Re-discover post-pandemic South Korea with day trips to lesser-known cities! Read to the end for daebak travel deals for the month of May 2023 ๐Ÿฅณ


Girl Sitting at Pavilion Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

South Korea needs no introduction โ€” but its mouthwatering food, aesthetic cafes, and beautiful locations fit for a K-drama are just some of the beauty worth experiencing irl.

Since Oct 2022, all Covid-tests have been scrapped (wow those were the days), here’s our updated South Korea itinerary covering all the must-visits from Seoul’s hipster streets to day trips out to the scenic countryside.

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Pre-trip Essentials

Hand Holding Passport

Pre-departure applications:
– Korea Electronic Travel Authorisation (via K-ETA) โ€” applied at least 24 hours before departure
– International Driving Licence (via AA Singapore) โ€” can be done in 10mins at the physical outlet
– Register for Q-Code โ€” for fast-track through immigration, applied within 3 days before arrival
Travel Insurance โ€” optional but recommended

*Note: The Korea Government has announced a temporary K-ETA exemption for 22 countries/regions from 1 April 2023 to 31 Dec 2024 (incl. Singapore). Check the official website for updates.

On Arrival:
SIM Card (with data and Korean phone number)
– T-money Card (for public transport)
Discover Seoul Pass

*Pro-tip: Get 15% off with <SRSIMSK15> when purchasing your SIM card via Klook. Check out other travel deals for the month of May too at the end (with exclusive promo codes and discounts up for grabs)!

Day 1: Seoulโ€™s Famous Neighbourhoods

K-drama fans would’ve heard of these neighbourhoods in Seoul. Curious to know what’s changed since we last visited, we explored some:

Myeong-dong (๋ช…๋™)

Myeungdong Street Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Has Myeong-dong become a ghost town? That was the first question that popped into our minds as we explored this popular shopping neighbourhood.

The answer: Not exactly.

While it’s considerably less crowded and a couple of shops were closed, the underground shopping centre was still open, selling clothes, beauty products, and K-pop merchandise.

How to get there: Myeong-dong Station

Grilled Pork Intestines

Photo credit: Klook

*Pro-tip: If you stay in the area and are looking for somewhere affordable to eat for dinner, drop by Aunt’s Grilled Intestines (Gopchang) Restaurant (์ด๋ชจ๋„ค ๊ณฑ์ฐฝ) for some yummy pork intestines.

Opening hours: 5PM โ€“ 10PM (Closed on Sun)
Address: 131-1, Chungmuro 4-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul (Chungmuro Station, Exit 8)

Ssangmun-dong (์Œ๋ฌธ๋™)

Girls Chatting at CU Convenience Store Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Before the popular K-drama ‘Squid Game‘ (์˜ค์ง•์–ด ๊ฒŒ์ž„) took the world by storm, you’d probably have given Ssangmun-dong a miss.

But if you’re a ‘Squid Game’ fan, this neighbourhood is where you’ll find two iconic filming locations.

First up is the Ssangmun Uicheon branch of the CU Convenience Store chain where Gi-hun (contestant 456) shared a bottle of soju with Il-nam (contestant 001).

Girl at Baegun Market Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Secondly, you’ll also find the fish stall run by Sang-woo’s (contestant 218) mother at the nearby Baegun Market. You definitely won’t miss these places as photos of the show are proudly displayed at the shops.

Fun fact: ‘Squid Game’ was set in Ssangmun-dong as it was modelled after the creator Hwang Dong-hyuk’s life, who grew up there.

Temples at Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park is also just a few train stops from Ssangmun Station โ€” offering plenty of scenic hikes with various difficulty levels.

It’s home to around 3,100 plant and animal species, as well as historic relics and Buddhist temples.

CU Convenience Store โ€” Ssangmun Uicheon branch (CU ์Œ๋ฌธ์šฐ์ด์ฒœ์ )
How to get there: 
From Suyu Station, Exit 6, take Dobong Bus No. 02 and alight at Ssangmun-1 Community Security Centre

Baegun Market (๋ฐฑ์šด์‹œ์žฅ)
How to get there: 
From Ssangmun-1 Community Security Centre bus stop, take Dobong Bus No. 02 and alight at Wooi Seongdang

Bukhansan National Park โ€” Dobong Park Entrance (๋ถํ•œ์‚ฐ๊ตญ๋ฆฝ๊ณต์› โ€” ๋„๋ด‰ ์ง€๊ตฌ)
How to get there:
From Ssangmun Station, alight at Chang-dong Station and transfer to Dobongsan Station, Exit 1

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Dongdaemun (๋™๋Œ€๋ฌธ)

Dongdaemun Design Plaza Night View

As night falls, make a trip to Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) (๋™๋Œ€๋ฌธ๋””์ž์ธํ”Œ๋ผ์ž) and be transported into a futuristic world as the lights go up.

World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid designed the building, which is known for holding various exhibitions, fashion shows as well as K-drama locations. We even took some pictures at this long staircase featured in ‘Vincenzo‘ (๋นˆ์„ผ์กฐ).

Girl Standing on Dongdaemun Design Plaza Stairs Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

*Note: If you’re hoping to see the LED Rose Garden installation featured in a couple of popular K-dramas, sorry to disappoint but it’s no longer there ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

How to get there: Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Exit 1

Sunmine Hengbok Gejang (์ˆœ๋ฏธ๋„คํ–‰๋ณต๊ฒŒ์žฅ)

Raw Crab at Sunmine Hengbok Gejang

While you’re in Dongdaemun, have a sumptuous seafood dinner at Sunmine Hengbok Gejang.

Not only are you treated to delicious soy sauce and spicy marinated raw crab, but there’s also free-flow seaweed and clam soups too!

Opening hours: 10:30AM โ€“ 11PM (Mon โ€“ Fri), 10:30AM โ€“ 10:30PM (Sat โ€“ Sun)
Address: 38, Eulji-ro, 43-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul (Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Exit 14)

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Day 2: Seoulโ€™s Best Theme Parks

Lotte World or Everland: that is the question.

We would’ve loved to visit both theme parks but since we were tight for time, we could only visit one.

Option 1: Lotte World (๋กฏ๋ฐ์›”๋“œ)

Girls Taking Picture at Lotte World Adventure Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Lotte World is conveniently located near the city and easily accessible via train. It consists of both an outdoor and indoor theme park โ€” a good alternative for rainy or cold weather!

Apart from mandatory mask-wearing, hand sanitisers being available around the park and a social distancing of 2m, not much has changed in Lotte World. The park is still operating at normal capacity and performances go on as usual.

Lotte World Adventure Christmas Performance

We suggest downloading the Lotte World app to check for ride operations and performance timings, as well as getting a fast pass because waiting times can go up to an hour or more. Check out our Seoul Lotte World Guide for more tips before you go!

*Pro-tip: Use your Discover Seoul Pass to enter the park for free!

Girl at Lotte World Aquarium VTL Itinerary

If you have extra time to spare after visiting Lotte World, head to the nearby Lotte World Aquarium (๋กฏ๋ฐ์›”๋“œ ์•„์ฟ ์•„๋ฆฌ์›€) with this one-day pass on Klook โ€” which gives admission to both the theme park and aquarium at a discounted rate.

Entrance fee: ~S$41 via Klook (Free entry with the Discover Seoul Pass)
Opening hours: 10AM โ€“ 9PM
How to get there: Jamsil Station, Exit 4

Option 2: Everland (์—๋ฒ„๋žœ๋“œ)

Rides at Everland Theme Park

Photo credit: @rockysam382 via Instagram

Everland is South Korea’s largest theme park with a zoo and water park within it too! We didn’t visit this round but from their website, it seems the park is operating as normal and the Covid measures should be quite similar to Lotte World.

However the location is quite a distance away from the city, so you might want to factor in around 2 hours for transport. Alternatively, book a round-trip shuttle bus so you won’t have to worry about transport!

Entrance fee: From โ‚ฉ46,000 (~S$46) (Depending on the period)
Opening hours: 10AM โ€“ 8PM (Sun โ€“ Thurs), 10AM โ€“ 9PM (Fri โ€“ Sat)
How to get there: Jeondae-Everland Station, Exit 3

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Day 3: Seoulโ€™s Iconic Attractions

Century-old palaces, quirky museums, and observatories offering a scenic view of the city are some of the must-dos in Seoul. Here’s what we recommend.

*Pro-tip: Get free entry to some of these attractions with the Discover Seoul Pass!

Gyeongbokgung Palace (๊ฒฝ๋ณต๊ถ)

Guards at Gyeongbokgung Palace Gate South Korea VTL Itinerary

Out of the five royal palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbokgung is the largest, being the King’s main residence during the Joseon dynasty.

You can catch various events held there, such as the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony which occurs daily at 10AM and 2PM for 20 minutes.

Sakura Blossoms at Gyeonghoeru Pavilion South Korea VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: @travelstory_jamie via Instagram

Gyeongbokgung palace was also the inspiration behind popular zombie thriller ‘Kingdom‘ (ํ‚น๋ค) and the filming location of other K-dramas like ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God‘ (์“ธ์“ธํ•˜๊ณ  ์ฐฌ๋ž€ํ•˜็ฅž: ๋„๊นจ๋น„) and ‘Moon Embracing the Sun‘ (ํ•ด๋ฅผ ํ’ˆ์€ ๋‹ฌ).

*Pro-tip: Get the full Joseon era experience by dressing up in a rented hanbok at Hanboknam โ€” โ‚ฉ10,000 but free for 90 minutes using the Discover Seoul Pass!

Entrance fee: โ‚ฉ3,000 (~S$3) (Free with the Discover Seoul Pass or for those wearing a hanbok)
Opening hours: Varies (Closed on Tue)
How to get there: Gyeongbokgung Station, Exit 4

Colorpool Museum (์ปฌ๋Ÿฌํ’€๋ฎค์ง€์—„)

Girls Playing in Colorpool Museum Ball Pit Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Feel like a kid again at Korea’s Colorpool Museum โ€” with nine different themed rooms including a ball pit and donut swing.

There are also plenty of Instagrammable opportunities, like this:

Girl at Colorpool Museum Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Entrance fee: โ‚ฉ15,000 (~S$15) (Free with the Discover Seoul Pass)
Opening hours: 10AM โ€“ 9PM
How to get there: Anguk Station, Exit 6

N Seoul Tower (N์„œ์šธํƒ€์›Œ)

Namsan Tower View in Spring VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: @pangea360 via Instagram

Who could forget that famous scene from ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ (๊ฝƒ๋ณด๋‹ค ๋‚จ์ž) where Gu Jun-pyo and Geum Jan-di had their first date at Namsan Tower?

Lockets Hung on Fence at Namsan Tower VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: via Instagram

Deemed one of the most romantic places in Seoul, couples pledge their love for one another on the roof terrace at N Seoul Tower.

Take a bus, cable car or hike up Namsan Park to reach the tower and check out the observatory to marvel at a panoramic view of Seoul city!

Entrance fee: โ‚ฉ16,000 (~S$16) (Free with the Discover Seoul Pass)
Opening hours: Varies
How to get there: From Chungmuro Station, Exit 2, take Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No. 02

Cable Car
: โ‚ฉ11,000 (~S$11) for one-way ticket, โ‚ฉ14,000 (~S$14) for return trip
Operating hours: 10AM โ€“ 11PM

Day 4: Seoulโ€™s Parks and Recreation

Learn about Seoul’s history while exploring its natural and maritime parks, plus do some shopping along the way before ending the day with a beautiful night view of the city.

Haneul Park (ํ•˜๋Š˜๊ณต์›)

Pink Muhly Grass at Haneul Park

Photo credit:

Haneul Park or Sky Park is one out of five parks that make up World Cup Park โ€” the area being a former landfill with over 92 million tons of garbage.

Living up to its name, Haneul Park is located at the highest point of World Cup Park. It has 22 lookout points offering amazing views of famous attractions such as N Seoul Tower, Bukhansan Mountain, and the Han River.

*Pro-tip: The views may not be as colourful in winter so it’s best to visit during autumn (between mid-October to early November) to see beautiful pink muhly grass.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 9AM โ€“ 8PM
How to get there: World Cup Stadium Station, Exit 1

Seoul Battleship Park (์„œ์šธํ•จ๊ณต์›)

Ship Docked at Seoul Battleship Park Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Learn about Korea’s naval history at Seoul Battleship Park while admiring warships perfectly preserved in their original state, docked on the Han River.

The park features three retired ships including Chamsuri, a submarine, and Seoul Ship โ€” a Korean navy vessel weighing 1,900 tons.

Entrance fee: โ‚ฉ3,000 (~S$3) (Free with the Discover Seoul Pass)
Opening hours: Varies depending on the season (Closed on Mon)
How to get there: From Mangwon Station bus stop, take Mapo Bus No. 09 and alight at Hangang Park Entrance

Hongik University Street/Hongdae (ํ™์ต๋Œ€ํ•™๊ต ๊ฑฐ๋ฆฌ/ํ™๋Œ€)

Hand Holding Neoprints at Hongdae Photo Booth Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Even after Covid, Hongdae is still bustling with life. Expect plenty of shopping, eating, and photo prints โ€” with photo booths available at every corner.

Pork Belly and Steamed Egg

There’s also a great Korean barbeque place in the Hongik area: Old House Charcoal Meat Restaurant (์˜›๋‚ ์ง‘ ์ฐธ์ˆฏ๊ตฌ์ด). The grilled pork belly and beef ribs here are delicious!

Opening hours: 4PM โ€“ 5AM
Address: 169-6, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (Hongik University Station, Exit 8)

Eland Cruise (์ด๋žœ๋“œ ํฌ๋ฃจ์ฆˆ)

Eland Cruise in River South Korea VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: Klook

After eating and shopping to your heart’s content, wave your Discover Seoul Pass to enjoy a free Eland Moonlight Music Cruise (์ด๋žœ๋“œ ๋‹ฌ๋น›๋ฎค์งํฌ๋ฃจ์ฆˆ) near Yeouido Quay.

Soak in the beautiful city night lights as you cruise along Hangang river accompanied by a live performance. Just remember to bring your passport and fill up an embarkation card before boarding!

Cost: โ‚ฉ29,900 (~S$29.90) (Free with the Discover Seoul Pass)
Departure time: 7:30PM (Closed on Mon)
How to get there: Yeouinaru Station, Exit 3

Day 5: Day Trips Out of Seoul

Friends Renting a Car from Seoul Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

When you need an escape from the city, rent a car and hit the road ๐Ÿš˜

Driving for a day trip gives you more flexibility timewise so you don’t have to rush to catch a bus or train from place to place! It’s also more convenient and accessible to reach certain areas by car compared to public transport.

Option 1: Nami Island (๋‚จ์ด์„ฌ)

View of Nami Island VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: Korea Tourism Organisation

Just an hour’s drive away from Seoul is Nami Island โ€” made famous by iconic K-drama ‘Winter Sonata‘ (๊ฒจ์šธ ์—ฐ๊ฐ€).

Hop on a ferry from Gapyeong Wharf or zip-line into the island, and explore it by renting a bike and cycling.

Peitite France Attraction VTL Itinerary

Book a tour or follow our comprehensive guide and visit other stunning attractions near the island like the Garden of Morning Calm (์•„์นจ๊ณ ์š”์ˆ˜๋ชฉ์›), Petite France (์˜๋ ํ”„๋ž‘์Šค) and Gangchon Rail Bike (๊ฐ•์ดŒ๋ ˆ์ผํŒŒํฌ ๊น€์œ ์ •๋ ˆ์ผ๋ฐ”์ดํฌ) too!

*Pro-tip: The best views on Nami Island are of orange foliage in autumn (September โ€“ November) or a white blanket of snow in winter (December โ€“ February), so plan wisely when to visit!

Entrance fee: ~S$16 via Klook
Ferry operating hours: Every 30mins from 7:30AM โ€“ 9AM, every 10-20mins between 9AM โ€“ 6PM and every 30mins from 6PM โ€“ 9:30PM
Address: 1024 Bukhangangbyeon-ro, Gapyeong-eup, Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do

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Option 2: Seoraksan (์„ค์•…์‚ฐ)

Seoraksan National Park Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: @mt.hyunbk via Instagram

Avid climbers can challenge themselves to picturesque hikes at Seoraksan National Park (์„ค์•…์‚ฐ๊ตญ๋ฆฝ๊ณต์›), with courses varying from low to high difficulty. But the best view can be seen from the mountain’s main peak Daecheongbong (๋Œ€์ฒญ๋ด‰), which is also the third-highest peak in Korea.

In winter, the park gets really dark around 6PM so do start the hike early!

*Pro-tip: Avoid the period of mid-November to mid-December as some hiking trails are closed.

Seoraksan Cable Car Station Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

You can also opt for the cable car ride up to Gwongeumseong Fortress (์„ค์•…์‚ฐ ๊ถŒ๊ธˆ์„ฑ). If you’re lucky, you’ll have an amazing view of Mount Seoraksan from afar โ€” we on the other hand, weren’t so lucky.

Seoraksan National Park (์„ค์•…์‚ฐ๊ตญ๋ฆฝ๊ณต์›)
Entrance fee
: โ‚ฉ3,500 (~S$3.50)
Opening hours: 24 hours
Address: 114-2 Seoraksan-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

Cable Car
: โ‚ฉ11,000 (~S$11) (Tickets are on a first-come-first basis and can only be purchased onsite)
Operating hours: 9AM โ€“ 6PM (Last ride at 5:30PM)

Option 3: Yangpyeong (์–‘ํ‰)

Mountain View at Dumulmeori Park

Yangpyeong is less than an hour’s drive from Seoul and it has plenty to offer โ€” including the gorgeous Dumulmeori Park (๋‘๋ฌผ๋จธ๋ฆฌ) and Korea’s largest Starbucks outlet situated near the Han River.

*Pro-tip: There are parking spaces available at both the park and Starbucks, so it’s more convenient to drive there rather than taking public transport.

People Taking Photo at Dumulmeori Park

Dumulmeori means “two water area” and it’s where the Bukhangang and Namhangang River meet. It’s a popular destination for K-dramas, movies, and commercials. But it’s also a great photo spot with an iconic photo frame structure capturing the rivers as a backdrop.

Girl Drinking Coffee at Starbucks Yangpyeong South Korea VTL Itinerary

Photo credit: @starbuckskorea via Facebook

At Yangpyeong’s Starbucks (์Šคํƒ€๋ฒ…์Šค ๊ฒฝ๊ธฐ์–‘ํ‰์ ), sit back and relax with a drink in hand as you admire the majestic view of the Namhan River, just south of the Han River. There’s even a rooftop terrace โ€” perfect for star-gazing at night!

Dumulmeori Park (๋‘๋ฌผ๋จธ๋ฆฌ)
Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Address: 850-2 Yangsu-ri, Yangseo-myeon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do

Yangpyeong Starbucks (์Šคํƒ€๋ฒ…์Šค ๊ฒฝ๊ธฐ์–‘ํ‰์ )
Opening hours: 9AM โ€“ 8PM (Weekdays), 8:30AM โ€“ 8PM (Weekdays)
Address: 76 Yanggeun-ro, Yangpyeong-eub, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do

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Day 6: Seoulโ€™s Unique Sights 

Other than having great food and trendy shopping streets, Seoul also has some unique sights to offer that you shouldn’t miss!

Naksan Park/Seoul City Wall (๋‚™์‚ฐ๊ณต์›/์„œ์šธ ํ•œ์–‘๋„์„ฑ)

View at Naksan Park Seoul City Wall Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Another great viewpoint of Seoul is from the top of Naksan Park.

It’s also a part of the Seoul City Wall, a series of walls made of stone that stretches for 18.6km surrounding Seoul. The Naksan Mountain trail takes about 1 hour to finish and spans from Hyehwamun Gate to Heunginjimun Gate.

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: 24 hours
Starting pointHyehwa Station, Exit 2

Ihwa Mural Village (์ดํ™” ๋ฒฝํ™”๋งˆ์„)

Wings Artwork at Ihwa Mural Village

Just a 5-minute walk from Naksan Park is Ihwa Mural Village, a quaint little neighbourhood with murals plastered all over its walls.

The neighbourhood was once set to be demolished until the Art in the City โ€” Naksan Cultural Project was introduced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2006, transforming it into a place with colourful artwork and interesting sculptures.

Remember to keep the place clean and your voice down as there are also residents living in the area.

Girl Sitting on Flower Staircase Ihwa Mural Village Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Note: When we visited, some of the famous murals such as the flower mosaic staircase featured in Rooftop Prince was no longer there ๐Ÿ˜”

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours:
24 hours
How to get there: 
Hyehwa Station, Exit 2

Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky (๋กฏ๋ฐ์›”๋“œํƒ€์›Œ ์„œ์šธ์Šค์นด์ด)

Girl Standing in Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

At 555m high, Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky is the tallest building in South Korea with 123 storeys. Travel up to the Sky Deck on the 118th floor to catch a 360ยฐ view of Seoul while atop a glass floor.

Couple Standing on Sky Bridge

Photo credit: Lotte World Tower

For the brave and adventurous, try the Sky Bridge Tour where you’ll walk on an 11m-long bridge on top of the Seoul Sky observatory and 541m above the ground.

Fun fact: Lotte World Tower is also the world’s fifth tallest building!

Seoul Sky (์„œ์šธ์Šค์นด์ด)
Entrance fee
: โ‚ฉ27,000 (~S$27) โ€” ~S$25 on Klook
Opening hours: 10:30AM โ€“ 10PM (Sun โ€“ Thurs), 10:30AM โ€“ 11PM (Fri โ€“ Sat)
How to get there: Jamsil Station, Exits 1 and 2

Sky Bridge Tour
Cost: โ‚ฉ96,000 (~S$96)
Opening hours: Various time slots (Closed on Mon and Tue)

Day 7: Seoulโ€™s Hipster Streets

With some time before we caught an evening flight back to Singapore, we decided to explore Ikseondong.

Ikseondong (์ต์„ ๋™)

Girl Looking at View of Ikseondong Hanok Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

Ikseondong is definitely a hidden gem worth visiting in Korea. Here you’ll find many trendy clothing shops and cafes housed in traditional Korean houses known as hanok.

Girl Eating Dessert at Cheongsudang Cafe Singapore South Korea VTL Itinerary

It’s a great place for some last-minute shopping or just chilling in one of its many aesthetic cafes. We’d recommend Cheongsudang cafe (์นดํŽ˜ ์ฒญ์ˆ˜๋‹น ์ต์„ ) which is famous for its souffle castella and Fromage cakes. Alternatively, there’s also Hotel SEINE, where K-drama ‘Hotel Del Luna‘ (ํ˜ธํ…” ๋ธ๋ฃจ๋‚˜) was filmed.

How to get there: Jongno 3-ga Station, Exit 4

Budget Breakdown

Singapore South Korea VTL Flight

Accommodation: S$211.00
Transport: S$220.23 (excl. flights)
Activities: S$174.70
Food: S$244.00 (~โ‚ฉ30,000/day)
Misc: S$141.43
Total: S$991.36

(detailed breakdown for one pax here)

*Note: As rules are constantly changing, do check out the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Singapore’s website for the latest requirements for travelling to Korea.

Planning Your South Korea Itinerary

Friends at Lotte World

Airport Transfer: Take the AREX Incheon Airport Express Train to reach Seoul in less than an hour. Or book a private hire for a convenient door-to-door option โ€” great for 3-6pax.

Getting Around Seoul: Trains and buses are convenient for getting around. Google Maps doesn’t work in South Korea, so download NAVER Map instead for directions.

Pre-trip essentials, car rental, and activities:

Pre-trip EssentialsSIM Card
Travel Insurance
TransportAirport transfer pick-up
Airport transfer drop off
Discover Seoul Pass (incl. entry to certain activities)
Car Rental
ActivitiesLotte World and Lotte World Aquarium
Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky

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What’s something you’re looking forward to experiencing in Korea? Let us know in the comments!

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