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The Travel Intern Programme: Application Open (Feb – Jul 2019)

TL;DR: If you love to travel and have a zest for creating inspiring content that helps people travel better, smarter and braver we’re looking for you!

Travel better, smarter, braver.

The most epic 6-month internship

Everyone dreams of travelling for free. But what if you can get paid doing what you love? — Learn the tricks of the trade, collect experiences most can only dream of, while adding relevant marketing skills to your resume!

For those who love to travel and create inspiring content, this is probably the best job in the world.

But don’t just take it from us, here’s what the last interns had to say:

Travis Chan - The Travel Intern

“This internship is going to be a lot tougher than it looks on social media, but trust that it’ll be an unparalleled learning experience whether you’re a writer, videographer or marketer. Everyone embodies a learning spirit here and every day, I’m learning something new from my peers to be a better writer, traveller and person.”Travis, TTI Writer & Host

Sherry Wong - sherrified

“Being in TTI has been a crazy fulfilling experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. It has continuously pushed me past boundaries I never thought I’d conquer. If you’re up for (lots of) adventures and have a passion to create, this is the perfect place to be”Sherry, TTI Videographer

Akif Keith - The Travel Intern

“While it’s fun, it can get challenging at times; but if you’re truly passionate about it, nothing is unattainable! I wouldn’t trade this amazing opportunity and experience with The Travel Intern for anything.”Akif, TTI Videographer & Photographer

Edelyn Chua - chuaedelyn

“Stepping foot in places I’ve never been, experiencing exciting things I’ve never imagined, and gaining life lessons that sitting in a regular office would never have allowed me to — to me, this is the best deal in life I’ve signed myself up for thus far, and will definitely be what defines me forever.”Edelyn, TTI Community Manager

Jerome Teo - Jeromememe

“This internship has taught me to push my limits, think out of the box and to constantly come up with fresh ideas for better content. Thoroughly enjoyed my experience thus far and looking forward to more adventures!”Jerome, TTI Videographer

Vivian Chan - The Travel Intern

“There’s so much talent fuelled with fiery passion for life all concentrated in one place. Adventures or misadventures, I’m loving every bit of it, and am so lucky to have learnt so much as a traveller and creator. To those who are applying: dream big and just apply!”Vivian, TTI Writer

Michael Jiaxter - The Travel Intern

“Dancing in the rain in Phuket, catching sunsets in Santorini, chugging 1L beers in Berlin and waking up above a sea of clouds in Khao Kho. These are some of my fond memories from my past few trips with TTI. You get to travel for work and have a blast while you’re at it. What are you waiting for?Michael, TTI Videographer

Michelle Neo - The Travel Intern

“During this 6-month internship, I’ve done a lot more amazing activities than I have the rest of my life so far.. All the while with supportive and wack-ass fun colleagues and bosses. One thing I took away was that “you miss 100% of chances you don’t take”. So what are you waiting for?Michelle, TTI Writer

Isaac Soh - The Travel Intern

Being a Travel Intern has allowed me to check things off my bucket list; chased the sunrise on a hot air balloon, ran around in the desert, all while doing what I enjoy — capturing incredible moments.Isaac, TTI Videographer

Nicole Varella - The Travel Intern

“It’s been one endless adventure going on overnight hikes, conquering my fears, all while sharpening my skills and finding my voice as a writer. If you’re thinking about applying, don’t hesitate — there’s no better place to improve your craft than all around the world! 🙂Nicole, TTI Writer

6 NEW Travel Interns Wanted

The Travel Intern Family

Every year, we run two intakes of The Travel Intern Program — bringing on a team of content creators who are hungry to see the world while working on their craft.

Since 2016, we’ve covered gone on 72 trips across 43 countries and now, we’re looking to fill our 7th intake.

Are you ready for a 6-month adventure with us?

For 2019’s intake, we’re looking for up to SIX multi-talented interns to join our team of travellers, creators and marketers (all-in-one)! If you think you fit the bill, sign-up below!

PS: This internship isn’t just for undergrads! We’re looking to bring on board full-timers after the internship 🙂


Skydiving Over the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai - Dubai Guide– A one-of-a-kind 6-month internship that will add flair to your resume
– Epic travel opportunities to create on-the-ground content
– Hone your skills in content creation, social media marketing and marketing analytics
– A minimum monthly allowance of SGD600
– Be a part of our small but growing community of travellers


Bled, Ojstricia Lookout Point-The Ultimate Eurail Budget ItineraryWhile we’re looking for multi-talented individuals, articles and videos are still at the core of what we produce. We need creators who are comfortable with their craft so that gives us more opportunities to expand on your other skill sets too!


On top of being comfortable with writing (especially with tight deadlines), we’re looking for writers who also embody the following:

– A story-teller: Understands what grabs a readers’ attention
– A marketers mind: Often thinks of how articles could be titled better, how different cover images could better portray an article.
– An observant traveller: Picks out the little details of their surroundings, learns neat tips and tricks, and understands cultures different from your own.

– Is a grammar-nazi
– Familiar with keyword placements, SEO Best practices, and content marketing
– Comfortable with the use of DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras

We cover a variety of articles:
– Itineraries: Japan Budget Guide: 10D9N for $1.1k — Maximising your Japan JR Pass from Tokyo to Osaka
– Detailed Guides: Ultimate USJ Guide and tips to planning a magical experience
– Listicles: 11 Breathtaking Photo Spots in Yogyakarta that prove it is a Photographers Heaven
Inspo: Alone in India as a 21 year old Singaporean girl


On top of being proficient with your gear and at video editing software (Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro), if you think you can match up or value add to videos below, do apply!

– Understands storytelling and pacing
– Comfortable with filming and editing
– Good ear for music selection and sound design
– Proficient with Premiere Pro (ideally) or Final Cut Pro

Stuff we edit for our partners.

Stories we try to tell.

Something we edited for fun.

Bonus if you wear these hats too:

– Photographer
– Host
– Graphic Designer
– Social Media Expert
– Project Manager
– Coder

Skills aside, you should also:

– Love to travel (of course)
– Embrace working in a fast-paced, constant learning environment
– Be able to take some level of “uncertainty”, is adventurous, and can think on your feet. All in the spirit of travel!
– Be a fun, sporting and adventurous work and travel companion
– Be based in Singapore. Foreigners are allowed but you need to be in Singapore during the internship period
– Have your own laptop to work on
– Be able to commit full-time from Feb – Jul 2019
– Have a passport with >6 months validity (compulsory)

Read what our previous interns had to say when their internship ended:
Things you can only tell your boss when the internship is over
Steps to surviving The Travel Intern Programme


Step 1: Writer or Videographer?

Step 2: Use your core skill to attract our attention on Social Media

“Why do you travel?”

Use your core competency (a video or a heart-felt caption) to share that with us “why do you travel” on Instagram! Hashtag your post with #TheTravelIntern and #TheTravelInternLife.

Remember to set your profile to PUBLIC!

Step 3: Back up your skills with past work

If you’ve had work published somewhere in the WWW, we’d love to see them! If you love writing or creating videos in your own free-time, share them with us too. It’s not about the opportunities we’ve been given, it’s about what we choose to work on.

Gather the links and submit them in Step 4!

*For unpublished pieces, upload your work on google drive/google docs and send us “the sharable link”. (retrieve the link via the blue ‘Share‘ button on the top right corner of the screen — we won’t be able to open the link copied from your browser!)

Step 4: Fill up this beautiful form

Once you’re done with (3), submit your work here and answer some simple questions 😉

Step 5: Make sure your social media profiles are set to public

Get ready to be stalked by us!

The Travel Intern Programme - Important Dates

Now: Prepare your applications!
21st November 2018:
 Submissions close at 2359


12th December 2018: Shortlisted candidates notified
20-21st December 2018: Interviews with shortlisted candidates
24th December 2018: Announcement of selected interns

 *Dates are subject to change. Please refer to the Latest Announcements for updates

What are you waiting for?

Got a question? Check out the FAQ and the comments there!

If you’re a potential sponsor, do drop us a mail and we’d love to discuss further.

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