TTI7 Recruitment - The Travel Intern Programme #ConnectingThrough35mm

#ConnectingThrough35mm is a social experiment to reconnect with fellow travellers.

It’s been awhile since we travelled. We miss wandering in an airport, exploring a different country and soaking in new cultures. But most of all, we miss the serendipity that comes with travelling — chancing upon a place that makes you feel at home and encountering strangers who’ll soon become your best friends.

So here we are, sending a bunch of disposable cameras around the world, hoping to travel vicariously through the shots that you take, and perhaps make a connection with each and every one of you.

We’re excited to get to see the world once more, this time round through your lens. #ConnectingThrough35mm


Here’s what we need you to do.

  1. Send us an Instagram DM (@thetravelintern) to let us know the camera is with you. We’d love to connect with everyone on the project eventually so please get in touch!
  2. Take 3 photos with the disposable camera
    – Photo 1: Selfie of yourself anywhere. We want to know the person behind the camera so do say hi! Feel free to take it with your friends and family too.
    – Photo 2: A shot at one of your favourite places (it can be a hangout spot or a local hidden gem)
    – Photo 3: A shot at another favourite place
  3. Take videos of yourself using the disposable camera. It’ll be great if you can also take some casual videos with your phone of the location you’re sharing! Feel free to post an Instagram Story and tag @thetravelintern & #ConnectingThrough35mm
  4. Pass the package to someone who’s leaving the city/country and will find this project meaningful. Film them receiving the package and tag us on IG!

If you’re the last person, DM us and we’ll pay for the postage back to Singapore!

Here’s a handy guide on how to use the disposable camera.


Coming soon