FAQ — Joining The Travel Intern Family

Broken Beach - Lesser-known Bali Itinerary

1) How can we travel now during COVID-19?

Well the reality is that we can’t! These days we spend our time exploring Singapore and repurposing content from the 45 countries and 115 trips we have been on.

We can’t wait to explore the world again, but until it’s safe, home is a good place to start!

2) Do I have to apply again if I submitted the last time?

Yes! The criteria for every intake is different. You might even have a better chance this round! We have a couple of interns that got through after applying a second (and even a third) time.

3) Will there be other openings in the future? I can’t make it for this one.

Yes! Since 2017, we run at least two intakes a year. This time, we’re looking for interns or and trainees who have just graduated from polytechnic or university. Check out this post!

Know any one who’d fit in? Send them over! The more traction this internship gets, the more opportunities there will be in the future. Remember to join our community on InstagramFacebook, and Youtube!

4) Is there an age limit?


Nope! People of all ages can apply although we do prefer applicants above 18 due to the nature of travelling.

5) Are there full-time positions?

Yes, we’re looking to grow the team! Many of the core team were converted from this internship programme!

6) Where will the internship be held?


Sometimes your office will look like this.

Other times it may be closer to this. When we’re not out travelling and working nomadically, we spend most of our time here!

This is also where we have our monthly cookouts and Get Fit Thursdays — so bonus points if you’re a great cook and love an active lifestyle. It’s all about the balance isn’t it? 😉

7) What is covered on travel assignments?

Return flights from Singapore to our travel destinations, accommodation, transport and activities for sure. Food is not covered because we all have different appetites. Occasional booze and dessert treats too!

Falling over Macau Tower during bungy jump

8) I’m not Singaporean/SPR, can I apply?

Yes you can! However you will need to make your own accommodation arrangements as we require our interns to be based in Singapore during the internship period. The internship is quite intense so unfortunately you can’t work remotely.

9) How many hours will I have to work everyday?

Generally we’re in the office from around 10am to 6:30pm. However we’ve never believed in working to clock the hours. If you’re efficient and are done with the tasks for the day, spend the time to upgrade your skills, or help others in the team!

10) What will I be doing on the job/internship?

Surfing Facebook for cute animal videos, making coffee…
Your main task would be to produce targeted travel content. Depending on your core set of skills, you would either be writing, editing videos, recording VO, or doing a bunch of media related things. You’ll be sharpening your skills on angling and craft.

If it interests you, there will also be opportunities to dabble in various marketing channels too. You may be exposed to things like marketing analytics and content strategy.

There would be lots of knowledge sharing, not just from us, but from you as well as we are all interns of the world.

And of course you will be travelling and experiencing what it’s really like.

Tromsø Aurora Borealis - Norway Itinerary

11) Do I need my own laptop?

Yes. As much as we want to provide, we are unable to do so currently. You’d need your own laptop for your day-to-day work!

12) It sounds too good to be true. Travel and get paid?

It’s a really good deal right? But the programme is legit. Just take look at the previous Travel Intern experiences!

There are opportunities out there for anyone that knows where to look. The Travel Intern Programme is also about growing a travel community of storytellers and consolidating resources so everyone wins!

13) It sounds like a lot of work. Doesn’t this take the fun out of travelling?

It’s indeed lots of work. All our past interns and ambassadors will probably vouch for it. But look at it this way, this isn’t less fun travel, it’s more FUN work! Anyway the Bootcamp is probably the most intense things get… 😉

Click here to apply for The Travel Intern.

Got a question that’s not in the FAQ? Ask in the comments section below or send us a message and we’ll try our best to answer.

If you’re a potential sponsor, do drop us a mail and we’d love to discuss further.


  1. Hi,

    I can’t seem to apply for the position since it require me to key in a password. What’s the password to apply?

  2. Hey,
    I’m getting a window that’s asking for username and password when I’m trying to apply for the internship. What is that about?

  3. Hi, Im really interested in applying for this internship as I’m taking a gap year now and being able to explore the world and get paid doing it sounds great. I actually just graduated from product design in TP so i have abit of skills in video & photo editing and graphic design, I wouldn’t consider those as my core skills and I don’t really have a portfolio for photos and videos but I’m willing to learn and improve. Would that be a problem??? Should I still apply???


  4. hi, i understand that you guys are mainly flexible with the schedule as long as the work gets done right? may i ask if it is okay to work 3 days a week during the weekdays for the next internship application as i would still be schooling?

    • Hi Nichole, unfortunately not it’s a full time internship as we do a lot of training and you are expected to travel pretty often. Our interns who are still in school usually take a Leave of Absence.

      It’s flexible in the sense of general start dates and day to day work, but not so much of availability during the internship period.

  5. Hi,
    Does travel intern hire anyone who’s from a finance & management background for things like project management and finance.
    Actually I am okay in photography and writing but never could do much in those because of pressure of studies and job.
    So, to conclude I’ll be good at project management and would eventually but quickly grow in content writing if given an opportunity.
    Please let me know if this could be considered!
    I’d extremely love if I get to be a part of this family!

  6. Hi,

    i was wondering besides the feb – july 2019 internship programme, will there be another internship intake after july 2019? and does the application also apply to applicants with a different diploma but has relevant knowledge to the said tasks.


    • Hi Aloysius, can’t say for sure but there’s a high chance we’ll run another one in the second half of the year 🙂
      We’re looking out for relevant skill sets so diploma/degrees won’t matter!

  7. Hi, is there an age limit to join TTI? I’m doing a mid-career switch and interested to join TTI as a full-time job, but I’m not that young anymore…

    • Hi Y, nope there isn’t any age limit though usually the internship pay discourages older applicants. Our community manager is a successful example though. She left her job, came in as an intern, and eventually converted into a full-time position. 🙂

  8. Hello! May I know what the average length per trip is, and if we would normally travel on the weekdays, or over majority of the weekends? Thank you!

    • Hello Mar! Trip duration varies quite a bit depending on the brief we get. We’ve had trips that are as short as 3days and our longest one yet has been a month! But most trips are about 1–2weeks long so they do usually eat into weekends.

  9. Hello! May i know when is the next application after the July – Dec 2019? Because I saw that it’s closed already. Thank you! 🙂

    • probably some time in October/November. Don’t miss out on the next open call by subscribe to notification on our FB page!

  10. hello! around how long does it take for the applicants to be contacted after the closing date of applications? do ya’ll announce when you’ve started contacting people?

  11. Hi! I’ve submitted my application but I saw from the replies above, a confirmation will be sent? I know this is quite late but I didn’t receive any confirmation email.

    • Hi Kym! We received your entry! Unfortunately you were not shortlisted this time. Jia you! Keep working on your craft! A few interns also got through after a few rounds.

    • Typically most people will travel once a month. Each trip ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks, although our longest was a month!


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