, Let’s Twist)
(4) Global Fair (Kpop hologram, Grand Emporium to shop)
(5) Zootopia (Safari World, Amazon Express, Lost Valley)

While this is the most logical route for thrill-seekers, don’t limit yourself when you are there! Be open to changes (in case certain rides are close) and try other rides that are not listed here!

7) Our Top 5 Favourite Rides

1 — T-Express

T-Express -Best Roller Coasters Around the World
Credit: Everland Resort’s pinterest. T-Express Roller Coaster.

The first wooden roller coaster in South Korea, T-Express remains a top favourite to both locals and foreign visitors of Everland. With speed topping at 104km/h and a vertical drop height of 77º, T-Express is really not for the faint-hearted.

Avg. waiting time: 120mins
Thrill factor: 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲
Fun factor: 😀 😀 😀 😀

*Pro-tip: If you’re purchasing only one Q-Pass ticket, T-express is the one you should purchase for. There are no single-rider lanes for this ride, and waiting time can go beyond 200mins on weekends or holidays.

2 — Robot VR

You know the future is now when Virtual Reality (VR) is incorporated into rides.

In Everland, there’s the Robot VR that allows riders to experience rides like never before, turning 360º on a robotic arm, while looking through VR goggles.

Robot VR Tickets - Everland Guide

Note: You’ll need to pay a separate fee of ₩5,000/pax (~S$5) for this ride. Payment via T-Money or credit card only.

Avg. waiting time: 5mins
Thrill factor: 😲 😲
Fun factor: 😀 😀 😀

3 — Hurricane
Zoom in of Hurricane ride of Everland - Everland Guide

A rotating pendulum roller coaster that allows riders to feel what’s it like being caught in a hurricane. This ride is more fun than scary and if you’re lucky, you might even catch a staff dancing along with funky moves to the tunes.

Avg. waiting time: 30mins
Thrill factor: 😲
Fun factor: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

4 — Double Rock Spin

Double Rock Spin - Everland Guide

Ever wondered how being in a washing machine feels like? Wonder no more.

The Double Rock Spin spins riders at 360º for five to six consecutive rounds while blasting rock music you’ll never hear anyway as everyone will be screaming at the top of their voices. Folks who are prone to motion sickness might want to give this ride a miss.

Avg. waiting time: 30mins
Thrill factor: 😲 😲 😲 😲 😲
Fun factor: 😀 😀 😀

5 — Rolling X-Train

Rolling X-Train -Everland Guide
Rolling X-Train. Credit: Everland

This ride is a mini roller coaster that boasts spiral rotations and two complete 360º loop-to-loop sections. While it’s not the scariest ride, it sure will leave one feeling disoriented from all the twists and loops.

Avg. waiting time: 20mins
Thrill factor: 😲 😲
Fun factor: 😀 😀 😀

8) Other Recommended Routes

For families with kids or older folks:

One reason why Everland is so popular among people across ages is that there are many different zones that cater to guests of different age groups and interests.

If you are travelling with young kids or older folks, you might want to spend more time in Global Fair, Magic Land, and Zootopia.

In Global Fair, there are a couple of retail shops such as cosmetic shops Etude House, and even a LINE Friends Store.

Family-Oriented route - Everland Guide
Everland Guide for the Family-Oriented

Global Fair > Magic Land > Zootopia > Parade (Carnival Square) > Fireworks (Four Seasons Garden)

Magic Land

T-Express - Everland Guide

In Magic Land, there are semi-adventurous rides for the little ones who enjoy some breeze in their hair. There’s the Magic Swing, Bumper Car, and Helicycle, which are enjoyed by all ages.

Then, head over to Zootopia and get up close to animals such as lions, tigers, giraffes, and more!

Night Parade performers - Everland Guide

Lastly, catch the night parade and fireworks before calling it a day.

Fireworks Show - Everland Guide

The must-dos if time is tight:

Only planned half a day for Everland? If you’re not a FOMO freak, it will be good news to know that the best of Everland can be conquered within just four hours. Skip the kiddy Magic Land entirely and just focus on American and European Adventures.

Must-do if time is tight route - Everland Guide
Everland Guide for the time-tight ones

Hurricane > Rolling X-Train >Thunder Falls > T-Express > Amazon Express

*Pro-tip: Ask theme park staff for shortcuts and the fastest routes to your intended locations.

9) Rides which require top up $ with the T-money

Earlier on, we mentioned the Robot VR Ride that was a paid facility. Other than that, there are other paid facilities within the park that are worth your bucks.

Gyro VR - Everland Guide
Gyro VR. Credit: samsungcnt

The Gyro VR, another VR ride, brings players on an alien-invasion ride with its 360º spinning rig. Similar to Robot VR, there’s a fee of ₩5,000/pax for each ride.

Other paid facilities include the Live Hologram at ₩3,000/pax (~S$3), and the Horror Maze at ₩5,000/pax.

Although we did not personally get to experience these paid attractions, we’ve heard great things about them. So do give them a try if you have enough time and credits on your T-Money.

10) Eating in Everland

Churros - Everland Guide

There are many food stalls within Everland’s various themed zones. If you are looking for a variety of options, head to Holland Village, where there are 12 European-style restaurants with 1,000 outdoor seats.

If Korean cuisine is more towards your liking, there’s the Korean restaurant Han-ga-ram that serves up free portions of Tteokgalbi 떡갈비 (short rib patties) with every course menu ordered. Also, theme park staples such as Turkey Leg and Churros are also available at various snack stands within the park.

*Pro-tip: Outside food can be brought into Everland, so that saves you some money as we all know food in theme parks can be expensive. We personally bought rolls of Kimbap from Myeongdong station which were really yummy and a convenient snack to have on the go.

*DO NOT hold the food items in your hands when entering rides, however, as they will be confiscated.

11) Shopping in Everland

Global Fair - Everland Guide

The Grand Emporium in Global Fair is the largest retail shop in Everland. Make this the last stop of your day in Everland for final purchases as it is located just next to the main entrance/exit.

*Pro-tip: Leave your shopping to the last to save time! Since Grand Emporium has most, if not all, of the merchandise you find in the smaller gift shops of each themed area anyway.

12) Seasonal Events

Halloween Performance - Everland Guide

When we visited Everland in October, the entire theme park was decorated with Halloween elements. Also, the park extended its closing hour to 10PM, which made it a really good deal as we had more time to utilise our day tickets. An additional Halloween-themed zone, Blood City, was also set up.

Zombie Performance - Everland Guide

In it, there are activities such as haunted houses, VR rides, and games for guests. The T-Express, Amazon Express, and Horror Safari continued their operations well after sunset. Experiencing the rides in the night does add to the thrill and scare factor.

Do look out for upcoming festive events during the Christmas period if you are planning a trip to Korea this year-end when Everland transforms into a big winter wonderland. Also, although certain rides will be closed during winter, there will be sledding activities set up in Everland!

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Besides having Everland shuttle bus transfers at discounted prices, you can also get your travel essentials such as SIM card, Discover Seoul Pass, and dining vouchers at cheaper rates when you purchase from Klook.

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  1. I visited Everland this May and I really enjoyed it. I was not able to ride the T express because it was closed due to strong winds. My favorite zone is Zootopia.

  2. I spent today (15th August) at Everland theme park with my wife and just back to my hotel in central Seoul to find 44,000 was taken from my wallet whilst I was on one of the rollercoaster rides. I know for a fact it was during my time on Rolling X Train rollercoaster ride as it was the only time I was without my wallet! I had placed my wallet in my wifes handbag as I thought it would be safe by putting it there ONLY after the staff had requested I remove anything in my pockets and put it in the shelving area next to the exit area of the ride.

    I had my wallet on me at all other times during the day so I know the money went missing then. Awaiting to hear if Everland security comes back to me after reviewing CCTV

  3. We’re planning on visiting around Halloween 2018. What are the dates you’ll celebrate your Halloween Theme ? Can we come dressed in our Halloween Costumes?

    • Hi Leah, we’re uncertain of Everland’s plans as we were simply sharing our experience! There might be news on their official site and social media pages!

  4. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. Am planning to go this coming november. I understand you waited for the fireworks at 9.30pm. Did you make it on time to the shuttle bus at 10.15pm? Bcoz i went there b4 and if I’m not mistaken I remember four seasons garden is quite far from the entrance/exit.

  5. Hi, We will entre Everland on 9/11/2018.
    It is cold weather? My travel agency said no advisable to visit Everland during cold weather.
    They said a few game will close.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Eikka,

      Yes, it will be cold in November, but you’ll be able to enjoy Everland’s special Halloween festival (until 11/11/2018).
      We don’t know if any rides will be closed, but I guess the Halloween festival will make up for it! 🙂


    • Hi Emma,
      Everland will still be open in January, but outdoor rides such as T-Express may not be operating due to the cold weather. If you are more keen on taking the roller coaster rides, I’ll not advise you to visit Everland in winter. There will, however, be winter-themed attractions ongoing as well such as a sledding hill. So if you’re into winter activities, Everland can be quite fun too!
      Hope this helps! Enjoy!
      -Edelyn 🙂

  6. How frequently the shuttle bus run from Jeondae Everland Station (near Ramada Hotel)? I plan to take my whole family with 7&10 yrs old kids with my parents 70+ yrs old.

    Staying there for a night is a good idea? Thing I worried most is transportation from Ramda Yongin to Everland during the day (in case if elderly and kids are tired)

    Thanks for your response in advance

    • Hi Praphan,
      Thanks for your question, but we’re afraid that we are unable to assist you on this as we didn’t take the shuttle bus you mentioned. It should be frequent as the shuttle bus ride itself from Jeondae Everland Station to Everland is only 5 mins. Thanks & have fun!

  7. Any advise if a visit to Everland during the Korea Public Holiday Chuseok week is advisable? Half of the comments says that it is advisable as most people would be spending time with their family members during chuseok while half the comments I hear is strongly against going during public holidays saying it would be crowded. I’m stuck in the itinerary planning

    • Hi Jane! We personally haven’t been to Everland during the Chuseok holidays but from what I know, Everland is always crowded because it’s popular among both locals and foreign visitors. I’ll say to just go ahead and visit Everland since you’re already going to Korea 🙂

  8. Hi morning , we planned to come everland on this November . So what kind of activities that involve us with snow ? And can you recommend us the things that most of the tourist do (highlight) on winter and what is the best day to go there ?

    • Hi Fauzi! We’ve not been to Everland in winter, but as far as I know, there are snow activities like snow sledding and tubing. But I’ll suggest that you check directly through Everland’s official site for the most updated information and activity schedule 🙂

    • Hi Catherine, there are shuttle services from Myeongdong to Everland, you can find out more about the shuttle service from the official site. South Korea is a pretty safe country to visit solo, and I trust Everland would be the same! 🙂

  9. Hi, Thank you for the article.

    I’m going to Everland for the Saturday before Halloween. Can you tell me if the rides like T-Express are included with my ticket I purchased on Klook? “Everland Ticket Gyeonggi-do”, I’m seeing conflicting reports on if you need to buy just the admission or the admission + rides. I spent 37,000 and this is the pass for foreigners only. (I’m assuming I need my passport). Can I ride any rides as much as I’d like?

    Also, I wear glasses. Do they provide a place to leave valuables/bags while on the rides?

    • Hi Aaron, rides like T-Express are included with your Everland ticket. And yes, you can ride any rides as many times as you like. Rides that require separate payment have signboards in front of them and there are not many of those, mostly are VR-related rides. Do note that if you want the Q-Pass ticket (fast pass), it has to be purchased separately. If I didn’t remember wrongly, there are shelves to put your bags/personal belongings at next to the rides. Hope this helps!

  10. This Really helped me in preparing our DIY Travel itinerary. We plan on going to Seoul this October 2020, and as early as now, we want to prepare various itineraries just in case we can’t do some planned activities. But I insisted to my friends to we should go to Everland. They made me research everything to know, and I guess I found some important information in this article. Great help. Thank You.

    • Hi Carlson, glad to hear that this guide has helped you. Just holla at us if you need more advice for Seoul or South Korea! 🙂
      If you have Telegram app, you can also join a travellers group chat ( to ask or give advice on travel-related stuff.
      Thank you.

  11. Hello, thank you for sharing this guide.
    I have a question. With 1 day ticket, is it possible to enter Everland, then go out and re-enter again within a day? Or is it one time entry only?

    • Hi Annie, the ticket should allow re-entry. However, do note that Everland is very big and has many food options within, so there’s no need to exit Everland to grab food outside. TheQR code ticket allows seamless entry into Everland and is cheaper than getting tickets at the park. Hope this helps 🙂


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