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The epitome of hot and spicy with some of the world’s friendliest people, the Land of Smiles makes any trip around Southeast Asia memorable. Sweat it out over a bowl of tom yum goong, island hop in clear waters, and shuffle through their countless night markets.

Thailand – 360 Virtual Tour


    Country Code: +66
    Time Zone: GMT +7 hours (1 hour behind Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Nov – Mar
    Four Seasons: No
    Currency: Thai Baht, THB (฿)

    Transport Card: BTS sky smartpass & subway contactless smartcard [Bangkok]
    Tap water: Not safe to drink. Buy bottled water
    AC Socket Type: Types A, B, C, F & O – 220V 50Hz
Types A, B, C, F & O - 220V 50Hz


Before we go into the actual vocabulary, do take note of some linguistics features of the Thai language. If you are a male, you have to say ครับ (khrap) at the end.  If you are female, say ค่ะ (kha).

  • How are you? (greeting) – สบายดีไหม (sa baai dee mai)
  • Response to “How are you?” – สบายดี (sa baai dee – khrap/kha)
  • Hello and Goodbye – สวัสดี (sa wat dee – khrap/kha)
  • Thank you – ขอบคุณ (kop kun – khrap/kha)
  • I don’t understand – ไม่เข้าใจ (mai khao jai)
  • Do you speak english? – พูดอังกฤษได้ไหม (pôot ang-grìt dâai măi)
  • Delicious – Aroy