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One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, Paris is always a good ideaOutside Paris, France is also romantic, high-fashion, a gastronomy haven, historical, and where wine is almost always cheaper than water.

France – 360 Virtual Tour

Go on a guided 360 tour around Paris (from the Lourve to the Eiffel Tower and more)


    Country Code: +33
    Time Zone: GMT+2 (6 hours behind Singapore)
    Peak Travel Period: Mid Jun – Aug
    Four Seasons: Yes
    Currency: Euro, EUR (€)

    Tap water: Generally safe to drink
    AC Socket TypeType E (Types C & F compatible) – 230V & 50Hz
Morocco Power Plug - Type C and E


Many people have a misconception that the French are very proud of their language — that they speak French and only French. Fret not as many French locals do speak English, especially in Paris.

  • Hello / Good Day – bonjour
  • Thank you (very much) – merci (beaucoup)
  • Good evening – bonsoir
  • Please – s’il vous plait
  • Sorry (Apology) – pardon
  • Excuse me (to get attention) – excusez-moi
  • I do not speak French – je ne parle pas français
  • Do you speak English? – parlez vous anglais?
  • Goodbye – au revoir
  • See you again – à bientôt