FAQ – The Travel Intern Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

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(1) Do we have to apply again if I submitted the last time?

Unfortunately you will need to apply again as the criterias are a little different. If you didn’t get shortlisted the last time round, don’t be disheartened!

(2) I’ll love to apply but I already have a short trip planned during the internship period.

We’re generally flexible if you have minor commitments throughout the internship. However, it might be an issue if you have to be away for long periods as our schedule is quite packed.

(3) Will there be another internship in the future? I can’t make it for this one.

Highly likely. 🙂

The more traction this internship gets, the more opportunities there will be in the future. There are big plans for The Travel Intern, and we’re even looking at giving out travel grants for your own epic trips in the future.

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(4) Where will the internship be held?

It’ll be based here in sunny Singapore!

We’ll be flying out from Singapore for our trips, so it’s important that you’re residing here during the period of the internship.

We’re big proponents of the digital nomad revolution and believe that we should have the freedom to work wherever we are. We’d be working on the go while travelling, out of cafes, and co-working spaces. There will be some days where we get to work from home too!

(5) I’m not Singaporean, can I apply?

Definitely. As long as you are based in Singapore, you’re free to apply.

(6) What is covered in the sponsored travel assignment?

Flights, accommodation, and activities for sure. Food may or may not be covered depending on the final budget. Dessert and booze bonuses if you’re good!

(7) How many hours will I have to work everyday?

The internship is task orientated rather than time orientated. We don’t believe in pretending to be busy if you’re done with whatever needs to be done for the day. But a rough estimate would be 5-6hrs each day.

(8) What will I be doing on the internship?

You will photocopy papers, buy coffee, and bake macarons for us. Your main task would be to produce travel content.  Depending on your core set of skills, you would either be writing, editing videos, or both. You’d also get to dabble deeper into social media and content marketing.

For potential marketers, it’s a great way to expose yourself to analytics and strategy.
For those who want to get into travel blogging, you’d be exposed to the various demands of the job.

There would be lots of knowledge sharing, not just from us, but from you as well as we are all interns of the world.

And of course you will be travelling and experiencing what it’s really like.

The-Travel-Intern-About-1920x1284Btw we were kidding about the photocopying and coffee. Higher chance Hendric will be the one buying coffee. 🙂

(9) Do I need my own laptop?

Yes. As much as we want to provide, we are unable to do so now. You’d need your own laptop for work.

(10) Can I use this for my school’s official internship?

Yes you may! Just let us know what are the requirements and we’d submit the relevant documents to your school administrator.

(11) How will The Travel Interns be selected?

Competency in your core skills (writing, photography, videography), a positive attitude, and good vibes!

A handful will then be shortlisted for a Skype/F2F interview before the final decision is made.

(12) It sounds too good to be true. Travel and get paid?

It’s really a good deal right? But the programme is legit. Just take look at what went on in the last travel intern experience!

(See also: Life as The Travel Intern)

There are opportunities out there for anyone that knows where to look. The Travel Intern Programme is about growing a travel community of storytellers and consolidating resources so everyone wins.

(13) It sounds like a lot of work. Doesn’t this take the fun out of travelling?

It’s indeed lots of work. But look at it this way. This isn’t less fun travel, it’s more FUN work!


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  1. I am excited now when saw this article pop out in my FB news! After read through it, I think I am the fortunate person in the world (LOL, even not yet selected by The Travel Intern haha). Because I fulfill all the requirements such as written blogger content before (but I had been stop updating it 3 years ago and all of the posts are written in Chinese, will The Travel Intern mind it?), I like take photograph no matter view, food or people as I believe a picture represent thousand of words hence I stop update my blogger and using others social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, VSCO and Facebook to share MY STORY! =) Meanwhile, I’m available during May-July 2016 as I will finish my degree study in coming month after that I just shake my legs waiting for convocation. On August will start my virgin backpack life in South East Asia with my course-mates! If I able get selected by The Travel Intern, such a good opportunity in my life I think? Oh my gosh, I need stop imagine it first because I haven’t ask my question that do not show in this section.

    My question is:
    I’m Malaysian based in Kuala Lumpur but not in Singapore, am I eligible to apply this programme?

    Thanks for spending your precious time to look through my words actually just want to ask a question (LOLs) but I really can’t control myself to spread my excited feels to you as I’m sitting alone in library now, but for sure I have shared this post in FB. Once again, thank you and looking forward for your reply! =DD

    • Hello Zi Yi,

      Love your enthusiasm :D. To answer the question, I will need the interns to be physically in Singapore during the internship period as we will be meeting a lot during this period. So if you can, then yes!

  2. Hi Hendrick! (:

    I am really interested to apply as this might be my only chance at trying something like this out! (Like woah, really my dream job!!! ALL my friends and family can vouch for me!!)
    However, I already have plans to travel in the 1st 2 weeks of June, and the 3rd week of June! ): Would that be a problem?? Or is it still worth a shot to apply? ( I could write about my travels in June if it helps :D)

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! 😀

  3. Hi there,

    I would really really love to be the next travel intern because it’s literally my two favourite things in one job – travel and writing!! I never imagined I would actually find an internship opportunity like this one! However it’s really sad that I already have an internship this summer break and I will be graduating from university next year … May I know if you will have another internship opportunity this December, maybe for just 1.5 months instead of 3 months? Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

  4. It’s been a year and I still want to apply for this internship and have all the skills and passion for it…downside is, I’m not based in Singapore 🙁

  5. Hi I am really excited about this, however can i send my online portfolio instead of a video shot and edited on my own ?
    The portfolio contains everything i have done be it photography or videography.

    • Hi Caryn,

      You can include the link to your portfolio under the same section as long as you think it is relevant to the brief. This only applies if you are selecting videography as a core skill.

      For Writing and Photography, you will still have to follow the steps mentioned.


  6. Hello there! This sounds like an amazing programme, but I don’t have skills in videography and photography, but I do possess writing skills. Am I still eligible? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hello. Unfortunately, we do need people with at least 2 core skills. I’ll suggest trying still if you think your writing is really strong!

  7. Hi ! I’d love to join and I think that I can do at least both core skills (writing and photography) definitely on my list to up my game in videography. My biggest roadblock on this is that I just haven’t been to SG recently to write an article on it– I do have a travel blog tho. And yes, not based in SG currently (in MY actually) but I wouldn’t mind moving up to SG for a bit if I get the program.

    Do let me know if there’s anything I can do to go about this?

    • Hello Shi Ming,

      Would suggest that you do a research article on the topic! It’s important for us to have a standardised brief in other to better assess our potential writers.

  8. Hi Hendric, this sounds like a perfect programme to fit in what I’m looking for to achieve this year, something to pull me even further out from my comfort zone than i already am stretching myself. I do have an interest in applying for the upcoming internship in July, however I already have a 2 weeks trip in mid July planned for. Would that be a problem? Is it okay if I still apply?